"What if money didn't matter?"

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Wow, I was just hit with an immense amount of realization after watching this. It couldn't fit anywhere more perfect than this forum.

The question anyone reading this should ask themselves: If money was non-existent or not a problem, would you honestly be doing Internet Marketing?

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    If money didn't exist, we'd be using something else as a medium of exchange. So we'd like be doing whatever business we're in to acquire more of whatever we're using as a medium of exchange.
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    Why would any form of exchange exist if it didn't matter? That's where the video falls flat on its face.
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    As for my answer.

    I love helping people with problems. I love coming up with solutions. So being a life coach or business consultant is what I would do.

    My current job is handling in house internet marketing. Basically I consult but for one company only. It's not quite perfect but very close to what I truly want to do.

    I've never been on to live a life based on what others wanted.

    I grew up on welfare. That allowed me to see that really you can live a nice life not even working. So I never feared not having money because I knew the safety net was there and I saw how on that net you could stay home and play video games and watch cable (net wasn't around in the 80 when i was a kid on welfare). But by the time I was 20 I had made more money per year than my mom (single parent) ever had and all I was doing was following jobs I enjoyed.

    In high school I decided I wanted to be a teacher. Since I loved helping people and wanted summers off. You'll hear teachers talk about how hard it is. But the truth is they make it hard. The teachers who inspired me talk to me about what they really did. With proper time management it really is a 7 to 4 Mon to Fri job. So I went to college for less than a year and realized I didn't want to do anything that required college. Because even though I would have enjoyed being a teacher I wouldn't have enjoyed 4 more years of pointless homework (I could and likely still can ace most tests without having to study) and wasted time.

    At 19 I got my first job (not a fan of working) at Wal-mart. It was full time (minus like 3 or 4 weeks a year I had a set 40hr work week) and I made $1 over minimum wage (know what you are worth and never take less). While there I realized I kind of liked this retail thing. Retail management allows you to coach people professionally and allows you to do visual marketing (better known as merchandising). So I left Walmart to be a retail manager (walmart over works their managers or at least did back then).

    But over time realized that while I was making good money I didn't like the hours. At times they were long and you would go from days to nights and back.

    But over time I learned that since I was good at consulting I was good at selling. All selling is really is helping people buy things that benefit them. So finally I made it to a commission based retail store and became a sales manager which luckily had a long period of time as a trainee where I got to sell the same as the commissioned sales people.

    That allowed me to see first hand that I could sell and make the same or more money and yet be way happier. But the hours still sucked so I found an RV dealership that was only open till 5 (6 two days a week during summer).

    Of course while there I was able to give advice to the owners and we talked about the internet and how you could market better on the internet. Which lead over the years to more and more of my job being the marketing consultant halves.

    I am a great example of just doing things you love. I get bored so I need to change it up every few years (sometimes months) so of course my course evolved.

    I made money along the way because not only did i enjoy what I did but I was good at it. If I ever got tired of a job I quit. Two of those jobs I quit without having another job lined up. And people who know me know I have no savings so I didn't bring my own safety net. Most people would be afraid to do that. Because they worry about money vs. being happy.

    Being happy is more important. And if you have confidence in yourself you know you will land on your feet. I always have.

    So I have always done what makes me happy but in a way that will allow me to live the life I want (corvettes and other sports cars have high monthly payments). It wasn't hard. But to get started I had to stop listening to people who told me what I should do.

    Here is a tip for the young ones on the board. College is useless for the vast majority of careers. Before you do it decide if what you want to do with your life requires it. You can name most of those careers off the top of your head (engineer, teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc). If it doesn't are you going to college because you enjoy formal learning? If you can't answer yes to one of those questions you really shouldn't go to college. You will never get those 4 years back and time is worth more than money. Plus you will likely end up with $20k plus of debt and I am sure you can think of many things that you would enjoy spending $20k more on.

    So I know you can make a living doing what you want as long as you are good at it.

    I hang out on this forum because I love marketing and consulting. But I do see a lot of people on this forum who are here for the wrong reasons. They want to make money online but they do not love marketing. Some don't even love tech. There isn't really a reason besides "money" for them to be here. And even that really is the dream of "money for no effort" that they have bought into.
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    If money didn't matter I think we would trade friendship and compassion. Whats wrong with trading an item for an item of equal value? If we take out the intermediate paper promise I believe we would be happier and more compassionate.

    The problem is human need for betterment and ranking against others... How do we achieve it? More money.

    In regard to your question: No I would not be promoting businesses goods/services if money did not matter.
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    If money was not an issue, I would still publish information online, I just would not attempt to monetize it as much as I am doing. Maybe I wouldn't try to monetize it at all.
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    Once you are truly confident in yourself and understand that the worst really isn't that bad you can.

    But even then it is effort at times our mind will let us stay in a bad situation because fear of change is scary.

    I always tell people to get past that just think about the worst that could happen. Is it really that bad?

    In some ways starting my life on welfare and in public hosing gave me a unique view of this. The worst isn't that bad. I had food, friends, toys, and even a NES. Honestly some of the happiest moments of my life were the "worst". So why would I fear that?

    Quantify the "worst" and you can put that fear away. Then just follow the paths that make you happy. We don't need as much money as people think we do to be happy.
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    Then the world would be heaven I guess. Everything disputatious in this world is only for money.
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    The first distinction I'd make is between Internet Marketing (The make money online niche) and online marketing (marketing your business online). There's so much rubbish told and sold as internet markeing, catering to the Shiny Object Syndrome addicts.

    I'd only be involved in Internet Marketing if I could really add value for people.

    Online Marketing is a different matter. Sure, I'd continue to market online even if I didn't need to make money anymore, which is how I interpreted the original question.

    And I'd continue as a hypnocoach, helping people to unleash the potential of their minds.
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    I'm on the warrior forum because I want to learn how to make enough money so that I can get to the point where money doesn't matter.

    Also, IM is fun for me and is part of my ideal lifestyle.

    If money didn't matter, I'd still blog, help people, connect with people, and learn.
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    Originally Posted by swords View Post

    If money was non-existent or not a problem, would you honestly be doing Internet Marketing?
    That's an interesting question. Actually, I hit the point a few years ago through simplification (reducing my living expenses) where I can live off of my investments. I live in Hawaii & spend most time outdoors, so it doesn't cost a lot to live a great life.

    I decided to continue Internet Marketing because it does help me with an important mission. Empowering people. Money is part of our reality here on this planet at this time (until we all learn to cooperate & share the abundant resources on the planet).

    Traditionally only the newspapers, goverment, radio stations, tv stations etc... had the power to send out their message to the masses. Now the AVERAGE person has that power through the Internet.

    I want to empower thousands of people to build their own list of 10,000-100,000+. This way they can get people collaborating in various ways. There are lots of things that don't cost money (planting vegetables for instance is almost free).

    This is a new paradigm that I believe will ultimately change the world economy & possibly even help us evolve past the need for money. We're still not there, but things are obviously changing.

    Internet Marketing is simply a way to deliver value to people through the Internet. As long as your produce is making people's lives better you'll have as much money as you want. The more people you help, the wealthier you'll be. Not just in monetary terms, but also in the quality of your relationships
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    I think a better question to ask is, "If money didn't matter what would you be doing for others"

    For me I would be a musician, (instead I am a web designer because it is almost impossible to make a lot of money as a musician)
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    I thought this was a good short video. How much is enough?

    How Much is Enough? :: Mental Toughness Blog

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