Three questions I ask myself to get motivated

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One thing that comes up here a lot is the question of motivation; specifically, how to keep yourself motivated even when you're not seeing results right away. This question is a hard one for two reasons:

1. In some niches, results often do take a lot of time to get


2. The work in IM isn't all fun 100% of the time

These two factors are, combined, are the biggest reason people fail in IM. IM is interesting in that the fear/anxiety factor isn't huge, like in investing or public speaking. It's one of those things where the results come if you stick at it... but also, where motivation tends to wane before the results come.

To combat this phenomenon, whenever I am feeling unmotivated, I ask myself three questions. Doing so always recharges my batteries and gets me ready to go.

The Three Questions:

1. Is there anything else I'd really rather be doing?

Ask yourself that. Would you rather be working some lame job with no real prospects for advancement? Or if you're qualified for fancier jobs, are you really ready to kiss some boss's ass all the time?

2. Is the process any longer or more arduous than anything else I went through?

If you're like most people, you went through AT LEAST 12 years of dry, boring, pointless school. If you can put up with that, how tough can a few months of backlinking, blogging or product creation really be?

3. Do I love what I do?

Ask yourself if you're getting satisfaction out of what you do. Ask yourself if one day of good results, however rare, is more satisfying than any day at a job. For me, the answer is ALWAYS yes.

These are just some questions I ask MYSELF. Maybe other people have their own set of questions they ask themselves every day to build motivation. If you have any of your own, feel free to share! The more, the merrier.
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    Good questions. Thank for sharing.

    1 or 2 are absolutely spot on. Nothing tedious about IM if you compare it with a 9-5 job or the worst job you ever had. At least not for me.

    I also love saying that a hour of my time is potentially worth so many -$. Once you realize that time is money, you'll stop procrastinating.
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    I have written them on a piece of paper...these 3 quesions are so motivating!
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    Great questions. I can honestly say that I love doing IM. I would choose to sit at home and work on my IM methods instead of going out and doing some other recreational activity. I don't even think of it as work.
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    I just asked these to myself and there is 1 question that is bothering me now.
    1. Is there anything else I'd really rather be doing?
    Yes, I love cars! Could have done something to do with cars. I just don't love them, its like EXTREME LOVE!
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    It is good to remind yourself when doubts set in, or when progress gets slow, or days pass when you did not achieve what you set out to do, that you are doing this by choice! And I think you put the 'check list' in this post clearly and simply. I have put a copy on my PC as a reminder of this 'self check'. Others might consider doing the same - maybe on a piece of paper near their PC!! Thanks!!
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    Nice questions, doing the things you love is what makes it worth achieving.
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    That's a powerful question to ask - there is nothing I'd rather be doing than this. Every dollar earned is so much more meaningful when it's done on my own through affiliate marketing.
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    I think the "Do I love what I do?" question is one of the best because if you don't love your job then it is harder to keep going when the going gets tough imo.

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