30 day challenge. I need ideas, suggestions, cool things...

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Ok, so as part of my path to build a business investing $10 per day only... I'm also looking to start each month a new 30 daya challenge (yes, I know... ala Matt Cutts) .

So I need suggestions? Help?

So far I have the following 30 day challenges ideas, some of them are good, some of them are cr*p:

- No Sugar for 30 days. OMG

- Social Media Reach Challenge: Comment and engage on 30 blogs daily, trying to connect with as many bloggers, writers as possible.

- Taking One Photo every day : Pretty self explanatory. I'm not really into photography so this could be interesting

- Write a Kids Book in 30 days (I find that sometimes we write so much about IM, business that writing something NOT related to IM, business could be refreshing)

Read a Book per day. Challenging but possible.

It's not a contest, but to the best ideas, happy to send them my past SEO WSO as a thank you for your input. (just PM me)

Suggestions? ideas?

Thanks warriors
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    You need suggestions on how to accomplish these tasks or how to remain focussed?
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    How about validating atleast one person a day? Its a great way to spread positivity around Plus, it's an inexpensive yet powerful gift you can give anyone.
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    Interesting. Can you give me more details.?
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    Here's an idea...

    I hate cold showers and I recently did a 30-day challenge in which I would only take cold showers and now I love them and I'm always ready to rock! LOL

    Of course if it's ridiculous hot from the summer already (it is here) this may not represent a challenge anymore.

    Apart from my suggestion, what really drags my attention is the amount of time that is going to take you to pull the daily activities off... particularly reading one daily book and engaging on 30 blogs.

    Finding 30 blogs and writing a great comment on each one is time consuming, doing that on 30 blogs daily for 30 days, I think it's going to be very, very tough but I'm genuinely interested in seeing how you manage to do this.

    Reading a daily book, may not seem like a big deal but adding the fact you'll be doing that massive blog hopping and that you also need to write a kid's book?

    Dang... that's quite a challenge my man so I wish you good luck and it'll be interesting to see a summary of what you've accomplished at the end.

    All the best!
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    How about losing 30 lbs in 30 days?

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