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Hey Warriors,

Can anyone recommend some good (and easy to use) software that creates high quality subliminal audios and hypnosis videos?

I have been searching online and came across a free one called 'Vhypno - Virtual Hypnotist' - you can download it from Sourceforge. I don't post often enough to share the link with you guys and gals - but you can easily google it.

It works well but is slow and bulky.

If you guys have any recommendations - it would be very much appreciated!

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    There is another one that looks better but if you want to make CD and mp3 to sell you need the buy the package that is $700...

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    Thanks for the responses - I did come across those links and am really interested in something that can create the visualizations and let me save them to a video file I can easily play on my iPod touch.

    I don't think any of these can do that - they let you create mp3s but I've always liked the visualizations.

    I found some great self hypnosis videos on YouTube and found a way to download them (tube ripper) onto my iPod - so that's the route I'm taking for now.

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    Don't go with that Subliminal recording software! I have purchased this and it is garbage! Basicly what it does is that alow you 2 chanels: on 1 chanel you put bacground and on other one subliminals and thats it! You can do that in any music production editor like nuendo, cubase....not worth 100 usd!
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    Ok...thanks, I already purchased it and working with it...I'll let you know my take on it. I'll be purchasing the other software later this year but for now this will do.. thanks for clearing that up though.
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    Hrm. The one I bought had a 3rd channel for binaural beats. Those are what worked the best for me.

    Google it. Amazing stuff. I'll pull up my software and see what its called.
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    Hello Warriors
    Sorry to Bring Up an Old Topic
    But a mate of mine is really into Subminial messaging (as in using them)
    and he want to create his own (and maybe sell them in the future) what one works the best ?

    What are the advantages of using that one over any other

    Any and all Information will be great
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    Hello Warriors
    Can anyone please help me really need to know which program is best for sublimianal messaging

    thanks in advance
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    Subliminal marketing is powerful.
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    In the old days, people just used content to make sort of subliminal videos and if there was anything sort of hypnotic, then they would use the audio...
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    I personally never tried hypnotic selling, but this thread definitely stirred my interest, I might actually try it out.

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