What do you want most out of life?

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I was wondering what people want out of life. I realized that I've been assuming what people want in general but have never thought to ask.

So, what do you want most out of life?
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    Success, to be quite frank. But the definition of success changes from person-to-person.

    One of my biggest goals in life is to complete a novel. It doesn't ever need to get published, it just needs to be finished. As an individual who hasn't made much of himself in terms of academic and social accomplishments, that's all I ask of myself. Being able to live comfortably in my own home would be also be swell. If I can achieve those goals, I'll be quite content with life. Anything great that comes after is a bonus.

    Seeing how you asked the question, why don't you share an answer?
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    My own office and a stable income. That's all I can ask for right now. I have the best girl I can ask for in the world, and I have a decent income at the moment working with a company. Making that company stable and becoming a larger business would be fantastic.

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    to have a stable work....hehehe
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    Freedom (which I have), the ability to travel and live in my idea location. To stay healthy and in shape. And to experience it all with my beautiful wife.

    I would love to always be around good music and smiling faces. And to give back to those that can't provide for themselves.
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    To do what I want to do and never do what I don't want to do.

    That's my supreme goal and everything I do is to achieve it.
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    I know the answer to this... I have spent the past 5 years finding out.

    1: Nothing but the most absolute form of Health.... without Health.... we are nothing.
    2: True love... to find the partner of my dream.
    3: To have a ridiculously large income (making tens of millions of dollars) where I am the boss, in other words, to dominate the IM world. ;-)

    These things will all come true, because I feel that in life, most of our desires and wishes come true. :-)
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    better economy in my wallet along with better health
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    to earn money....
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    What I want in my life. To live happily though I have a very simple life.
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