Autosuggestion Technique for Achieving Anything You Want

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I've been using the technique of autosuggestion for years with awesome results. There were some things that I've attracted that seemed almost impossible at the time I wrote them down, and there are other things that I'm getting closer and closer to everyday. Here's my formula for creating and using them. It’s been derived from reading dozens of self-help, personal development, and law of attraction books.

1. At the top of a piece of paper write down this statement, "I am so happy and grateful now that..."
2. Below that write down your list of wants as if you have already achieved them.
3. Be as detailed as possible.
a. For example: If you want money; state the amount. If you want a car; state the make, color, model, year, etc…
b. These statements can be as grandiose as you want. Like, "I now have a gun metal color 2011 Lamborghini Reventon."
4. Write the list in order of importance to you.
5. Once the list is finished write the following at the end, "...I have all this or better."
6. Read your list to yourself when you wake in the morning, then read it again in the middle of your day, then once more right before bed.
a. The most important of these 3 times is right before bed. There have been studies that show that your last thoughts before drifting off to sleep have the most impact on your subconscious mind.
b. Also, read the list anytime you start feeling negative, discouraged, bored, etc...
c. As you are reading the list, try to genuinely feel thankful for already having these things. Even though you don’t already have them. The feeling of gratitude is a powerful supercharger for getting what you want.
7. Revise, reorder, and update the list as often as you wish.
8. Do not talk about or share this list with anyone.
a. If you talk to the wrong person about your wants they may discourage you or make some other negative impact on your progress.

In order to attract anything there are 5 things that must be in place. I believe the method above addresses these things.

1. You must know what you want.
a. The formula above helps keep your focus on what you want to achieve by making you constantly think about it.
2. You must believe what you want is possible to achieve.
a. I believe by constantly repeating to yourself that you have what you want already, you make a lasting impression on your subconscious mind.
b. If you state something to yourself over and over again, you eventually start to believe it.
3. You must be able to see yourself already having what you want.
a. This is why I included writing down your wants in present tense within this formula.
4. You must be able want these things without needing them. When your desire turns from want to need, you start to push it away.
a. This is why I included the statement at the end.
5. You must take action.
a. By reading these statements over and over, you will be compelled to take action. Your mind and body won’t be able help it. You will start making moves that bring your closer to your goals sometimes without even knowing it.
b. You automatically start following your intuition more.
c. Think of it like programming a computer.

I’m constantly trying to refine this method. Please share your thoughts and techniques on what has worked for you and what could make this formula better. Thanks!
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    thank you for your post! that is usefull for many!
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    Thank you for this post, I will get started with my list today
  • Profile picture of the author tobyR
    Great post and yep totally agree. I do something pretty similar and certainly have goals that i say out loud every day - it does help, no doubt
  • Profile picture of the author spennyc
    Nice - yeah.. Autosuggestion works.
  • Profile picture of the author MissLauraCatella
    Wrote my list. Feel crazy powerful now. Thanks for this.
  • Profile picture of the author Piero
    Thank you for sharing.
    It is good to hear of someone actually applying these techniques to effect. Perhaps you could share some specific success you've had with this technique? (Always encouraging for people to read/see the actual success that others are having)

    You probably have this already, but I have the Wallace D Wattles classic "The science of getting rich" in Word format. If you'd like a copy- PM me with an email address and I'll send to you.

    Best wishes,

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    The post is really an amazing one. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm surely going to implement it.
  • Profile picture of the author Gabriel Morgan
    Very nice post. This is something I've heard repeated by many people who've manifested some or all of the things that used to be dreams -- how essential reviewing goals as actualities instead is vital.
  • Profile picture of the author Nereah
    Thanks for the great post, this is a must have list for me by end of day, and thanks for No. 8 reminding me not to talk or share it with anyone, that is very important because some people are dream killers even those close to you.
  • Profile picture of the author Larkrise
    wow uncanny - your post is exactly what my new products will help you to achieve - I am greatly comforted to know that I have set them out according to what people need and want
    I'll let you know when the Law of Attraction Module is ready - it contains a workbook, NLP and Hypnosis recordings for download - perfik as Pa Larkin would say!
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    Thanks so much for sharing this.. this definitely helps and it works.
    I suggest you get in to alpha state of mind before start suggesting. In that way your message pass to the subconscious more easily and effectively ..
    there are so many articles on the web for getting to alpha state.

    thanks again
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    taking action is the most important part of it all
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    Thanks for the inspiration. These ideas can be remarkably powerful especially when you are on the verge of giving up. It seems like a good way to recharge your batteries.
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    "The Law Of Attraction" Thanks for the post.
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    Great post!
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    I want to thank you for that simple But, effective post I love it when people discover the answer, the regular guy and girl needs answer like this one.
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  • Profile picture of the author esarisen

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