Do You Have A Gratitude Rock?

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In the movie The Secret Lee Brower talks about having a Gratitude Rock and developing "An Attitude Of Gratitude." Simply put a stone or pebble that you keep with you in your pocket and every time you touch it you take a moment to think about something you're grateful for.

I've been practicing this with a stone I found that is roughly the shape of a heart and it's an amazing exercise. I've been more upbeat than usual and I'm starting to love expressing gratitude for everything I have. And expressing gratitude or developing "An Attitude Of Gratitude" can bring you more happiness and success in life. (As these people have said ...)

"When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears."—Anthony Robbins

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation."—Brian Tracy

If you haven't practiced this before then I highly recommend it. Because I think you're really going to enjoy it and that it will bring more success into your life. All you need is a nice stone or pebble that you can keep in your pocket. Give it a try and start expressing gratitude today.
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    G'day ZigZag, firstly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful post

    I was once introduced to this idea, Attitude of Gratitude, in a book called The Science of Getting Rich and in the Personal Development seminars, since then, I start to practice the Gratitude Exercise.

    hahaha... my life is completely changed!

    I am now like a living positive Magnet, all wealth, abundance, opportunities, fantastic network, whatever I can think of and want start attract themselves to me effortlessly
    I am so blessed that I actually give myself a chance to put this little Gratitude Exercise into practice!

    May be some of you will ask this question: "Grace, are you crazy? How can you be grateful, especially in this Deep Recession?
    It is impossible! We are about to loss our jobs, thousands and millions of dollars disappear from Stock Market! Negative growth in Super Fund, Property prices crash, etc ....
    Grace, you must be joking, come on, stop dreaming and hallucinating, get back to reality!!!"

    hhm... something to think about

    Why do we want to focus on lack of money, lack of abundance? Isn't the money and resources are more than enough for everyone in this world???

    I totally understand, especially nowsadays, every single minute, there are more and more negative news coming out from TV and medias, BUT, let me ask you a question: "Are you the one who in charge of your life? Or do you allow others to responsible and master your life?"

    "Do you have a choice to choose whether you want to be happy now or just sad and frustrated at all times?"

    Give youself a chance to honour you feeling, listen to your inner voice within you. Do you really in charge of your life now, or you just let others influence and master your emotion, live in fear and frustraction, live in lack of abundance???

    Folks, for those never think about this before, now is the time for you to think about your life. Now is the time for you to take charge of your own life! Focus on TOTAL ABUNDANCE!

    Please grant yourself a chance to put this Gratitude Exercise into practice. Come one, think about this, it is not going to cost you even one cent to do this exercise, just do this Exercise continuously for 30 days, you will be amazed with the positive effects

    You will not loss anything, BUT, if you make it, you will BENEFIT from it forever, for the rest of your life!!!

    So, why not just give yourself a chance to allow Law of Attraction work perfectly well in your life? Why not give yourself a chance to experience total abundance attract to you effortlessly?

    Be GRATEFUL for everything that you have eventhough it is so so so small in your eyes. Your little blessing could be a huge blessing for someone else. So, let's have Attitude of Gratitude at all times

    Life is far too short for us to live undervalue, why not Dream Big, Think Big and Take Massive Action to create all the miracles you want in life?

    I sincerely wish you all All The Best in everything you do! Keep in touch closely!

    Manay hugs from Grace Jen, Australia
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    Great post! I think it's great that one can be thankful that the internet even exists so we can actually do business from our homes.
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    Hello TopTipsMarketer, yes, I totally agreed with what you said, we are so grateful for Internet.

    With the power of Internet, we can share our knowldege, skill and experience everywhere round the world, isn't this wondrful?

    Also, Internet allows us to actually "work" and build Business from Home, very flexible, low start-up cost, worldwide market, etc... the benefits are much much more than starting a Traditional Business, am I right?

    Thanks for sharing information and keep in touch closely!

    Warmest wishes,
    Grace Jen
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    Personally I have a small black gratitude rock and I love it. It sits by my bedside and when I see it I pick it up and am grateful.

    I believe this will bring great things into my life
  • Profile picture of the author ryanmacca
    Personally I have a small black gratitude rock and I love it. It sits by my bedside and when I see it I pick it up and am grateful.

    I believe this will bring great things into my life
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    Dear all members, thanks for sharing ^^
    Yes, I totally agreed with you all, Gratitude Rock and Gratitude List, both of them are very very powerful!

    May be just 120% committed yourself to do this little Exercise for 30 days continously, you will be amazed with the BIG difference!

    Once you breakthorugh and experience it, you will never be the same again, am I right???

    Folks, All the Best in everything ou do! Keep in touch closely!

    To Your Success,
    Grace Jen
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    This is one inspirational post. i think, even how busy we are with our work we must always spend a little moment of silence and prayer. In that sense, it boost our enery and endurance to work some more. from now on, I'll be carrying a rock with me. thanks for this share, it is truly enlightening.
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    Wow...this was a great thread!

    Thanks for the reminder about the gratitude rock!

    I was just thinking about how I need to remind myself about keeping my vibes up and this is the perfect solution.

    I used to sit with my kids when they were 5 & 6 and write in their gratitude journals. I would ask them what they were grateful for.

    They got so used to doing it...and they knew how powerful writing things down was. So one day, I told my son to wear his jacket outside because it was cold. He hated wearing his he ran and got a piece of paper and a pencil and told me to write down that the sun would come out and be warm enough that he wouldn't need to wear his jacket. you wanna guess what happened??? LOL 10 mins later the sun was out and his jacket was off!

    The power of writing things down! And being grateful for the things you have, and clear about the things you want to attract!

    Thanks to you for sharing...and we will be hunting for gratitude rocks tomorrow!
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    Being grateful for all the things that we are have now is the first step to abundance. How can we achieve abundance when scarcity is occupying our mind?

    Keeping a gratitude journal or have a habit of speaking out 5 things you are grateful for everyday is a good way to start too.

    Personal Development Blogger
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    Great Idea. I will be getting mine today. Thanks
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