"20 Traits of the Millionaire Mindset" by Mark Ling (FREE)

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Stumbled on this report, available for download on "amazingself dot com". Great read. Highly recommend it!!! I posted all the traits below. Feel free to add any additional traits that, in your opinion, define a highly successful person.

Trait #1: Your thoughts create your reality.

Trait #2: Focus on the business model that can significantly help you increase your income.

Trait #3: Reinvesting your money is how you make big money – and you should never feel guilty about making big money.

Trait #4: Constantly be learning from other millionaires – from those who are already where you want to be or who are more successful than you in a certain area.

Trait #5: Always attend to important tasks immediately – never waste your time procrastinating.

Trait #6: Focus on purposes beyond yourself – on things you can do with great wealth to help others.

Trait #7: Never allow non-inspirational people to influence you in a negative way.

Trait #8: Help others become more successful in their own life. Always negotiate with win-win in mind.

Trait #9: Work hard now so you don’t have to work hard later on in life.

Trait #10: Adopt a “can do anything” attitude towards obstacles.

Trait #11: Develop a strong passion for learning so you can find ways to solve even the trickiest challenges.

Trait #12: Mastering wealth generation requires daily effort.

Trait #13: Give every task your full attention – be 100% focused on whatever you are doing.

Trait #14: Delegate tasks and leverage your time as much as possible.

Trait #15: Keep on working whenever you find that you are in the “zone”.

Trait #16: Dare to dream big, and make a commitment to turning your big dreams into reality.

Trait #17: Use your spare time to create assets.

Trait #18: Adopt an abundance mindset and have a positive attitude towards money.

Trait #19: Visualize yourself already living the life of your dreams.

Trait #20: Love your life as it is now and really enjoy the challenge and the journey.

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