How to conquer mood swings? HELP!

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There are lots of people suffering from 'mood swings'. They easily shift from one emotion to another. Take my case, I sometime feel happy and enthusiastic and then after a few minutes, I feel so sad and aggravated. Some say this is a psychological disorder.

What's your take on this issue and how to conquer it? Need your replies, Warriors.
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    To be honest, I know what your going through. I also have these swings on occassion. I usually label this as depression. However in saying that, I don't always feel depressed. My mood simply moves into a kind of funk.

    To overcome this, I often start writing down all the things that I have achieved in my life. A sort of gratitude list for want of a better word.

    I have also found a little book by Joe Vitale to be of great value. "Life's Missing Instruction Manual." Read this & keep a notepad and pen at hand. Often my insights of today, help my moods of tomorrow.

    I hope this is of some value.

    To Your Success,

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    Being grateful for what you have is a great exercise for conquering or at least diminishing mood swings. Another thing you can do is meditate at least half an hour each day, as this will keep you more "centered" and less prone to be affected by external factors, which tend to induce mood swings.

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    I know lots of people are suffering this. Worst thing is the people around them are not aware of what they are going through. And they themselves inflict some damage to the people around them like being rude and low-tempered for some time.
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    If you are constantly in a high-stress environment and suffering from a lot of mood swings, I'd highly recommend meditating at least 30 minutes daily to become more calm and self-aware.
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    Im'ers by their nature don't get out much.....Start moving, be it jogging or walking. Beter yet, go to a nature trail or area where it is really quiet and as you move, just focus on your environment and not yourself. Think about how wonderful your surroundings are and how everything around you is just perfect.

    Plus being in a quiet area will allow you to declutter your mind and all of the inner chatter that often causes us to be at the whim of our emotions....Try it and see! It works!
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    I believe we can control our emotions/mood swings. I used to go back and forth from what people said, situations I was in or about to be in, and just work. My mind would go crazy, one day I'd be happy as a clam, because I made money, the next day I'd be sad because I didn't make as much as the day before.
    So I started an experiment with my own self. I observed how I felt at certain times, and how quickly "things" changed how I felt at that time.
    Then I realized myself changing how I felt at that moment and tried to reverse the action. I became aware at how my own body was being affected by things/situations, that if I pay close attention to, don't need to.

    So I went from being affected by things all the time, which affected my emotions, to knowing what is important enough to need my attention, and what I need to ignore. It helped a lot. Because I ignored all the other distractions that would otherwise take over my emotions and delay my progress.
    I hope that made sense.
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    MOOD swings can be a symptom of a deeper problem, like Bipolar disorder. OR a hormonal imbalance.

    Even your DIET can create and cause mood swings, and if your "circadian" rhythyms are in conflict with how you live your life, you're going to have these your whole life.

    So, the very first thing is to find out if there is a medical or pyschological reason for these.

    But let's say there ISN'T.

    Still, as is pointed out, many people have their ups and downs. Why?

    Well, IF their bodies and minds are in balance or not totally out of often as not you'll find people LACK PASSION in their lives and along with that they have feelings of inadequacy.

    They compare themselves to how they think other's are doing.

    The best I've found to help people from these mood swings (and even in clinical settings, once the medication/solution has been established {could just be a vitamin deficiency} this works)...

    IS to have a PLAN of ACTION for the future.

    A reason to live. A reason to celebrate. A reason to persist when the mood says NO.

    Reasons come from Anticipation. From small goals reached along the way to bigger ones.

    When responsibility is accepted and the way life works is one escapes the occassional bird doo doo dropped on their heads. IT happens.

    But having a PLAN and a goal, a purpose within a Life's Purpose...will alleviate the mood swings and help you to stay the course.

    STEP ONE, make sure it isn't clinical.
    STEP TWO, plan for what excites, motivates and captivates.
    STEP THREE, go on the journey toward your dream, picking up the gold and tools along the way (yea, sort of like that video game you play).

    BE working daily on better tomorrow while ENJOYING the one you have today...and your moods will begin to disappear and a constant AUTHENTIC smile will be your calling card.

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    Whenever I'm feeling bad I tend to just sit down and think about it. Like I figure out just what it is that's getting me down at the moment, find out why it gets me down and what I can do about it with my current knowledge and tools.
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    I agree with gjabiz that it's important to rule out medical issues first. Diabetes, Deep Brain Seizure Disorder, and brain injury are three that I know can create havoc with mood. None of these are treatable with self-help books.
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    The first question is How long have you been suffering from this? If it just started recently, did something happen in your life to trigger these "swings"? Also like gjabiz said, make sure it is not medical. To give a personal example, my wife recently started having these type of "swings" when things got stressful at work for her. Once the problem was removed, she was back to normal.
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    You should not look for a permanent solution, we are designed in this way by nature and everyone living on this planet experiences mood swings. However, 'mood swings' degree varies individually. Now, instead of focusing on complete removal you should plan to have a counter activity to turn off that bad mood swing for that particular time. Now, a counter activity can be something which is 'NEW' eg: Play a new game, go and buy a new book, or a new shirt, or go to a new place and see if it helps.
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    Meditate. When you don't feel like it, meditate. When you feel like it, meditate.

