The Best Way To Start Your Day

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Gary Halbert, legendary marketer and copywriter once wrote in a personal letter to his son:

"In fact, in my opinion, the best groove to get into is
get out of bed, (early) wash your face, brush your teeth, use
the bathroom, etc., and then, eat a piece of fruit (I think a
banana is the best) and then hit the street! That's it.
Just get out that front door and start moving. Walk, run,
jog. Keep moving for about 1/2 hour and then turn around and
come back. You know, I really do believe this is the very
best way in the world to start the day.
It cleans you out, it
settles you down and it gives you a nice glow that will stay
with you throughout the day. It will also make you more
clearheaded and improve the quality of your thinking. The
benefits are enormous and, believe me, if you start doing
this right away (like the day after you get this letter!) it
won't be long at all till you become positively addicted to
your early morning workout."

Personally, I do a bit of meditation when I get out of bed first thing in the morning - keeps me focused and uplifted for the rest of the day.

How do you like to start your day?
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    Sounds good to me! Apparently fruit such as apple and strawberries are great for waking you up in the morning. Due to a severe lack of energy (chronic fatigue) I am trying to include some exercise into my morning or during the day but it's a work in progress. I do know that heat gives one energy, and exercising heats your body up.

    I start my day by having a shower, reading my motivation folder that I've put together for myself (various quotes and pictures that inspire me, as well as my goals, etc), having breakfast, saying hi to my parrots and feeding them, then getting to work.
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    First of all, how is the alarm clock rings I get up ... at once. I do not snooze, do not lying in bed. Do you consider that you should immediately get up. Then the basic steps in the toilet. Starting a few exercises to stretch ... and shower. Healthy breakfast, coffee and planning the day, save all of the tasks. A moment of meditation and go to work!
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    Start in the morning with saying to myself: Today is my day, cherish everyday
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    Yes, the first thing I do every morning is go for a run and hit the gym. It leaves you feeling energised for the rest of the day and there is no excuse not to do it. Setting yourself up right in the morning is vital because it creates the pattern for the rest of the day.
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    Amazing Story, I had somebody how helped me with the same words to go further. His inspirational words were a great wealth of energy!
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    I've been thinking about doing this, actually. I think it would help improve my energy and focus, but one problem is that it's usually pretty damn cold out at that hour, and I'm not very well-insulated. I try to go for a walk at least once a day during the afternoon when it's warmest, though, unless there's a snowstorm outside.
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    A very interesting way to start your day. I too jump out of bed and start my morning ritual. However I am currently focusing on letting go of anxiety about my day. Which is totally a waste of energy as this is week 2 of anxiety attached to my mornings. I know it is because I am in worry mode when I wake up. I do not know why that is - I am so far thinking my mind is in HABIT mode to worry as soon as my head is off the pillow. May be if I head out the door and find peace that will help! I will start this process and keep you posted.
    Thank you for your helpful way to start the day.
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    You know, I've been taking walks in the morning (nothing serious) and I agree, it really does help clear your head.
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    Prayer is the single-most important tool to start the day. Always thank your God for the beautiful things he has created, for the beautiful family, for the food that we eat and many more things may it be small or big, important or not. Starting off with a positive mindset jumpstarts my day!
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    Taking time with God is the best thing to do to start a day.
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    I put my goals, dreams and affirmations on my bathroom mirror so the first thing I read is my plan...
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    I start my morning with a yoga and then jogging.
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    Did I say already that I like to start my day by turning on the heat?
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    The very first thing I do is say hi to my dog. Afterall, he's my alarm clock. I just love my bro.
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    meditation is the key for my every day life's brisk activities. so i ll do in the morning and night before going to bed...
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    Always with good a breakfast, (probiotics, fish oil etc etc) then I do something to get me in a great mood (watch a clip or read for 20 minutes)
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    Yeah. I'll watch Anthony Robbins after going on a hard run(more energizing to go on a challenging run). Really I think I should be eating the frog, just getting the worst work down in the beginning of the day.

    I've had a hard time doing that though.
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    Glass of ice cold water, shower (alternating hot & cold), breakfast with a black coffee and then some fresh air!!

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