How do you clear your mind?

by jcpeden 59 replies
Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed, I know there are people with a lot more on their plate than me but I find it really hard to kill off inefficiencies and focus on a single task - the only surefire way to enjoy any success.

I know that to be successful I need to clear my mind and focus on a small number of things, but right now I feel like I'm being pulled in all sorts of directions.

How do you stay focused?
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    Easy. Get a tasty beverage, sit down, and start going through your tasks one by one. We're all human, we can only do one thing at a time so don't stress out.
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    I leave the water running.
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    Start on the most important thing to you, then move down (two things are NOT equally important). Your always making progress, some people move faster than others.
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    I want you to think of life as an hourglass. You know that there are thousands of grains of sands on the top of the hourglass and they all pass slowly and evenly through the narrow neck in the middle. Nothing you or or I could do would make more than one grain of sand pass through the neck of the narrow neck without impairing the hourglass. You, I and everyone else are like those hourglass. When we start the day, we are flooded with hundreds of task that we feel that we must accomplish that day, but if we do not take them one at a time and let them pass though the day slowly and evenly, as the grains of sand passing through the hourglass, we are bound to break our physical and mental structure.

    "Text taken from a book that I was reading some time back"
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    I love sport.
    It's always hard to go to the gym, but after i feel so energetic and happy!)
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    I like playing outside with my daughter. Especially on nice days like today.

    I just sat down with a clean thought process ready to tackle the next task.

    Thing is, like you said there's a lot of different tasks.

    So what I do is jot down some notes on a pad of paper and put a line through as I go.

    Especially when I get really overwhelmed I find this helps, because then I can see what I need to do, pick which one to do first and then just focus on that one part until it's done...or ready to be put back on the list
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    Music helps me a lot.

    It doesn't work when I'm listening to music that has lyrics though. I tend to focus more on the lyrics than what I was originally trying to focus on, lol.

    Check this out:
    Digitally Imported - addictive electronic music

    Hover over the 'Listen Now' menu item.

    When I need to clear my mind and/or focus, I open the 'Chillout Dreams' or 'Chillout' MP3 streams. It is 100% free to listen to these MP3 streams.

    I recommend using VLC (VideoLAN - Official page for VLC media player, the Open Source video framework!) to play the stream. It is opensource/free and works on just about every operating system.
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    When I get over emotional, Shut the door and cry for sometimes. I fill so relax and light after crying. Then my mind get cool and review the situation then I make my own strategy to stay focusing and fulfill that desire.

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    Physical activity - go rake a section of your back yard.

    Lie on the bed, close your eyes and force yourself to relive the memory of a positive experience.


    Sit outside, get fresh air, look at the trees, listen to the birds.

    Choose one of the above, and when you come back to your computer, you'll be raring to go.

    P.S. I use an old-fashioned timer that 'dings' ........keeps me on the clock when I can get carried away with following rabbit trails on the Internet.

    P.P.S. Turn off automatic delivery of your email and only check it at designated times in the day, morning, noon and evening.
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    I bathe. Warm water. In the middle of the night.

    Then I drink a can of iced beer, then go to sleep.

    The next day I feel refreshed. No worries .
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    Dring another beer, and toss some bills in the shredder.
    dunno if that helps things in the long run though.
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    I turn on music & forget whats happening around me..because other people always busy in building hurdles for you so don't care..
    Maria Jarel
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    I usually have 100% clear mind in morning, after I wake up. So, sleeping is kind of a way to clear your mind
    Also, you should have goals and a plan written down. Like "my success plan". Once you got it, you can always refer to it and check if your current idea fits your plan. There are just too man ways to earn money, provide value. Chose one and follow your own way.
    At least, it helps me immensely to have goals and plan.
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    Motivate yourself, reading motivational books may help you a lot.
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    To clear the mind, I just cut out all possible distractions. Flick the phone and iPad to airplane mode, close all video and audio, close email client, close the window facing the street... close close close.

    When there's nowhere for the mind to go but the task at hand.. it gets easy to do. There's a certain pull that comes up in the silence. That's how I generally get all my best work done. Go full hermit, if you will.

    Of course, there's times when you need something more heavy duty to get into it. There's always meditation. Breathing exercises. And so on, and it only takes a few minutes.

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    yes, you need to do all the above... Make sure to write things down and check back to see that you are making progress..... Here is a site that help you with your goals: Goals for Action
    Keep up the great work...

    Roger Rohrs (skype:

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    To clear up my mind without worrying of anything that makes me distract, I first stop in seconds to what I currently working then take a deep breath to relax my mood then close my eyes..then..inhale..exhale..inhale...exhale..then after a while that my mind is clear for any disturbance, that's the time I continue to do the things that needs to be done.
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    The thing that has helped me to keep my head clear and cut down on stress is, like other members, writing down your task list. However, just writing them down alone didn't really help me. Until I made some changes to the goal list:

    Before a new month starts, I write down all the major activities that I know need to be completed during the following month. I even write down personal things like how many nights I'll go out with my wife that month.

    The thing that gives this exercise power is when I take those monthly goals and add completion dates next to each of them. By working those activities into the calendar I am giving myself a finite time to complete each task as well as booking that time.

    Schedule your most important activities and goals into your calendar then let everyone else compete for the remainder of your time.

    This is all stuff that we have heard before. The idea is to never write a task down without also writing down the date that you will complete it. That's the part that has made all the difference for me.

    I hope this helps
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    I think when you feel like that the best thing to do is just walk away.

    Take a break. Do something completely unrelated to what you're hung up on.

    Daily meditation was already mentioned. Although it doesn't have to be broken down all Buddhist Monk style if that's not your game. Just focus on clearing your mind, and building an awareness of all the things floating around you.

    Nature is a great place for this. Go touch a tree, or walk barefoot in the grass.

    I know it seems hippy, but you need to unplug is my point.
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    Figure out what your top priorities are ie the actions that will bring you results that you want, break it down into tasks, break the tasks down into things to do each day/hour etc and use a deadline ie (30 minutes) and a timer. Also, do the thing that you are dreading first off during the day because then once you have got that out of way you will feel like you have achieved something and will race through the rest of the tasks. That's what works for me anyway. When I don't follow this system, I fall of the rails and get totally lost and confused
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      I recently posted a video on my blog to do just that. The video was made a few year ago by John Reese. However the link is broken or he remove it.Take a pad of paper and write down what you don't want to think about.

      I found it very useful to get the higher education from inside my head. Personally, I never heard of anyone getting a "B" in Biology and it change their life.

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