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Hi All

I have a bob proctor product and have come across many of his products in which he always goes back to the use of a goal card.

I just dont understand how this is to be used exactly, can anyone explain?

Thank you
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    Hey James

    LOL I have like 50 of them in my office. As well as about 25 copies of his courses from a former partnership with one of his consultants.

    The idea is that you write a concrete goal that you have decided to achieve at all costs. You carry the card around all the time, look at it as often as possible to keep reminding yourself of your intended target.

    The purpose is the programming of your self image. The more you think about something you intend to create, the more likely you will be to think of ideas and recognize opportunities to achieve it.

    I no longer use goal cards but I use a "mental shadowboxing" technique that I talked about here:
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    Hey James

    Yeah pick a goal and desired date and follow that process. On a side note, I find it bizarre that my intended weight is the exact same... 168 WEIRD!

    Regarding thinking vs. visualizing, etc... I personally don't think it matters. Thinking basically is visualizing because we all pretty much think in pictures. Whatever it takes you to create the emotional state of "already having achieved your goal" is what you should be doing. I write a detailed description of my life as though the goal is achieved. Other people meditate about it. Just create the feelings of having your goal in the present moment and you will move towards the goal.

    It is a universal law!
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    I think you're worried too much about "doing it right" in my opinion

    If you use the card to help you constantly focus on your goals, create the feelings of having it now (i.e. excitement, happiness, etc...), then this will help you take the required action to reach your goal.

    Thinking about your goal in a relaxed state can only help as well.

    Personally I don't know "the rules" per se, I just know that focusing on your goals and working hard to achieve them will always work if you are committed to the cause! Good luck
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    I dont know Bob Proctor's method... But Earl Nightingale's Method goes something like this..

    write on a card whatever it is you want to achieve or have...

    write it in present, personal tense with an exact date of its achievement..... ex. I earn $100k by September 2011

    Then.. read it aloud every morning upon rising and right before you go to bed each night. Also carry the card around with you all day long and read it whenever you need some inspiration. Do this for 30 days... if it is not achieved than do it again for another 30 days. remember to keep your mind fixated on what it is you want to achieve... Do not let worry or any other doubt come into your mind.

    * I can say.... I do this and it works!
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    The idea of using this is to install belief and certainty in your mind. it is to keep you focused and moving toward your goal.

    So if you want to know "how loud" and "how many times" ..... well I dont think that matters.. i think what matters is that you believe what your saying as something you are going to create. One test I first did when I heard the "The Strangest Secret" by earl nightgale involved me improving my income to a certain dollar value.

    I would write the statement every evening on a card.. By ______ I earn ______ for ______.. I would read it before I went to bed and upon arrising.. After I read it i would do some visualization as I law in bed to fall asleep..

    I would read it maybe once or twice during the day.. (it came into the habit that I wouldn't necessary read it but Every time i reached in my pocket and felt the card I would think about what it is and I really beleived it would happen... (It was quite a big increase in income let me tell you >>double what i was currently making)

    I also did other excises like reading great books and doing little exercises like writing on the top of black piece of paper .... How can I earn XXX amount of money by _____? Then come up with 20 answers...

    so i did this for 30 days and nothing happened...

    I decided to try it for another 30 days........... NOTHING HAPPENED

    so I decided to do it for another 30 days ..... except about a week or so into that month I got really busy.. so much that I sort of did not have time to make it happen. Alot of really tough things happen including me getting fired.... I totally droped the habit...

    well about three weeks later I started a new company............ It was not until about another 2 months later that I looked back and realized that my income had doubled... I don't mean came close to doubling.... I MEAN IT EXACTLY DOUBLED.... That is when I started taking this method pretty serious.. I have used this method to create many more things in my life...

    I suggest listening to the THE STRANGEST SECRET by Earl Nightingale.

    Hope that clarifies some things for you . Good Luck
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    If you use the goal cards along with the positive affirmation tapes.... you'll be soaring to the winner's circle!
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    Bob Proctor is also in The Secret. It is based on the same principles that Nightingale talked about. The full movie is on Amazon. I would highly recommended to anyone interested in the power of the mind and the law of attraction.

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    great post...
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    Does anyone know the exact words which were on Bob Proctor's very first goal card (all those years ago)?
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    Here's the goal card template: Receive a FREE Print-Ready Goal Card! | Proctor Gallagher Institute
    Here's a Proctor video on writing goals:
    I agree with Matthew; how you design your goals matters. I also use David Horsager's idea of Difference-Making Actions: DMA: Difference-Making Actions | Clarity - The Trust Edge - David Horsager

    Your goals might not matter too much if you're not taking steps toward those goals every day.
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