True or not.Subliminal power software.

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Hi.I just want to know if someone is using this subliminal power sofrware.
Let me tel you a bit for myself.I used to work from 8 to 5 almost as 9-5 rat race on a building site as labour for 7£ph.if someone lives in london knows that is not enough money at all.I fed up with it and started looking for ways to make some extra cash.i decided to start with ebay.i had 300£ to invest and start buying and selling.1 year later iam making good money with amazon .3months ago i was already fed up with packing ordering sending items.i wanted to start something new.
i bought 5-6 books about IM and making money online read them as well as lot of articles posts forums etc and started working on it Not results so far .i tested many metods but only got 1 sale so far.I would never give up and keep buying educational stuff.
1 month ago while reading book i found that subliminal power i it.bought it for around 40$ and programed it `I make 10000£ a month`
this message appears every 3 seconds on my screen almost invisible but as i know visible for your mind .i dont know .i dont beleive in such things but this month i have made 10400£ from amazon not only profit but still huge for me.i usualy made around 7000£.
I think of setting it up to make money from IM thats what i wanted.if i start earning good profit from im i will definitely beleive it works.
I will post after 1-2 months
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    That sounds awesome. I have also used the Subliminal Power software in the past, and after reading your post I think I will start using it again. I am a firm believer that a person can reprogram the mind.
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    Really? how do you have any links? very interesting.
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    I use subliminal power software and yes, it works.
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    The whole concept of being conditioned by society and having baggage from our past seems to be something we all are afflicted by.

    Reprogramming your mind would then be breaking free of external input and guiding your unconscious mind towards what your conscious mind (or soul in some cases) wants or believes it wants.
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    Does this software harm one's PC in any way? I remember reading somewhere on the net about someone saying his laptop's motherboard crashed a couple of months after using this software.
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    Any updates about u guys using this subliminal program?
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    I have even heard and read on internet that some big companies and Tv chanels use the subliminal messages in their adverts which appear on your tv every time the advert is shown
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    Yes ,you dont have to do anything but using your computer as usual and turn on the software to show the remembered message .Even i have set it up to show the message every 2 seconds quite fast so i am not even able to see it when it appears on the screen.
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    Personally i think it works, not sure about all software but many do work. When i was doing my spiritual healers course a while back we learnt quite a bit about this subject and many things lead me to believe it's quite powerful.
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    Nice thread, ares1980. Here's a testimonial from Mark Anastasi:

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    Anyway i would use any sort of power in order not to be part of the rat race and 9-5 job.I havent worked for 3 years but in home and wish every one do the same
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    According to the studies I've read. Subliminal messages work, but not if you are aware of them (or aware that they will come to you outside conscious focus point). You can't fool your own brain, you can only fool others.

    Redesigning your own mind is about reconstructing neurological pathways and connections between brain cells (patterns), not about changing the stimuli they have to process (subliminal messages as one example).
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    I use Subliminal Power (as recommended by Mark Anastasi). I bought it because I wanted to review it on my sales blog.

    Here's my experience of it:

    * Don't expect it to turn you into an IM don overnight. That takes hard work, dedication and practise. However...

    * It helps to eliminate procrastination, laziness, and that little voice in your head (ego) that keeps doubting you. Basically, you can pretty much eliminate all the bad habits and poor conditioning you have developed throughout your life.
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    Body Building MS | Self Hypnosis Subliminal Persuasion | Potentials Unlimited
    I played this every night for at least 30 days then never stopped. And without thinking about it and no effort,, I awoke every day at 5 am, traveled to a gym and worked out every day for 90 minutes
    for over a year.

    Not internet marketing but I achieved amazing results without difficulty and, my personal determination and focus never faltered.

    So from me,,,, YES it works.

    In THEORY ONLY,,,,, with this PC software,,,
    we could install this on a girlfriend's computer with the appropriate romantic affirmations,
    and Super Charge our sex lives ?
    Sneaky huh ?
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    Hi, subliminal power 2 (latest version) is live and at a discounted price with a coupon code of: DJ8374SNBDS

    This is not affiliated links and the launch offer price is valid for March 14th 2013 only.
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    Has anyone found a FREE version for MAC?
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    I have the software myself and have not really noticed any changes. It runs all day on my computer and my eye barely sees it. I guess it works though so I just keep it running. I might be someone that it just takes longer for this stuff to do anything. All I know is year of being programmed a certain way takes time to reprogram so you think successful thoughts. There are many youtube videos like this. Does anyone recommend any of these. I just came across one that is an hour long and it just flashes money for the whole time. I guess after an hour your mind will be thinking about money all the time. What you think about most of the time is what will manifest into your life right. I think I might try the money thing. They say to do it twice a day. Morning and night. If anyone knows of any shorter videos please let me know.
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    It all starts in the mind, there is such an advantage to programming it.
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    This is an interesting discussion. I do believe that subliminal messages can have an influence on our behavior. There is a correlation between beliefs, attitudes and behavior. If you can change 2 then the 3rd will often follow, this is a protective mechanism to reduce cognitive dissonance, i.e our realization that our behavior is in contrast to our beliefs and attitude. So for example regarding stopping smoking, if we truly believe that it is harmful and our attitude to it is negative then the behaviour of 'stopping' will be so much easier. Someone earlier in the thread suggested the incoming stimuli do not change our pre programmed neuron structures. This is not true, for example if we believed the earth was flat and watched a ship leave the horizon we would panic and most likely be anxious. Someone with different beliefs witnessing the same event would be calm and in control. Our eyes process incoming stimuli and what we read will have an effect on our beliefs. Where I do agree with he early poster is that you do need to believe that subliminal messages can make a change, if you don't then they probably wont! So there is some degree of placebo, but in my opinion if it works for some then it works, full stop!

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