It Takes Money to Make Money? Do YOU Agree?

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Many people say it takes money to make money and if you don’t have it you cannot succeed. Do you agree? I do not!

I read a great deal and I’ve seen many, many people that have started with noting or in debt to go on to be millionaires and billionaires.

Take A.T Stewart who was a poor boy from New York, he started with a $1.50, lost over half of him money in a business attempt, learned his lesson, then took the remaining .63 cents and grew that into a $40,000,000 empire.

John Jacob Astor (of the famous Astors) came to America in debt owing the money for his fair to cross the Atlantic only to create the fortune that the Astor family enjoys today.

Yet another person was a poor man that was living in Hingham, Massachusetts who was out of work and no money to his name, the only thing he has was some firewood and a pen knife and a skill to carve.

At the urging of a friend he began to carve toys and sold them through a boot and the shoe store next to his house. He went on to become the richest man in Massachusetts with a worth over 100 million dollars.

A woman in New Britain, Connecticut was tired of buttons, and after some thought she went on to invent the snap that we find on the cloths we wear today. She went on to be worth many millions of dollars.

There is also the well know Andrew Carnegie who came to America from Scotland without a penny to his name only to become one of the richest men in America.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that the only way to become wealthy is to have money do not believe them for one second. Don’t waste your time trying to convince them otherwise because they will hold onto that excuse with their lives. If they were to agree that it wasn’t true they would have to face the fact that they were not wealthy because it was their own fault.

Once you have money you can multiple it faster, but you do not need money to become wealthy. Look at what you have, what resources do you possess, what do you love to do, and see who is looking for your service or the products you are capable of making.

Read the classic books on success and the newer ones and you will see the common factors through all. Find your Burning Desire and then make it happen. Never give up, read, study, ask others and if you fall and fail, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the path to your goal.

James Darren Davis
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  • Profile picture of the author chrisbiz
    Great post.

    Its true, having something to start with may be an advantage or a bonus but ITS NEVER a pre-requisite to become successful and make money.

    Its hard work, commitment and perseverance that will make you one, and also,

    We are always presented with options at hand. Make use of the available free resources everywhere. Its just a matter of determining which one work and not work.

    Again, it only takes YOU to be successful, to make money, not money to make money.

  • Profile picture of the author Raja Kamil
    I agree with you, but to accomplish something you need to sacrifice the others.

    One may trade money with his time.
    Or other, they trade the ego (making debt is not prestigious at all)

    Nice post by the way.
  • Profile picture of the author alcymart
    I would say it takes money but little if any of it if one uses his smarts. That's my own experience online, started with nothing, joined Clickbank for free, started promoting some hops and took me a year learning/promoting before I finally made $4.21 for a lone sale at Clickbank.

    I reinvested the $4 back and pitched in much more to get a hosting provider which were expensive at the time for my first web site which took me almost a full year to build up 7 or 8 pages worth. So It took no money to get first sale but if I wanted to reach my next short term goal, I had to invest for hosting, then it wasn't until eBay popped up before I started earning a good income.
  • Profile picture of the author RaptorGabe
    AWESOME post , I like the outa the box thinking! And I am a very firm believer that you can start with nothing and end with everything. However, that being said on the route to everything you may have to flip a few burgers first . Maybe thats just me though....
  • Profile picture of the author Michael Ten
    it helps, but probably is not mandatory
  • Profile picture of the author Tenshi
    The only way to beat fire is to use fire.

    Why not the same concept go for money.
  • Profile picture of the author entrepreneurjay
    Great post and I agree 100% I ran into a guy the other day who said you need money to make money. That is just an easy way of justifying a persons failures.
  • Profile picture of the author paulie888
    I firmly believe that it is entirely possible to become very wealthy starting with practically nothing.

    It all boils down to mindset. If you tell yourself you can begin making money starting with no money at all, you can and you probably will. If you tell yourself you can't, you're probably right as well.

    If you want something badly enough, having no money will not be a permanent obstacle to your success. You will find some way around, under or over this initial obstacle if your desire and belief is strong enough.

    It's sad that so many people these days throw around the phrase that "you cannot make money without having some money first" like it's the truth. While I don't deny that it will probably make things easier and faster, it won't stop the determined person from finding a way to get started without a single dime.

  • Profile picture of the author Sweely99
    You don't need money in order to be making money. I'm 18 years old, for gods sake.

    I started out with article writing. When I had enough money to pay for hosting and a domain -- I did. I also learned SEO and affiliate marketing.

    As of today, I'm one hell of a successful guy.
  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    On the money post here.

    Money is of the mind. You don't need anything outside of your mind to create the life of your dreams. And when you become attached to any one thing outside of yourself to make money - whether it's money, a person, or certain circumstances - you will be bound to the attachment and ignore the power of your mind, which is where all things are created.

  • Profile picture of the author Lazy
    I would say it takes money to make big money,

    But there are TONS of ways to get little bits of cash to trickle in for free.

    Time, on the other hand, is required.

    The more money you spend, the less time you have to work, basically.
  • Profile picture of the author HaydenR
    I think money determines the level of difficulty. The more you have the easier it is to make more of it. The less the harder.
  • Profile picture of the author Tony Tikos
    Very inspiring article. Sometimes i feel like I need to have money to make it big, and it frustrates me. But this opened my eyes, if you can believe it, you can achieve it
  • Profile picture of the author shazyaar
    I agree with you.
  • Profile picture of the author Professional20
    I believe it does NOT take money to START making money.
    It does take money to make REAL money...if you know what I mean
  • Profile picture of the author JagSEO
    It takes dedication to make money and that's the only thing you have to focus on.
  • Profile picture of the author HaydenR
    Err.. actually yes I would agree it takes money to make more money.. all those poor to rich examples you gave are people who had to slog it out in the beginning to make that initial income.. but once you get a solid base of funds.. growing it is a money makes money process.
  • Profile picture of the author SonnyAmaama
    I think with the world and how it is today, it would be alot easer to make money without any money. I think back in the days you could still make money but it was more difficult. But you can also look at it in terms of what you are trying to do to make money.
    If you were dealing drugs then I feel that would be easier to make money without an upfront cost. But if you where in something like pouring concrete then you may be required an upfront cost.

    I would answer this questions as a yes and no because you would need to take in consideration internal and external facts plus the time and situation your talking about.

    But I have made money with no upfront cost.
  • Profile picture of the author lesliequ0
    if you have money it is easier to make more money.

    if you are broke than you have two options:

    have some luck

    be smart and work hard until you success
  • Profile picture of the author MeelisM
    Basically it takes money to make money. You don't need a whole lot to get started.
    Perhaps you start off with free ways online - article marketing, blogs etc. Soon you will make some money - maybe just a little.

    Let's say you made your first sale - $27. You invest the $27 back into a hosting and domain name or somehow else. There's already $27 in your business and if you do it the right way it will make a lot more. Perhaps you get your page to $10 a day. Soon you can invest in new websites. You'll invest the money you've made into another site, which makes $5 a day. That's a bigger income already. You go on investing the made money into new sites until you have 10 of these up, some making $5, some $15, most $10 a day. You sell one of your sites on flippa for $300. You invest that money into new sites or promotion, maybe PPC. You soon have a full time income.

    As my example shows you don't need money to make money at first, but basically to make bigger numbers you need money. Money attracts money.

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