Your Life Won't Get Better When You Get Rich!

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I recently came across an interesting article online which published a scientific research where they meassured the difference in levels of stress and frustration among rich and average speciments of the population.

The results were mind boggling, at least for me:

There is absolutely no correlation between money and stress/frustration, nor is there any correlation between money and happiness (based on the amount of endorphines these people secreted).
Wow... think about that. Most unhappy people keep chasing that almighty dollar in hope that they will be happier once they're "rich". Now, this is scientifically proven to be 100% incorrect.

If you're an average person, you've got average problems (mostly money related issues for us low and middle class), and that brings you a certain amount of stress and frustration. If you're rich, you've got plenty of money, but you may be bored, insecure or paranoid about your money, which is just as bad.

Face it, your life won't get any better than it currently is. You really do have to find happiness in the present moment, or you're f%cked (excuse the expression). You have to develop that skill, the ability to be grateful for what you've already got, because more stuff is just not going to do it for you.

You have to learn to master your own emotional states!

Start now, the sooner you learn to master your emotional states, the better. Money isn't going to help you do it. Money will give you comfort, but it will take away some other things in your life.

I'm not saying money is bad, I'm just saying that if your goal is to lead a happy and fulfilled life, you're chasing the wrong thing. There's something else you should be chasing instead - emotional mastery.
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    Hey Zannix. I would money is not everything. but love & money are everything.

    Let me ask you question, why you want to make more money. most of people will say I want to have a better life style. We want to make ourselves feel comfortable. But unlucky, without love, you won't feel comfortable.

    If you lose all of your family, friends, and you have money. Will you be happy? sure you won't. At least I won't. I mean my family is my everything, becasue they love me. so do I.
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    Then the worst life is better than the best life to me. Getting rich is my one and only worship now.
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    Very good point for all aspiring achievers to be aware of. I've always heard that success and achievement doesn't necessarily make us a better person. The attitudes and personality that we started with usually follows along with us, as the article you've highlighted indicates.

    Still ... having a ton of money may not make me any happier, but it will allow me more flexibility of choices and the ability to pay for any of life's expenses and challenges that are unavoidable and that most people stress about due to lack of finances.

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    It's a question of material gain vs fulfilling and finding our purpose in life. There are countless stories of wealthy folks committing suicide because they lacked real purpose.

    Rarely have I come across or heard of a suicide from someone who knew what they were here to do and was fulfilled doing it. I guess the operative word "fulfilled" actually has meaning. If your full of purpose then there's little to no room for anything negative in regards to your life.

    Purpose at least to me has a higher priority than money, because I believe that your purpose can bring you all that you desire. Most people have a commercialized picture of what happiness means to begin with.

    They see those with grand material gains and see them smiling and other people looking to them so that's the unfortunate picture and imprint that most have in regards to happiness. So they end up chasing what they see instead of chasing what they were created to do and there lies the difference no matter how many things you have or much money you have made.
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    You already have to be happy before you get rich. There are many unhappy rich people. Money only makes you more of what you are already.

    But on the other hand, if you came from rags to riches then that's the happiest feeling of all because you can actually experience wealth and success. People who never been poor and were born with silver spoons don't know what it really feels like to be successful and wealthy.
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    Happiness comes from the inside. Often people think, if only I were rich I'd be happy. If only I could lose xx lbs I'd be happy. If I could just___ I'd be happy. Nope. Look within, and you'll find what you need.
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    I was watching the netflix documentary titled 'happy' the other day

    They said a person's wealth contributes to only 10% of a person's overall happiness. Also, that people who made 50,000 versus people who made 5,000,000 a year were NOT significantly happier! However, the comparison between poverty and a home obviously contributes to a considerable amount, and I am thinking if you are posting here you are not in that situation!

    Enjoy LIFE!
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    Of course it makes sense, but money is a TOOL that you can use to make your life less stressful on the financial side...

    It leads to more Freedom (Spend more Time with Family, See the World, Explore and such) and Independence and i think these are some of the elements that "MAY" make you happy.

    Money is not the answer to Happiness directly, but it can definitely contribute in a positive way.
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    I agree that being rich won't make you happy... HOWEVER, if you have no roof over your head you cannot be happy until you have got that under control.

