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I think we all had the luxury to stumble over so called "make money with youtube video" ebooks. So i did, and even though following post of mine is originally posted on MMD, i am tempted to share a summary of it here aswell.

Bottom line is

Traffic + Conversion = Cash ..THAT´S IT ...

But why do many many approaches fail? Where it lacks of understanding or techniques?
Who hasnt tried or seen attempts either failing in traffic or failing in conversion?


The chances, that you create a viral video with funney or good content by yourself hitting the 1.000.000 mark is not easy.
It could happen - why not - but you dont have the promise, nor the consistency to succeed, which you need to be successfull.
But sure enough there will always be "interest peaks", new songs, new games, new movie trailers, big events, big news, etc etc ..partially pushed by conventional media who will lead to high demand or views in youtube in particular areas.

Question is:
  • How and where to recognize and to pick up those trends early?
  • How to use strategical elements (title, tags, trends, links...and other helpers ) wisely and how to implement those.
  • How to "push and promote" your video and how to monetize your views properly !
  • Last but not least, how to stay within the TOS of youtube.

Whereas many ebooks reflect the general idea of various concepts they lack in my opinion in details to make things succeed.
Filling niches with videos, "hoping" for good traffic and adding offers or CPAs in the descriptions.......

"It ain´t soo easy baba" ...

TIP: "EZ1 Page Video" by Kyle Kasterson -for example- instead adds additionally few very good tricks and methods to push and promote your videos.


Here and then it happens that i watch TV (very rare) and in the daily news they showed a funney new youtube video.
One of those who went viral and attracted attention.

Well, so i looked it up and what i saw was a talking dog.

But the other thing what jumped instantly in my eyes was

43.565.703 VIEWS IN 2MONTH !!! daang...

Now image, if YOU could monetize a youtube video in a way, that you make in average 1CENT per view?
IF you could, then you would have made 435.000$ in two month with a "speaking dog".

That is worth a thought ..isn´t it ?

But, how and why to create a big viral wave on youtube, IF you can "surf" on a rolling one. And whoever surfed, knows to catch the wave early.

5 Days later after that first clip above is released another guy named RayWilliamJohnson released a totally different Video, but
using the same keywords / phrase in quotes "Ultimate Dog Tease" PLUS the link of the first one in his tags and gets over 7 Million Views in not even 2 month !!
...BUT he DOES HAVE an AD running.

What he probably did, is recognizing upward trending youtube videos (there are ways to do that) those with potential to go viral, copy pasted the tactical important elements out of it for his purpose and surfed on this wave.
Only difference...he monetized better.

Ergo: he ended up having the 2nd most watched youtube video for the search term "Ultimate Dog Tease" !!! and as people will look, search and share a new viral video, his will pop up and will get clicked in drag aswell.

The search for "Ultimate Dog Tease" sorted by views on Youtube:

Matter of fact is, that YOU CAN make ALOT income with vidoes once in the million views area, and noone prevents you from doing that multiple times.
If you dont believe me, just google case studies of non-Internet Marketing people, who made more then 100k$/year with ONE viral video.
There are enough examples out there. How many "viral tending" movies i have seen on youtube being not monetized AT ALL, but sure enough not for long, till someone tells them "hey have views in then millions, make money with that"

Good example for that is freddiew with "Future First Person Shooter".

He had no Ad at the beginning, but soon he discovered what potential in all that is and even monetized his whole channel afterwards.

The working part is to catch the right wave and also the monetizing side.
May it be in links in the descriptions or conventional methods which can be studied here

... and also staying within the T.O.S of youtube.

Nevertheless, there is enough room to slip through and get this concept working.

Do not get distracted by the content of a video, it is in this case really secondary !

As this is my first post on warrior-forums i was not allowed to post images or links, so forgive me "cutting" the links / just copy paste them how they are and it still works.

A.S from ASXIM . com
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    Well, i was not joking about that. Interestingly none other than you had the "light bulbs" going off

    Let me spice it up. If the profit-sharing program is similar to the YouTube partner program, the following estimates have been made:

    • $2.50 to $5 per 1000 video views
    • If you have a YouTube channel for your video, you may receive $.05 per subscriber
    • The YouTube channel can make $.01 per channel view. (1 million views = $10,000)
    So, in other words, this guy literally could have made a fortune with his "speaking dog", if he had only known.
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    Hi ASXIM,

    I agree with you that YouTube is a great way to make a fortune, and I appreciate all your suggestions. For all those skeptics this can be a very effective method but like all tactics you must put a little effort in to achieve long term benefits.

