Friends and Family JEALOUS or ENVIOUS of your success?

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I have been in the IM industry for more than 3 years.

Most people in my wife's family and in my family knew about
my "dreams" of "making money for sitting at home".

They never really payed much attention to it for the
biggest part of my IM career, that is until just a bit
over a year ago.

I finally got things going in the right direction as far as
CPA marketing and Offline marketing and I started
seeing great success.

Success that enabled me to make more money then
almost every friend and family member me an my wife
have. For a while it was okay, I guess because our
families didn't really notice any changes as we
were still working at a job and not really buying
anything to show for as we were saving.

Well, every thing is not so peachy now. We have
both been completely working from home for like
6 months. She was the last to quit her job 6 months.
When she quit, is when hell started.

Her family just gave off this obvious jealousy after
she quit her job because we didnt need it any more.
So now, both my family and her family seem more and more
distant. Whenever we are around her family, they are always
staring at her up and down, barely hold conversations,
never talk to me, etc.

The only time her family ever really calls is to ask to
borrow money. Same with my family.

Is this something you guys had to go through?
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    You can get your family together by buying them nice Christmas presents this year
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    Yeah I agree with the presents thing. Giving gifts can help dissolve feelings of emnity.
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    I think they are Jealous and Envious

    Christmas is the best time to fix this problem.
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    My suggestion is to ASK them directly what the h*** is going on with them. I know it might sound rude, but I like the direct approach. Presents won't solve the problem permanently if there is still cloud between you and your family. Tell them about your business and how it works. Even they might not understand, they still know that you're taking it SERIOUSLY. And you're a grownup!

    Hope it help
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    Go read Atlas Shrugged and find out why people who need to borrow $$ are resentful of those who have it...especially if they are older than the lender.

    Tough spot you're in...they probably don't understand IM, think you're making $$ for doing nothing, putting in no effort etc. I find it distasteful that the people who need to borrow the $$ are so resentful of those who have it,'d think they would be appreciative.
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    I have to disagree with the PPs that giving your family and friends gifts will be a viable solution. They might speak with you more, but not for the right reasons!

    If they aren't aware, maybe you can share with them that making money online isn't easy and is actually quite a lot of work. Working for yourself is more difficult than working for someone else - you take the risks (and also gain the rewards), and probably work outside usual business hours.

    Hopefully, once they realize that you are working hard and haven't just lucked into success, they will get over their jealousy. If not, then perhaps they weren't really great friends to begin with.
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    That is disturbing.

    Why would they be jealous? I'm always happy for the success of my family members and loved ones.

    Instead of giving them a gift - why not teach them how to work from home as well? =) Might soothe out the jealousy.
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    Buy someone's love is never a good thing because it is not sincere. Being direct is sometimes a good thing but not always because if you have a personality that thinks they are right, they will never concede that they were wrong and then they won't talk to you at all. You really need to look at your family member's personalities and approach them according to their personalities. This way, you can come from their point of view and bring them around to your point of view. Hope this helps.

    Great book on personality is Positive Personality Profiles by Robert Rohm.
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    Don't worry Arron. You should be proud of what you achieved. May be 1 in 1k or even 10k will have the ability for the out-of-the-box thinking which you do.
    Keep rocking and be the most concerned abt your wife and kids who are going to be with you till your last breath
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    I think that sounds like something great to go through. Half joking of course, but at least your successful and i think most people dont realise the work that gets put into these kinds of things. They sort of think of it as 'getting lucky' like how people resent those that win the lottery.
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    Be proud man you have achieved a lot! Dont let anyone take that away from you
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    Look, I am not as experienced as you are. But I'm trying to be, I am taking action now.
    By now, very few people knows about this, hey! I live in south america, third world minds here. I had to tell my mom about this (I'm 21, i live with my parents) and my mother was like "hope they don't steal you anything" STEAL? well.. this is how it is here.
    I decided not to tell almost anyone about this because of the exact same thing you mentioned, jelousy. I don't understand how people kind of hate you for that, for deciding to live better?
    I guess it's human nature? I really don't get it
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    Thanks a lot for everyones input! I took a bit from everyones outlook on the situation. Merry Christmas to all btw!
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    Nothing beats a good dialogue... The more you talk to them, the more they understand... Just strike a good conversation and show that you care...
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    One sister of mine will be ecstatic, but I don't know the results of my younger big sister and her man. I got a 1 K dollar job just now, so we'll see what she says. I hope she doesn't flip a cream pie over my face, so to speak.
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    Yep, when you talk about this to people who don't anything about this htey think this is all scams and going no where ... try to have a good talk with them.
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    actually it's not a good situation... I don't like that kinda situation because I've been through something similar to that, but not this bad.. The best tthing I did was to discuss with them about the solution , why they're like that, and that's ALl.. If they're really a part of a family members, then they'll be just fine in the future with both of you.

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