Do you believe in Spiritual or Energy Healing?

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Some people say they have the power to heal their and other people's pains and problems thanks to some sort of gift they have.

I ask because I have been looking for the solution to a problem I have and found some people talk about how they healed or solve their issues thanks to energy or spiritual healing. From further research I found a gig on Fiverr related to this. I ordered it. I will update in a couple of days and let you know the results.

Thi is the url of the gig:

galaxygirl: I will perform an energy healing for you or a friend for $5 on

If you have any experience with this please share it.
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    Would love to know your experience.

    I am trying to be open minded about this phenomenon, but never observed anything myself. There are still so many things we don't know and don't understand...
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    Yes, it absolutely is possible and I have witnessed healing through energy firsthand. There are some powerful well-established healing systems that you can find. The most important thing that you can do for yourself, however, is to be open to the possibilities. You don't have to believe necessarily, but just be open. If you don't have a good experience or you don't get what you want just move past it, but don't shut it out. There are many, many reasons a healing may or may not work. Trust in time that you will understand.
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    no. I don't believe you can.
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    Hi Alex,

    I am from a very spiritual family. My uncle himself is a healer and so is my grandmother. I have witnessed healing before me very many times and even been healed myself.

    About twice a year I see a really good local healer. I simply lay down for half an hour and relax. My energy is balanced out by them and afterwards I really do feel much more at ease with my thoughts and feelings for a very long time after.

    I'm very skeptical about someone selling something like this on fiverr.. Healing is done with the hands.

    Hope you find what your seeking.
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    I believe it's only possible if the person believes he/she can be healed. It's more of 'The Secret' or 'The Laws of Attraction' kind of gig, which is why it may work.
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    Great responses so far! I love this forum very much. Give me some time to check out your links and videos.
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    I think it was Henry Ford who said, "If you believe you can, you're right. If you believe you can't, you're right.

    As for energy healing, yeah, it's real. Do a search on Reiki if you want to learn about one manner of energy healing.
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    I think anything you truly believe in and have faith in can create miracles! Love the positive stories.
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    I think spiritual healing is 100% real. I had a family member with Limes disease and after 6 months and multiple doctors and medication, she tried this alternative healing and it worked! Stopped taking the meds and 3 months later she was 100% recovered. This was stage 2 by the way so the odds were against her. Then again, you have to have faith in something for it to work!
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    I have not had any experience with that deal on fiverr so I can't speak to that, but Alex...we are energy/vibration and everything you hear is vibration, everything you see is vibration, as well as touch. I would recommend you go to youtube and check out these videos by Abraham-Hicks. She gives excellent teachings....Abundance is your birthright!
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    The mind and body are extremely powerful beings, I believe you can heal yourself through meditation and getting the right energy around you. This is not some hocus pocus type of stuff, there has been studies on the effectiveness of healing yourself and those around you. If you're a negative or positive person, that's the type of energy you will attract; It's the "Law of Attraction" however you can change your state at anytime, you just have to learn how to, it takes discipline and an open mind though. People have been doing it since the beginning of time, it's all around you. Use it, attract the good in your life everyday...
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    There is no denying the power to heal but the wannabees are many and you might just differentiate them once you part with cash
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    I don't know whether you've heard of Reiki, but I can do it, although I rarely use it.

    It's all about what you believe. I also believe in the LOA (Law of Attraction for any newbies) so, what you think about you bring about, so if you don't believe it works, it won't for you.

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    I've always wanted to experience distance Reiki and there are gigs on fiver for that.

    Alex, what is the problem or the reason you are looking into healing?
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    Yes I believe in spiritual healing if the healer is well intended. Some are quacks unfortunately like so many others. But what works for me (and I do not follow any particular religion, I am spiritual) is before I go to sleep I call upon the ArchAngels (Micheal, Raphael, Ariel (who I really rely on), Metatron, etc. And Raphael is the healer, and whenever my kids get sick, when I call upon Raphael to heal them, they improve dramatically. For anyone not familiar with the ArchAngels, I promise it sounds religious but it is not.. in fact they take care of anyone and religion is not an issue. To me I feel they have helped me in many ways. Something else to consider looking into. If it does not feel comfortable for you to use, it's ok We all have our own ways to heal and get help spiritually.
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    So, how is it that you did feel before and how do you want to feel whe nyou are healed?
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    Hi Alex,

    Please read "Conscious Medicine" by Gill Edwards, (British ex-psychologist who has recently healed herself of breast cancer without any "conventional" medical intervention).


    Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra


    Any of the books or recordings by Dr. David Hamilton - e.g. Quantum Field Healing.

    Also check out EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is an energy healing technique you can learn in five minutes and which is being ever more widely accepted.

    There is no doubt that healing not only CAN happen this way, but actually always does! "There is no healing force outside the body."

    Science is backing these claims and finding more reasons to almost daily. Everything is made of energy, so when the frequency of energy changes, change - including healing - can happen.

    Can't comment about the Fiverr gig.

    Wishing you well,
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    Healing is kinda like hear the stories, but, there is no verification. Find a real verifiable case then you can believe in the healing. I'd like to believe, but, i'd like alot of things.

    Ask yourself what's the reality?

    In closing, I will say I met a woman who was very religious (as her family) and she mentioned that her mom? was healed. She was in the christian science movement. You can google it and check out the controversy that some members have had with the healing as well as probably unverified healings.

    Let me know what you find.
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    Its funny you posted that, I bought that gig from galaxygirl and I believed it helped me. If you want a REALLY good gig check out : sea_siren: I will read your past lives. I only paid $5, but for the info I got I would have paid $1,000!!! Awesome gig.
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    The power of the mind is underestimated. We all can heal people and make people sick. Use your mind wisely.

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