    I would say that once you have your basic needs covered (shelter, food, water, clothing etc.) then additional money won't make you happier.. even though you can get some pretty amazing experience if you choose to travel
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    I would say your life won't be better when there's no contentment.
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    This makes sense to me. Sure, if you're broke and worrying about where your next meal will come from, that's a huge stresser. On the other hand, if the very next year you become a millionaire, marry the hottest girl in your town and then find out she's been poisoning you, well that's a different kind of stresser.
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    I believe that true happiness comes from within. There are people in this world who are living in extreme poverty and they are very happy. Ironically though there have been "rich" people who were so unhappy that they had decided to end their own lives.

    So I would agree that having money has no relation to being happier. Having said this I don't believe that having or desiring money should be "demonized" either.

    We can all make a conscious choice to just be happy. Money is just another form of energy and energy itself cannot be detrimental.

    For many of us, we were conditioned to look at life in a very pessimistic way. Everything that has happened to each of us since we were born has helped us to become who we are. There are many people who tend to look for problems and surely enough they always find them. Then they continue focus on these problems. This makes them feel unhappy because it is there dominant thought.

    But do "rich" people really have problems, Sure. Just watch an episode of Beverly Hills Housewives. Despite having all the material things They always seem to be surrounded by drama.

    Then there are those people who seem to be happy all of the time. Why? I believe that these people choose to focus om what makes them feel happy, Try it. Just think about one of the happiest moments in your life. How did you feel when you thought of this memory? If you smiled inside then you just consciously made yourself happy The next time you feel unhappy make the conscious effort to think about what makes you happy.

    So it is possible to be happy regardless of the outside circumstances including the lack of money.
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    I tell my girlfriend ALL the time that "If you're not happy without money, you're not going to be happy with money." Mostly when she complains about the state of stuff in her life and how it's gonna be so much better later.

    It won't be unless she actively MAKES it better. She's damn sure not gonna bring ME down!!
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    Well said. Taking personal responsibility is so important!
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    And in follow up news, the scientists behind this research, upon realizing money had zero correlation with stress or happiness, quit their jobs and went home. They sold everything they owned and flushed all their money down the toilet. Safe with their scientific results, they weren't concerned about having no money at all, since it was now a scientific fact that a lack of money wouldn't mean they would have any additional stress, frustration, or a reduction in their ability to feel happy. A follow up study has been commissioned by their replacements, in which they'll follow the now homeless and starving ex-scientists in an effort to understand how humans deal with extreme stress, unbridled frustration, and severe unhappiness.
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    This is a great post, I have been thinking about this a lot lately.
    I just started working from home and I thought that the financial independence from one company/boss would be great (and it does have it's benefits) however, I now have to figure out how to get my own clients on a regular basis, do accounting, do marketing, pay everyone else then see what is left.

    So instead of working for one job, I know have over a dozen clients which I truly appreciate but it is difficult to take a day off, or feel relaxed because usually half of those clients want something done or are trying to weasle out of paying me. Although I have been lucky in paying the rent/bills and having excess spending money, I now noticed that everything I buy just piles up and I never have the time/energy to enjoy it. I have half of a bookshelf full of books/graphic novels that I want to read but I'm to exhausted after work to read them. I have a 60" inch television that I bought to play movies/xBox on but now I am always to tired and just sleep or watch TV.

    After all this I realized I was less stressed working for someone else and had more free time because my mind wasn't always worrying about ten different things.

    Life is really about enjoying the moment, when you are a kid cherish being a kid because it won't last long, when you are in highschool and want to move out of the house, think again living at home is awesome because your rent/utilities/food/virtually everything is paid for. I am in my 20's right now and I'm already thinking about retirement and I'm sure that once I retire I'm going to look back and remember the good ol days when I was young
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    I guess the cash is just Gravy

    if you've got a rotten piece of meat it won't do you much good.

    if you have a nice piece of roast beef then the gravy will make it all the sweeter.
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    Listen when you become successful and you make all the money you could ever want you could still be the most unhappy person. Even though I'm successful I was always happy so when it happened I was to enjoy it. If you think money will make you happy you are heading for the greatest shocker you'll ever have in this life. Money should add to your already existing happiness you know. I have this friend he made $350,000 dollars in a day already and a 1 million in a month but when he made it he wanted more, until he reached the point that his wife began to cheat on him and left him, he became anti-social and lost all his friends and he went into the worst state of depression ever known to man., he neglected his health he was a wreck. So he was a multimillionaire but he had absolutely nothing. Luckily he bounced back. It just goes to show money really ain't everything

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    Money does not make you happy by itself. What you want is to live a rich spiritual life and be prepared to help others.
    The money will provide the material things that you want in life but it will not provide true happiness. True happiness comes form within.
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    When i get rich i'll spare some to charity, i would be happy and life would be easy.

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