How Did Tyler Perry Go From Broke And Homeless To Multimillionaire?

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That video is short but gives the answer to how he created all of his success. I watch that video pretty frequent. Powerful advice! I wanted to share it with you guys. Enjoy...
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    Focus on one thing and never stop believing, know beyond knowing that you will succeed.

    I don't like his movies, but this was very powerful, thanks.
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    Thanks for that. Yeah, I am not a Tyler Perry fan either - but he obviously loved what he did and that passion came through. The message of persistence and focus is so appreciated.
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    So how does one receive divine grace?

    It sounds like he tried for years and never gave up.
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    Thanks for the share.

    He really got the message across - Belief in your goal / dream, persist against all odds and focus.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    Well, just in case, his net worth is $400 millions and he was homeless, so whats your excuses ?
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    Did Tony Robbins get a haircut?
    I haven't heard a video that motivational in a while. Thanks for the share.

    What hes saying is 100% correct by the way Keep believing and anything is possible.
    But don't misunderstand his words- It will not come simply by Just believing... When he was doing those plays, he was working with different marketing directors, and I'm sure doing many other things to test for what is successful.

    Believing in yourself provides the drive to take action time and time again with 100% of your effort. You cannot succeed if you do not give it your best. And you cannot give it your best if you're constantly giving up.
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    Keep believing and focus on one thing. That is the message of Tyler Perry in this video.

    I have never been a fan of his and never heard his real story and how he got started. Does he have a book on the market about himself and how he got started?
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    Never forget that LUCK has an effect on success as well. Most people don't believe that, but in this example, Tyler Perry could've just as easily failed.

    He could've been insanely persistent, insanely full of faith to the point of delusional, insanely hard working, and STILL could've have failed...and no one would know his name today.

    Look at Eminem: do you know how many white rappers there are that probably had more skill than Em, worked harder than Em, and tried longer than Em, but no one knows who they are? It's not all about hard work, belief, and persistence. I love Eminem by the way, it's just a famous example of luck at work. There's countless numbers of "could have beens", and it isn't as easy as saying they just didn't want it bad enough or whatever.

    Although I'm incredibly determined, hard working, and persistent, I know that I'm a lucky guy. I know I could've easily amounted to nothing, despite all my efforts. The truth is that Happenstance, Fortune, Luck, Chaos Theory, whatever...that little bit is what really makes all that difference.

    Not negging you either,...I'm just being the devil's advocate. The truth is ugly, and I'm just pointing that out as I often do.

    Stay strong.
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    You need a tough shock to change your bad habits.
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    I'm not a fan of his movies either, but as a fellow filmmaker, I have huge respect for him as he found his audience and continues to entertain them.

    His rags to riches story is even more amazing and he's right. The power to believe is what's going to make all your dreams come true.

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