A Quote that... Makes sense. Dont take pointless advice.

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I saw this answer posted in another thread, so full credit goes to Nathan2525. This Quote made sense to me, and made me realise that it doesnt matter what other people think, even if they think your going to fail, they dont know anything. You can do anything if you set your mind to it.

"I have a really strong rule which I now use for everything I do.

95% of people will give you their opinion however this is extremely

It is based on their experiences.

Here is the rule:
Only take advice from someone who is doing what you want to do.

DO NOT take business advice from someone who does not own a
business. It can destroy your life.

It's not their fault. They have your best interest in mind.

**Would you take diet advice from a fat person?**

Hope this helps."

Well... Would you take diet advice from a fat person?
Would you take advice on how to make money from who is broke?

The simple answer is no, everyone thinks that they know what is best. Everyone thinks they know what you should be doing with your life. But thats the main point, it is Your Life. Do Not let someone elses opinion ruin it for you.

I hope this helps some of you,
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    Yeah that's true i agree with you.Cheers.
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    I quoted and thanked him in that thread!

    Totally true stuff.


    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

    I Write Articles Too! PM ME!

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    yes that is true. Many people are easily influenced by other peoples opinions or mindsets if you will. Listen to people who are already doing what you want to do is a very good basic rule to follow. I like!

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      It's always interesting to me to see people take advice from friends and family who aren't much better off than they are in any particular area.

      I've contemplated this from a marketing standpoint as well.

      I think there are two undesirable extremes people are trying to balance:

      1. People go to those they trust for advice (family, friends, peers) whether or not those people themselves have results. These people want to trust who their getting advice.

      EX: Going to a parent or friend for money advice as opposed to seeking out the counsel of multi-millionaires.

      2. People go to those they perceive as the experts or leaders, and are sucked in by status whether or not they have integrity.

      EX: Buying into any promises from "highly successful in XYZ field" whether or not those people can actually teach or provide valuable content for their charges.

      3. Most people aren't idiots, and given the chance will go to those they trust AND who have the perceived skills. EX: Seeking counsel from a friend that's fit or a friend that is a personal trainer for weight loss advice.

      I believe the future of marketing, especially with social media, is to establish oneself as an expert that actually does it (EX: a fit person as opposed to a fat person teaching fitness) that is becomes a TRUSTED friend first before trying to "sell" anything.

      Hence all the emphasis on free content, webinars, etc. to establish both credibility as well as likeability and trust.
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    He who ever fare of fallen will never fly, please do cultivate an habbit of making hay while the sun still shine. Please take note of this thanks. Enueja
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    Togethernes we stand divided we fall,let us all make our self as broom when you are in paptnership with someone
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    An open mind might find you that pearl of wisdom coming from the most unlikely source. It's not what you hear, but rather what you do with what you've heard.
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    Togethernes we stand divided we fall,let us all make our self one as broom when you are in paptnership in with someone,for maximum profit and best result, take good note of this, thanks. Enueja.
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