I Made Over $3,000 Today :)

Profile picture of the author Justin Says by Justin Says Posted: 08/25/2011
Not trying to gloat in anyway whatsoever. But I felt this could be motivational to others.

I own more than 130 websites now. And of course I don't receive this much on a regular basis. It's quite rare really. But in the last 24 hours I have made over $3,000 from my niche websites.

I just want those out there whom have been struggling that they should never give up. I've been at this since the beginning of 2010. At first it was quite a struggle and I devoted many 16 hour days to everything (I was laid off on January 4th, 2010). But given time, things have become a lot easier.

There is no telling if I will make more money overnight, but just to even consider the fact that you can sleep and make money is a huge thing.

I remember dreaming about sleeping without worry and it's really coming a reality.

But here's the deal. Once you hit a high point. Aim higher. Forget about chilling and relaxing right away. Keep going.

I have no knowledge of what the future will be like. But I am striving not to give up. Sometimes I have days where I literally make almost nothing at all. On regular occasions I do pretty well, especially considering I make more now than I did working for 3 jobs.

And then on rare occassions, there are days like today.

But just because they are "rare" doesn't mean they have to stay that way.

I will keep pushing to make it so that one day the "not so good" days will actually be pretty decent.

So anyone out there that has considered giving up. DON'T. It's not worth it. You might just be right around the corner from the one thing that could change the rest of your life.

In 2008 I lived on the streets in a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire with a trunk that wouldn't close, a door that wouldn't lock, and no air condition or heat.

I sold that car last year when I started making money

I now own a 1992 Suzuki GSX 600 (stunt bike) and my new 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n. Bought my first LCD tv, own 2 laptops, and tons of little gadgets.

But I would not be able to say that if I wasn't working online.

Right now I would still be working at a trucking company that didn't care for me whatsoever. And honestly I would have (at least in my head) gotten no where in my life, because I knew of people that had studied Chemistry in college that were still working there.

I'm proud to be an internet marketer. And so should you. Even if you aren't having any large success's yet. Look at the little success's as big and you'll get far.

That's my current story Hope you enjoyed it. And never give up!
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  • Profile picture of the author SUPER Louie
    SUPER Louie
    Wow you're really amazing Justin! Congratulations, you look really successful now. How long have you been in IM?
  • Profile picture of the author Justin Says
    Justin Says
    Originally Posted by Louie Sioco View Post
    Wow you're really amazing Justin! Congratulations, you look really successful now. How long have you been in IM?
    Thanks a lot Louie. As for how long, please refer to the second paragraph. But just to be cool I'll answer it too. I started at the end of 2009 (very end) and then actually really started in January 2010.

    Here's to your success
  • Profile picture of the author Tocholke
    Well done. I'm aiming high, just like you.
  • Profile picture of the author Justin Says
    Justin Says
    @Tocholke, just make sure to be excited about the small achievements

    I still jump up and down whenever I see $0.50 made.
  • Profile picture of the author Joe Benjamin
    Joe Benjamin
    Nice job, Warrior!

    It's a nice milestone to reach $3k in one day and I
    always get a kick out of reading other stories.

    It's other peoples stories that led to my first $1000
    month without a 9 to 5.

    ...because I selfishly wanted to have a story of my
    own to tell

    Also, it's stories like yours that keep me focused on
    my goals despite the failures and setbacks.

    ...today, this was just what I needed to see. I know
    it's not normal to get $3k days for you, but the point
    is that now you reached a milestone...and it's a new

    But, in true warrior fashion, no matter how high the
    goals are, we always want more...we tell ourselves
    it'll be enough but it never is.

    Keep up the great work.
  • Profile picture of the author Justin Says
    Justin Says

    Absolutely agreed

    I am excited to say that today has also been pretty well for me as well. It's possible it's due to something like the earthquake or hurricane (websites don't relate to them, but people freak out and buy stuff sometimes, I know I do).

    But I do want to stress that it's not always this way. Some people think you get into this industry and make $3,000 a day every single day. When that's not realistic.

    I have had $1,000+ days, but usually it ranges in the low hundreds. Now of course if I built 10x more traffic to my sites then it's likely I could have those $1,000+ days on average, but it's not always going to happen. Some days people just don't buy anything. Heck even some months people don't spend so much money.

    I am interested to see what 2012 holds as people consider it to be the end of the world (whole bunch of crap if you ask me) maybe we will see spending sky rocket, or maybe it will just die off and people will walk away from technology? Who knows

    The future is always a mystery.

    P.S. The show "FlashForward" is awesome... I started it last night and couldn't stop. Ended up watching 11 episodes and now I have to evacuate my city tomorrow because of the coming Hurricane Irene.. fun stuff. Not.
  • Profile picture of the author nncjn
    WOW amazing, congratulations justin. I also want money like that.
  • Profile picture of the author AngryBird141
    Great story...very inspiring...gives me the motivation to move on...
  • Profile picture of the author WhiteLabelOutsourcing
    That's great. This kind of success stories fuel the passion of most struggling Internet Marketers. Keep up the good work, mate. It's great knowing that you were able to manage 130 sites.
  • Profile picture of the author adrwcav
    Great Story Man! And I agree with you, I've been making good money for some time now and I still get excited over making $0.50 too HAH, gotta pinch myself sometimes
  • Profile picture of the author Richard Dominguez
    Richard Dominguez
    Thanks for sharing! It's really great to see people succeeding in doing what they enjoy. Hopefully I can get there soon. Keep up the great work!
  • Profile picture of the author Ilse
    How do you manage 130 websites?
  • Profile picture of the author AndrewMichael
    I've have made a total of 5$ in 6 months but I started with nothing not a single 1$ and no direction. It's the greatest $5.00 I have ever owned.... I didn't even receive a check for it yet, but its there.

    I hope you enjoy your success, and more comes your way. Even if I can't succeed now, seeing someone else makes me happy. Good for you man. Cheers.
  • Profile picture of the author IprovideSEO
    Great story Justin very inspiring! Glad to hear of your success

    Are your websites affiliate programs or using ads? or both.

    Congrats though, its funny how things in life seem to always work out in the end
  • Profile picture of the author areevez
    great job man!! 3k in one day is a great milestone! I see your in VA Beach, Good luck with the hurricane! Hope your not in the lowline areas!
  • Profile picture of the author Exel
    Fantastic story man, it's amazing how you overcame all the hurdles and succeed.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Profile picture of the author Renavon
    Congratulations, thats a lot in a day. Keep it up
  • Profile picture of the author focusedmind
    Your story is an inspiration for us all.
  • Profile picture of the author Cogitationalist
    I still feel like I'm too new to be making contribution-lacking posts like this but..

    Congrats! Stories like this are the exact reason why I joined the Warrior Forum!
  • Profile picture of the author InterMG
    Holy cow! Congrats Justin! So how did you earn? Google adsense or by affiliate products?

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