Where your head goes, your body follows.

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Her name was Fran Renner, and back in 1965 she introduced me to HYPNOSIS. Fran was a remarkable woman, one of the first in our area with a hypnotherapy center. She was the only lay person founding member of a group of professionals for the ethical use of hypnosis.

Later, in 1969, I immersed myself in the study of Edgar Cayce and spent many a day in Virgina Beach going over things.

Then, in 1973 I went to San Francisco to study at the Metaphysical Institute with the great Russel Thomas.

OK. All this is just a "little" background to let you know I've been around for awhile and have been studying "all things self-improvement" and "psychic, mental and metaphysical" for well over 40 years. My library consisted of thousands of books on these "arcane" subjects. Also, a student of Speed Learning, Silva Mind, and many of the now defunct (or dead) masters too.

Result? Here are some CONCLUSIONS you can apply today.

Fast track to change = Conscious Rituals Applied for 28 days. These include a form of meditation, a conscious effort, a "script" is good. Candles, music and aroma are FAST keys to opening up your subconscious mind.

Great work is Advanced Psycho Cybernetics by Paul G. Thomas. At one time he had a cassette series, one of the best improvement books out there because he explains how your RAS works. If you don't know, it is the "gatekeeper" to your subconscious. Anyhow, not enough time to explain it, but it is KEY to rapid self improvement.

YOU all should be aware of the various states of mind, and how you want to get to an alpha state and just slightly lower...and the best way to reach this receptive state of mind is to have a candle above your eye level to concentrate on, the right kind of music (whole books have been written on this) and a scent, and these too, can be specific triggers.

ONCE you are 'in state' you will then give youself the suggestions.

All this pretty basic stuff most of you probably already know.

Here's the KEY.

Have a written out 28 day plan of action, with a specific goal on it, and surround yourself with 'trinkets, pictures and reminders' of what the goal is.

Now an aside, I took several "ESP" type courses and I practiced Astral Projection in the 60's, long before we ever heard about "remote viewing" and all that stuff...

MOST of the New Age "metaphysical" courses teach you can't see winning lottery numbers, which I've always considered to be a good test, would'nt you? Only the Silva Mind method even addressed this and people, who knew how to practice, project and RECEIVE...were actually winning lotteries with "out of body", or stream of conscious technique not unlike what is taught in Remote Viewing and such.

Before I get too long winded (oops, too late)... let me take you back to the subject title.

Where your head goes, your body follows. One of the great metaphysical lessons of my life taught to me by my Jr. High School Wrestling coach.

What you think, where you take your thoughts, how you feed your head, will, indeed, be reflected with where you are in life.

Light a vanilla scented candle, turn on some Baroque (Vivaldi) and tune into where your head is at.

IFfin you don't like where you are today, get your head going in the direction you want your body to end up at.


PS. It gets very powerful within the FRAMEWORK of a purposeful life DRIVEN to righteous conclusions which benefit the most people. VERY powerful indeed.
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    Interesting read, seems like they are all meant to help wrap your head around your goal and to get you to take action.

    I’ve just started taking a hypnosis class and have read a lot about it over the years. It is really fascinating stuff…
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    Yes sir, I realize this is the Mind warrior section and I currently have over 700 posts in this section, I was referring to the different points you were making in your post.

    As RESULTS being proof of the methodology I don’t totally agree. What works for one person doesn’t work for the next. Sometimes it’s just one little piece that is missing for one person that will make the whole difference between success and failure.

    You’re post is very interesting and does make you look at the subject from a new angle.
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    This is almost the same with "what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve"

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