How do I officially say Thank You?

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Hi everyone

I'm new here and this is probably a silly question as it's probably obvious, but I can't find how to do it...

How do I officially thank someone for their thread?

I replied to a particular thread and said thanks in my response, but it didn't thank the writer officially.

Any help gratefully received

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    Because you are new (I think it's 5 posts and above) you may not see the "Thanks" button located on every post. So join the discussions, become an active member and in no time you'll be thanking & being thanked for your input.

    And Welcome!
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    Yeah - saying thanks is great, but giving the "thanks" in the forum is like a special treat... it adds to the poster's stats and records it "officially".

    I got a few thanks before I even knew of the system, and it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered it.


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