"Sleep is fore Broke People"

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Hey warriors
I just saw a Video, where again a famouse rapper talked about work ethic on 4am and how he is not able to sleep more than 3 houers and Stuff. You cane watch it here :
So I was motivated and Inspired by the video, but I actualy have to disagree with what he says. Offcourse there are long houers but In my Opinion it is not just about how long you Work but much more Important how effective you Work. You could work 18 houers almost slpeeping away on you're desk ore Work 2 chunks of 3 houer Session with High Energy and High Focuss and have enough time fore other Projects plus get more things done and in a better quality. That is the type of houers I prefer....what do you Warriors Think. Old school Long houers ore New School effective houers ?
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    That was a bit too far. You function better with sleep.

    It's proven - It works.

    Maybe you can work for a few extra hours, but honestly,
    how long can you go on like that? Do you really expect to
    be productive during those extra few hours that you could
    be sleeping and preparing for the next day? Amount of hours
    awake doesn't determine whether or not you'll be successful.
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    If you're making all of your income online and set your own hours then having a sleep schedule that allows for maximum awake time is probably going to help you out in your line of work. Mostly because "When your sleeping they're up doing something".
    I'm in favor of "new school effective hours" as long as you have the time.

    Check out polyphasic sleep cycles/schedules here:
    I'd rather spend 4 hours sleeping then everyone else's 8 - more time to work = more time to earn.
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    that is enough for people to get motivated and just for the record the guy in the video bow wow is a very hard worker
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    thanks...for sharing....
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    This is a true story. 3 weeks ago, I was up all day, everyday, and only slept for 3 hours a day, maybe even less.

    About a week ago, I started crashing. And, started falling asleep for more then 12 hours a day.

    Today I awoke after 16 hours of sleep. This is... simply, not good. Or healthy.

    In this case, I agree with everyone. Sleep is good for the mind and productivity. Overdoing is never good. It's the same as being a glutton. Overeating = bad for health. Overworking = fatigue and poor quality in workmanship.
    "Don't search for opportunity in the distance, but recognize it, and embrace it right where you are."
    -Napoleon Hill
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    You need sleep, its a natural bodily function, and anybody that tells you diffrent is lying. Besides when you don't sleep, yeah you are working more hours, but how effective are those hours. Your not at the top of your game when you don't sleep, period.
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      Hey Warriors,
      Thank you fore you're replies, and I am happy that so many of you show my Opinion about getting a Healthy sleep to get much more Preductive. It is all about getting the maximum benefit fore you're whole wellbeeing and even though I respect Bow Wows hard work and Work Ethic I personaly wouldn't recomend it to everyone.
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    I disagree with the no sleep theory too - to some degree. We're all human and we're all different. I know people who are so bound up with energy that if they had one coffee they wouldn't sleep for a week. Some people have a lot of energy and only need 3-4 hours a night sleep. Others need more.

    I find that I work best on 7 hours sleep. I notice a huge difference in my productivity and mental ability at 7 hours compared to any other amount. Less than 7 hours or more than 7 hours I just feel like crap. That's just me though.. you might need 10 hours... or 3.


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    Alot of people who are in entertainment don't sleep much Diddy, Mariah Carey, 50 cent, Nick Cannon...all of them have gone on record mentioning they don't sleep much because they're busy handling business.
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      Interresting. I guess they are actualy not like other Enterpreneurs because they have to be visible they can't outsource themself and they have to be live. I am not a Brand and nobody wants something from me, that is the freedome you have ase an Entrepreneure and Investor.
      I wouldn't want to be such a famouse Star
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    Sleep is paramount. Too much sleep... will only lead to more brokeness.

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      Originally Posted by emmndi View Post

      Sleep is paramount. Too much sleep... will only lead to more brokeness.
      Depends how you read that is it more broken-ess or more broke-ness, that depends on your point of view

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    just have them scheduled right, sleep 6-7 days per hour
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    If you are sleepy it tells that your body needs rest, then how your work become effective if your body and mind are tired and not functioning well.
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    Sleep is so essential, I can only function better when am rested, if I do not get enough sleep, I get irritable, waste time and my head aches. I think am most effective and focused after a good nights sleep.

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      I can go with 6 or so hours or sleep, but function better with a couple more. With a little more sleep, I become more efficient, which makes more sleep worthwhile; plus, sleep is nice.


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    I think the most important thing is to figure out how much sleep you need. If that's 3 hours, GREAT! If that's 10 hours, FINE! Personally I need 5-7 typically. I can function on less but not at 100%.

    If I get around 5 for more than a few days I start feeling drained but once or twice a week I'm fine.
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    Ignoring your body's need for sleep is like burning a candle at both ends. Sooner or later it will compromise your immune system and then you're dead. So go for it.
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    Sleeping is such a waste of time! Unfortunately I need a full 6 hours to even function the next day. I also cannot work 18 hours straight. I need a break every 3 hours at least to refocus on the task at hand. Later in the day I tend to take longer breaks up to an hour or more. That's if I'm putting in a full wake work day, 8am to 11pm.
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    Yes, I agree with you quality hours of work over quantity.
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    3 hours of work while feeling well rested is better than 6 hours of work that is compromised by feeling sluggish, for me at least...

    So in my opinion getting a good sleep actually saves you time. I set my alarm for 6 hours, even if it means I sleep until 2pm sometimes. But I do understand that my lifestyle isn't realistic for everyone.
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    Most successful people I know get a solid nights rest.

    And if anything... there's no way your body can function without rest. I've tried it, doesn't work.
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    I think everyone's just different. I function best on 4 - 6 hours sleep, any more than 6 and I'll have a headache all day, Less than 4 and I feel sluggish all day.
    What I have done is cut out most of T.V shows and that gives me a lot more time to get my work done.
    I would say to just listen to your body, if your tired rest, if you feel really good, then do what needs to get done.
    I also find that taking small 5 minute breaks every couple hours helps me re-focus on my work.
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    There's a time for work and there's a time of rest, we should have time to rest, we should not deprived to our body the relaxation needed.

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