    Mood swings are YOUR emotions, meaning a possession of your awareness, meaning you grasp and let go of these emotions as you please.

    When meditating, it becomes easier to let go of emotions so the mood swings are less frequent. Eventually most of your life becomes a level plane that creates peace of mind and a general feeling of calm no matter what you experience.

    I used to be all over the place emotionally but meditating 1 - 2 hours helped me immeasurably in this area. Now I can sit with the emotions, experience them and let go of things I used to hold on to for days, weeks, or months. Kind of cool tool, I think

    Ryan Biddulph
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    Originally Posted by jesus72knight View Post

    There are lots of people suffering from 'mood swings'. They easily shift from one emotion to another. Take my case, I sometime feel happy and enthusiastic and then after a few minutes, I feel so sad and aggravated. Some say this is a psychological disorder.

    What's your take on this issue and how to conquer it? Need your replies, Warriors.

    I will speak from my experiences and perhaps they may be of help to you.

    In my opinion most things are classified as disorders just so they can organize which drugs to sell you for it. I am one to make changes myself.

    Despite what may be the case of these swings I have found that choosing a certain perspective on them has nearly eliminated them and if they come it is in a very, very toned down way that is almost non-existant.

    Whenever, they come I take a moment to be grateful for them as they test me. Without the doubts trickling in I would just be off in one direction. I find that it is the things life throws at me that keep me rethinking my direction and making sure that I know I am spending my time and energy in the correct ways.

    With this in mind, and fully realized, one can be truly grateful for having such emotions. Such helpful tools to help them stay on the right course in life; To firm them in what they truly believe in.

    Rather than try to wrap your brain around this purely mentally as you read it, I would recommend trying this exercise over the next few days whenever you find yourself in a low point. For me, It caused a profound shift. It becomes rarer and rarer for me to struggle with mood swings. From my observations it is not what happens to me that makes me feel so poorly but the resistance that I choose to have towards those things.

    I imagine many would say "You are deluding yourself," but am I really? Any man can find an advantage and a disadvantage in any situation; Something to smile about and something to complain about. I prefer to smile in life.
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    I also am having this, and Im working on it by applying what is taught on The Secret, positive thinking and by joining Happy communities
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    I'd say you need to start by talking to someone either professional or maybe a family member and try to get to the bottom of what's causing these mood swings in the first place.I would also avoid using medication such as anti-depressants because from personal experience they can be difficult to come off.
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    In every moment of your life you have 2 choices: to feel better or to feel worse. In any moment you feel 'down' try to think of the best feeling thought at this moment. Even a little better. Like appreciate the house you live in, or that you have a freaking internet and people near you that care about you. There are so many things to appreciate. The more you practice gratitude and appreciation, the easier it will come. And then, you'll feel good 90% of the time, and then 95%, and then 99%!! It's crazy! Works for me!!
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    There are so many ups and downs that come with being an IMer, though! I don't know that I'd be so quick to jump on the 'medical disorder' bandwagon.

    If you're financially strapped, getting a new client can be an emotional high. Then getting a chargeback on the same day can bring you way down.

    Really evaluate what's causing the mood swings and take more time for yourself to breathe deeply and make sure you aren't just having a knee-jerk reaction to something going on around you that you can get under control!
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    I certainly agree with DrMeg. Make certain that this is not a medical issue. In some cases it may be as simple as changing your nutrition, or adding some vitamin to your diet.

    Depression is very serious and if you are truly depressed, and it is really affecting your life and your relationships, then you owe it to yourself and those whom you love to get some answers. Some people, even today, feel that there is some sort of stigma attached to getting psychological help. self-awareness is never a bad thing.
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    Yeah lots of people are suffering this. Well Mood swings, also known as phase mood changes, may have natural or unnatural causes.
    Menstruation and Menopause as Possible Causes of Mood Swings, Bipolar Depression and Stress The best way to prevent mood swings in this case is to solve your problems instead of running away from them.
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    Mood swings and irritability are closely related. We use “mood swing” to describe a reaction that isn’t appropriate to what triggered it. “Irritability” to most of us means an angry or impatient reaction to something that happens.

    What causes mood swings and irritability? In both cases, the physiology is based on hormonal imbalance. The underlying cause may be fatigue — and if you’re having hot flashes or insomnia, you are very fatigued! But it can also be the sudden shifts in hormonal balance so characteristic of perimenopause, especially when your body doesn’t have enough support to maintain its natural balance.

    Mood swings and irritability have an emotional aspect as well. Perimenopause is a time when many women find their true voices. That’s a good and natural process. You may note the resurfacing of old emotional issues that remain unresolved. This work is important, not just to relieve your mood swings, but for your very health.

    Women often come saying, “I thought I was losing my mind!” because they’re shocked by their mood swings and irritability. For them it’s a relief to know that their moods have a physical basis and can be relieved. There’s usually nothing wrong with you that you can’t fix by taking better care of yourself.

    Just try to avoid stress. Take enough liquids and sleep. Don't run away from problems, instead, face them.

    Best regards,
    Regal Web

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