    I have to say, that providing regular quality video content is still the most important. In the long run, people will value your channel more and will keep on coming back if your videos are worth viewing. The fatal flaw with many people is that they believe that for a method to be good it should require no effort from themselves.

    Thanks for this post. So, how about you? Are you using YouTube at all in your business?
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    Hi PepperVA

    Of course EVERY approach needs brains and work, but about "good" content we can debate. What is good content? The "finding of the holy grail" on video with 10 views, or "trash" with 10.000.000 views .. or maybe a "speaking dog" ;=) ...
    The processes and "laws" on Internet do have their own dynamics and not always matching with my own ideas or judgements. That is a lesson i had to learn aswell.

    Your are free to approach this method from different angles, may it be quality content channels or multiple "throw-away" accounts...or both. The basic idea remains same.

    IM Good news: there seem to be 1000+ ways to make money online and they look "easy".
    IM Bad new: yes, there are 1000+ ways and they are not as "easy" as they look like

    A marketer who failed, was probably looking for reasons why things might not work.
    A succsessfull marketer was probably focusing on ways to make things works.
    If people would be as creative in working as they are sometimes in finding excuses not to do things....well, you get the point. Necessity is the mother of inventions.

    To answer your quesiton, no, not at the moment.
    I am about to release a new project and this one will surely use video plattforms as traffic sources too - definitly. I would be stuipid not to.
    And the method above, yeah, i might give that a try with a twist. Why not, others do it smart and cash in not bad at all as you have seen above, after the other.
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    I like your post. It was well laid out and makes sense. I believe for a video to go viral like that it has to be so funny that every one shares it on facebook. Then It's so funny that those people share it and so on. People don't actually browse to much for "ultimate dog tease". It goes viral. People (mainly young folks) try to make videos like that all the time and some are stupid to say the least, but they actually get a lot of views. In the mean time a boring tutorial on some cool software is what I would like to watch. Most though people want to be entertained. I may try this. Think outside the box a little. You could also buy some friends on facebook get 1000's of people there to watch it. Then I could see (if it's truly funny) it going viral and you getting some money.
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    To create a viral video might be a difficult challenge. Yes, you can record or video-edit something AMAZING and you can additionally push and promote your video on other sources on the net in order to get more traffic, BUT you dont have the promise that it will succeed and that is what you need, consistency...a basis to be succesfull ..not a poker game. Or to underline this with an aerial combat analogy "the fight ends before it begins" ...
    It might go viral, it might not...."forces" beyond control somehow and how much time do you have to make many of those?

    Example: This video here

    This was a case study made in germany (i think many remember it) how a viral movie can be created or forced. There was a team behind it working.

    On the other hand using "trends" -or other viral movies so to speak- the same way as brokers on wallstreet are using raising exchange rates is another way. They "jump on board" and surf ...on that trend.
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    Sorry for being a bit slow (I'm brand new to IM) but I don't see how these people are making their money. They don't seem to link to any affiliate products or anything such, so do they earn money from the ads popping up?

    If so how can I get ads on my videos since I do have a few of my own? Thanks!

    / Krister
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    Hi there hdnine. Just read all my posts from the top again, slowly till you understand every line and bit of it and your questions will be automatically be answered.

    Ok, i sum it up:

    • One guy made a movie with a "speaking dog".
    • That movie went viral on youtube - 43million views in 2month
    • Another guy noticed that this movie might go viral by checking stats, trends, charts, tendencies...etc etc
    • Then that another guy thought "hmm, oh well, alot ppl will look this, so let me make a vidoe too with some content, but with the title, tags, and link of this first viral going movie in my tags, descrtiption my movie pops up near to it on youtube as result and gets klicked aswell in drag" .. which he did.
    • Exactly that happened...infact 7 Million times in 2 month and as you get payed for those ads (most in the beginning of videos), and him knowing that, he added of course an Ad.
    • Having now his video being watched 7mill times / 2month too ...and getting in average 1cent per view ...he made probably around 70.000$ in 2month.

    BOOM ..too crazy or too simple to believe/see it ? Well, the proof is laid out above right there.
    That is exactly what a broker does, "investing" on trends!

    Honestly, i was really wondering if people make soo much money not interested and not responding much to this thread, or if they just dont understand what im talking about...or if i havent expressed myself clearly. .. anyways....just wanted to

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