*Are You Down with E.I.D.?!???

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...Wanted to share a small snippet/excerpt from a pretty dang powerful, concise mnemonic that I ran across in one of my inspired readings this week.

This may or may not have the same impact on you as it did me, but this will have an Impact nonetheless.......

"Energy and Invincible Determination: -- aren't they magnificent words? Commit them to memory - press them like a die into the wax of your mind, and they will be a constant inspiration to you in hours of need.

If you can get these words to vibrating in your being, you will be a giant among pygmies. Say these words over and over again, and see how you are filled with new life - see how your blood will circulate - how your nerves will tingle.

Make these words a part of yourself, and then go forth anew to the battle of life, encouraged and strengthened. Put them into practice.

" 'Energy and Invincible Determination' - let that be your motto in your work-a-day, and you will be one of those rare men who are able to "do things.' "

[-- "Thought Vibration" Authored by William W. Atkinson]

I've added this E.I.D. to my growing arsenal of daily "tools".

Are you down with E.I.D.?!?!?

Yeah!...You Know ME!!!

Hope this helps!

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    Heh, careful with that energy, it's not unlimited, you gotta sleep sometimes, mehehehe
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    Nice. That is a great acronym. Thanks.
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    Definitely down with anything that raises my vibration and E.I.D. is certainly one of them to keep in my arsenal as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    Speaking of "vibrations", ahew, I was totally oblivious to the whole concept of personal "energy" and vibrations and our ability to 'control' it.

    Three resources that completely opened my mind and totally changed the way I think and act and view the world now - from the perspective of this whole energy & vibrational control thing - are:

    - Christie Marie Sheldon's "Love or Above" program/product (basically shows you how to get to and maintain your personal vibration at the higher levels of "Love" or above (i.e. gratitude, confidence, enlightenment, etc.)

    - William W. Atkinson's "Thought Vibration"

    - David Cameron Gikandi's "A Happy Pocketful of Money" (Completely rocked my mental & physical world!)

    Hope this helps!



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    Hey, you know me
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    LOL! Thanks HKSEO Jonbones!

    Man,...that song is a freakin' classic!

    Shoot,..I think when that song came out,...was right around the time that I started dippin my green little toe into the whole Internet Marketing game.....

    Dang!,.....Whatta ride!!!!


    ....So,..You Down wid "E.I.D"???....Yeah, U Know ME!".....


    *Got BALLZ?!? Take the Challenge! Go Kick Some Azz! ==> http://budurl.com/thekickazzblog

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    clever acronym lol
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    nice acronym....
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