Stop Using Affirmations for Success - Here is a New Way and Free Program!

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Warriors, have you been using affirmations in order to improve yourselves? Shall I show you something better and easier with faster results?

Affirmations are a popular self-help technique. They are used for various reasons like:
  • Develop some quality within ourselves
  • Change or replace a habit
  • Overcome addictions or negative behaviors
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and thoughts
  • Achieve goals, etc.

Most of us might have tried using affirmations in order to improve ourselves or try to achieve our goals. The problem with affirmations is that it takes time to see good results.

Let me explain with the help of an example:
"I have confidence in my ability to make practical decisions"

Now it is difficult to believe in the above affirmation if decision making is not your strong point. In order for you to start believing that affirmation, you need to repeat it many times over several days. This is alright if you have the discipline and patience for it. But if you don't have patience, you will give up soon and then go on saying to others that affirmations are a waste of time.

A Better Approach - Afformations:
Afformations are affirmations which are stated in the form of questions. Let us take the above affirmation example and reframe it as a question:

Affirmation: I have confidence in my ability to make practical decisions

Why do I have this ability to make practical decisions?

We ask a 'why' question about something we would like to achieve. The question assumes that we have already achieved what we want to achieve and asks yourself why you have achieved that.

Afformations concept was developed by Noah St. John. You can find more details at: (no affiliate link)

The Principle Behind Afformations:
Afformations work on the principle that if you ask questions to yourself, your mind gets activated and does not rest until it finds satisfactory answers to the questions.

We ask ourselves questions all the time like - 'why did my previous project fail?' etc. With afformations, you are just changing the questions you ask yourself. You will now ask positive questions that can fetch positive answers.

Benefits of Afformations Over Affirmations:
  1. You can experience quicker results
  2. You can get bigger and better results
  3. No internal resistance as in case of affirmations
Free Afformations Program for You:

If you want to try out how good afformations can be, then I have created a simple program for you. When you run this program, it will flash success afformations on your computer screen. These messages will come and go away as you doing your usual work on your PC. They won't interfere with your work or cause any disturbance.

As you go about your usual work on computer, these messages will keep flashing and hopefully your mind will also keep working in the background to seek answers to these afformations.

Just run the program for few days and see if you notice a shift in your thinking, attitude and beliefs. You can vary the pace at which the messages are flashed on your monitor.

The Program Contains the Following Afformations:
  • Why do I find it easy to keep working hard at achieving my goals?
  • Why am I calm and at peace always?
  • Why am I enjoying the freedom in my life to do what I want and spend my time as I like?
  • Why am I successful, happy and fulfilled?
  • Why do I find my work enjoyable?
  • Why do I start and finish every work which I need to do, as soon as possible, without unnecessary postponing, no matter how difficult, boring or uncomfortable I find the given work?
The program is attached here and you can download it for your own personal use as well as share it with others if you like.

Hope you give it a try and benefit deeply from it. Don't forget to come back here and share your results.
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  • Profile picture of the author Max Stryker
    Thanks man i'll try it out. it's yours?
  • Profile picture of the author maidmarion
    That is a unique way of looking at it, will give it a go! Thanks

    anything to trick the mind into believing!
  • Profile picture of the author Edie47
    Interesting concept! It seems that if people say affirmations often enough speaking them out could become rote. Whereas your suggestion of using afformations to get the mind more involved seems to have merit.

    That may be why affirmations never worked for me - my mind tended to drift off into other areas even while I was repeating the affirmation. Asking questions does make one think about the answers.
  • Profile picture of the author ptlamen
  • Profile picture of the author ravenjade
    This is interesting. Is there a certain way to use the program? A time frame to see success?
  • Profile picture of the author HugoG
    Yeah great concept.

    The reason why this works is because the subconcious works based on questions.

    And if you notice the most miserable people on this earth are ALWAYS using WHY + NEGATIVE. And they have the most miserable life ever.

    So why dont do it the other way around right
  • Profile picture of the author Affiguy
    thanks! i 'll definitely try this and put to use.
  • Profile picture of the author imarketstuff
    i'm glad i stumbled into this section of the forum

    thanks for creating this thread, this is very interesting stuff!

  • Profile picture of the author imarketstuff
    i went for a walk and thought that we shouldn't stop using affirmations, but instead use them with this concept of afformations.

    you can ask the question "why, how" with afformations and receive your answer and use affirmations to solidify the receipt of that answer.

    just a thought

  • Profile picture of the author kipply
    I've known of this afformation before.

    But I personally don't want to "stop" using affirmation. I like to combine it with afformation (noah st. john), and also incantation by tony robbins
  • Profile picture of the author lolwags
  • Profile picture of the author internetsweetie
    At the top of the page of paper I would write the amount of money I required that was most pressing. In other words, if your immediate requirement is $5,000, write that. I wouldnt recommend $10 million or anything like that.

    I number the left side of the page 1 to 77 and then I write, B$TMN and say it aloud.

    Sometimes I accumalate pages in a pad or notebook and eventually toss away. Sometimes I toss right away if I use loose leaf paper.

    The key, I believe is to command it and feel it and then let it go. When thoughts arise that it's impossible, write down, I receive money from unexpected sources this week, or I am happy, thankful and grateful now that I received money from unexpected sources this week (examples).
  • Profile picture of the author PowerLearn
    Yes, it do it for a long time. Many years with Affimations and this sucks . Some month´s with Afformations and this rock s!

    Just do it everyday and you can change your life forever.
  • Profile picture of the author LastingLifeSuccess
    Hi Anwar,
    It is always with unexpected delight when I come upon a new concept that may prove to be very helpful. I really like the concept of afformations! It is often very productive to use a method that preempts the mind from censoring or altering our original desire before delivery.

    I will definitely give this new method a try. There is nothing like testing out any reasonable new concept that might prove to be a great addition to my tool box of success.
  • Profile picture of the author mert
    Always great to try something new. Your method is quite unique. Can you show us some references or inspiration?
  • Profile picture of the author Gary Ning Lo
    Excellent share.

    Didn't know about this concept but sounds logical to me.

    Will try out the software.


  • Profile picture of the author PowerLearn
    Today i give you my best Afformations since the last 3 weeks!

    Why am I so happy & grateful for everything in my life?

    Why do I deserve all the best the world has to offer?

    Why do I spend at least five minutes twice daily visualizing my dream life?

    Why am I so open to and accepting of all the abundance coming into my life?

    Why am I happily & gratefully earning $3,000 each week?

    Just take and use it!

    Many Regards
  • Profile picture of the author javacody
    I know this is an old thread, but I really like this software.

    To add your own afformations, go to the directory config and edit config.dat with a good text editor. They are at the bottom of the file...
  • Profile picture of the author randak
    Anyone know if this will work on mac?
  • Profile picture of the author guzmi
    Great thread and great software, I have never tried afformations before but I will give it a shot and get back with my results

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