Do You Meditate?

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If you meditate, do not meditate, have a thought or feeling or theory on meditation then please comment
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    Always thought about it but could not perform it though. Very very tough.
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    Sometimes I get a little discouraged and have to step back relax. It always has to be quiet during that time as well. A lot of the time I just go outside to my favorite tree and just sit in it and listen to nature. I know it sounds a little weird but thats my form of meditation lol
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    I used to have a hard time staying consistent with it. Then I decided to try it for 30 days and keep doing it no matter what happened or didn't happen. It's hard to describe this to someone who hasn't tried this experiment, but it's crazy the things that just start occurring to you, the people who mysteriously show up in your life.

    I often dream about things before they happen, gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations, especially in business and personal relationships. Frankly, I'm afraid to stop doing it after I've seen what it does, even though I don't understand why it works the way it does. Sometimes you have to just do it. Hell, none of us even know how gravity works but that doesn't stop us from using it to stay grounded lol.

    The hardest part is turning off the "chattering monkey" of your conscious mind. One of my copywriting clients was a meditation expert who studied under Buddhist Monks and the Huna of Hawaii. He told me something that worked really well. You lie still and anytime a thought comes into your mind, you just acknowledge it by saying something like:

    "Now I'm thinking about my product launch..."
    "Now I'm thinking about taking out the trash..."
    "Now I'm thinking about that cute girl I saw at Starbucks..."

    Every time you do this, the thought dismisses itself. Sometimes it comes back and during the first week it's nuts because you have about 50 of these statements every minute. But after about 10 days, you have about one thought a minute and by the end of 30 days you have maybe one every 15 minutes.

    Eventually, your mind becomes still and after a while you can start guided visualization and body awareness. About two weeks in, things start happening that you can't explain but, odd opportunities that look like coincidences. I suspect most people quit early because this doesn't happen right away or because it's easy to dismiss these as mere coincidence.

    But I've had a few lulls in my meditation since I started, and every time I stop, the odd coincidences stop too. Meditation is like taking a shower, you have to do it everyday to get results every day.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that thought and meditation alone will attract results. I take a lot of action. But meditation makes your actions easier, increases your focus time, makes you less prone to procrastination, more creative, better at reading others, more energetic, more positive.

    Just try it, 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days. Make it just as important as taking a shower. See what happens, I think you'll be surprised.
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    I meditate often but not on a daily basis, guess I need to make it a priority as Seth said. Mostly it's when i need to just relax and clear my head or when i need to solve a problem.
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    I try to meditate as often as possible on how awesome and mighty God is. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in the days events I forget to.

    On the flip side if you're not meditating over something positive everyday I guarantee you that you are mediating over something negative.
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    Yes i do as often as possible. It's relaxing and it feels good. It's my way of freeing my mind.
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    Yes I do Meditation is great for your mind and clears your thoughts, which is great to keep your mind refreshed and ready to think of great ideas.
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    I meditate daily..

    Got a special room in my house just for meditation (got this from Jason Fladlien)

    Meditation really makes me happier and more focused.


    Gary Ning Lo
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    Originally Posted by mattlaclear View Post

    On the flip side if you're not meditating over something positive everyday I guarantee you that you are mediating over something negative.
    Agree with you! Couldn't agree more!!!
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    I said I'm thinking about it..a sort of procrastination
    Well, I have meditated in past but ever since I became mother of two little kids, I just lost all my routine works. Recently, I have started running 2km a day and happy with the progress. Will surely start meditating and doing yoga
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    If worshiping is a meditation then yes, I meditate.
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    Meditation is a great way of spending time with urself. We can as well connect ourselves to God!!
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    Originally Posted by Andrei Rotariu View Post

    If you meditate, do not meditate, have a thought or feeling or theory on meditation then please comment
    I think meditation is vital and should be done daily and even several times a day. I think sometimes people get caught up in the term, "Meditation."

    It doesn't have to be viewed as some sort of ritual involving insence, candles and chanting while in some sort of uncomfortable position....however I dont view that as something negative if that is persons particular method.

    There are many ways people use to connect mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. At times it may involve some physical discomfort. Fasting also comes to mind.

    One of my regularly used forms of meditation falls more inline with taking moments - short and long - to visualize my goals. I meditate (visualize) on them and I do so as vividly as possible. I pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells and physical aspects - engaging all my senses mentally, as much as possible. There is significance in this that has been proven through decades of research and experiments.

    The minds ability to align us and take something we have visualized and make it a reality is phenomenal. I could expand even more but dont want to get too long winded. I will say - there is a book that talks about this and a classic experiment you are probably familiar with that dates back to the 1960's Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. Interesting stuff...

    I said all that to say, I definitely meditate and encourage it for anyone who has goals.

    Great Post!

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    i drink beer when i work that almost like meditation
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    thought about it, got a book about it but never got into it.
    thanks for the reminder
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    In response to Criz: "Insights has never been explained by science for example. How can someone like Einstein know of the relativity theory if no one in the world ever told him about it. Think about ! Insights often come when people are not thinking of the problem while hiking, driving long distances or meditating and thinking / visualizing other things! This is a way of clearing your mind to let insights in which are normally blocked my mindchatter !"

    The word insight is literally, "IN-sight" or "looking within". Thoughts become things - I think we all agree on this - the fact that we have insight proves that we are powerful creators; we are wiser and smarter than we think; and what we hold in our imaginations - i.e. what we meditate on - is real, in an alternate reality. Meditation mobilizes the mind's incredible capacity to make our visualizations real in the physical realm.

    I've gotten my best inspirations while hiking, but these always come after I've meditated on a subject. First comes mental stillness; then insight; then inspiration. I focus on a topic, and then release it. Some people call it surrendering. Then within a very short time, the flood of inspirations starts!
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    Yes! As a matter of fact, our team meditates. We have purchased a product from MindValley which is The Silva Life System. Its doing great for us so far. You might want to try it.

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    I meditate everyday in the Morning and evening.I use the So-Ham meditation which is also called the "I AM" meditation.It helps me rejuvenate my Physical self well as my Mental inner Self.
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    I have tried off and on with varying degrees of success. Interesting timing for this thread as I just in the last hour contacted a TM instructor.

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