Self Confidence vs. Bragging

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How would you define or tell the difference between a person whose displaying confidence ... as opposed to a person who brags?
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    That's a great question.

    I always admire the person who asks a ton of questions about the other person and actually gives recognition to the responses: To me this is a man that displays great confidence.
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    Well, it's difficult to tell sometimes. Usually, if a person is bragging a lot, it's because they have LOW self confidence, and are trying to convince other people about their own "awesomeness" in an attempt to feel better about themselves. So if you see someone who's constantly trying to convince others about how great he is, then he usually has low self-esteem or low self-confidence.

    'Course, then you have people like Donald Trump, who just come in and muddy the whole thing up. :X
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      That is interesting material. I find most people to be useless and annoying. I keep an extremely small circle of friends (almost no one) and everyone else who I have a business interest in is -1, everyone outside that circle is -~. Some people have a big ego, so I think bragging sometimes is just unfortunate, but eventually you learn to just think everyone is an idiot, which most are; attempting to appeal to the masses, on a level of intelligence which is equal to ones own, is nearly impossible, thus bragging is a waste of time.

      I went through bragging at first, then it was everyone wanted something from me. Now I just shut up and diss anyone like the piece of trash they are if they go out of their way to bother me. I'm busy researching websites right now. I wish my research skills sucked; since SEO is just about money, acquiring backlinks and developing your website. All these articles and hype about SEO are pretty hillarious; it's so black and white simple. The only think that matters is traffic and backlink's; make sure to set content to match the keywords, nope google does that automatically now. Optimizing websites for SEO? You must be kidding right? The crawlers can crawl the website if you are smart enough to set it up right.

      I'm pretty retarded, wait I mean smart; I make that joke so I don't seem egotistical ok. You have to have a sense of humor when your ego is bigger then Donald Trumps. But I'm just growing up =) Inferiority Complex? Hell yah I'm a retard, I'm a genius! Which one should I be today =) Have a good one guys!
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    Its all in the attitude he displays. you can tell someones attitude easily!
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    I think bragger sound overconfident and will resoundingly confirm even you know what
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    Braggers talk too much, snobbish, and mostly to show-off. Confident people don't need to show-off a lot, their inner charm will show themselves without them so desperate "look at meeeee!!!!"
    I've had braggers all the time in my high school day.
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    To me a bragger is all talk with no action or there the type the likes to show off to look large. People that brag do to it to make themselves look good. Confident people build you up. They dont speak about themselves. Most of the time they reserved. Quite the opposite of bragger.
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    Self Confidence, people that are confident in their selves and show that they can do it, will work hard because they are confident that they will make it and will do it. Not scared, to state the facts nor to tell the truth and bluntly say it even if it sounds rude, just being truthful. As for bragging, all I can say is show off. Too clingy and cocky, I don't like people like that especially the rich people that think they're all that, just saying.
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    Interesting that this has been limited to an either/or question.

    Joe Mobley

    Originally Posted by The Niche Man View Post

    How would you define or tell the difference between a person whose displaying confidence ... as opposed to a person who brags?


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      To me...the braggart and truly self-confident person are pretty easy to differentiate...

      More often than not...the braggart is BORING!

      'Nough said... :p

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    You can easily tell when someone is CONFIDENT or just plain BRAGGING.

    Usually confident people tend to deliver positive results while braggarts tend to deliver negative or more often than not, no results at all. It's fun and great to hang out with people overwhelming with confidence while hanging out with braggarts can be very annoying.

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    Hard to tell till you lived or worked with that person for at least 21 days.
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    You can tell a truly self confident person by the words they use.

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