Games that develop Strategic thinking & keep the mind in shape...

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Have any of you guys used games to help "exercise your mind", and if so, what games would you recommend taking up?

I know many of you will probably mention modern strategy based computer games, but for me it has to be the original: Chess

It's remarkable how, immediately when you play, you begin to see how your brain is working things out, thinking ahead, planning and dealing with unforeseen events, all crucial lessons we can take to our lives.

I remember for a period some years ago when I was playing regularly against friends or family I found that my clarity of thought was really improving in my business life.

On the flipside, when I decided to play the computer on my Mac some nights ago I was astonished at how I was just walking into bad moves without thinking them through - I had become rusty!

Since then I have played a quick game every night, just to keep my mind toned up, and intend to keep going with this practice.

Have any of you similar experience with this or other games?
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    I like playing a quick spider solitaire during the breaks. Also, point-and-click adventures
    can be really challenging and make you think in terms of solving problems.
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    I play Solitaire as well,just for a few minuites,then straight back into serious stuff.
    Never really got into other games,will give it a try now you mentioned it and see what happens.

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