Let Me Be HONEST With You: I'm NOT A Millionaire (Yet)

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Hello there! Thank you very much for reading this post from me.

I do not really know WHY I am writing this post in the first place, I guess my unconscious mind is seeing some long-term benefit from it and driving me to write it.

Although, there is one benefit from writing this post: I am admitting my humanity by being public.

I have in the past posted a picture on myself because I was extremely insecure about my looks (I thought I looked like a down syndrome retard, no offense), but then I was told that I look average which made me realize how wrong I was about myself and my self-image.

Now, I why am I admitting about me not being a millionaire (yet)?

One reason is simply this: research shows that when humans are experiencing life-crises most men do NOT seek social support whether offline or online, many men lock themselves in trying to solve the problem themselves, often making the problem even worse.

Women tend to seek social support and since I do not want to end up committing suicide because locking myself in and getting into a psychotic situation, I seek social support now both offline (I will call my mom later today) and online.

And my other reason why I am writing this is; if you are in debt like me, then you will understand...

It just struck me today that I need to pay back $261,153 to the government because of loans and housing benefits that I did not really need which they found out later on.

I received two letters two days in a row saying "pay back or die", ok, not exactly like that, but you get the point.

Then I suddenly realized, "Here I am, MaxTheMarketer, a self-claimed Internet Marketing expert who CANNOT afford to pay back loans?".

Why am I in the world claiming to be an internet marketing expert if I cannot afford to live and even pay back my loans? Btw, my loans are from the government when I studied on the university 5 years ago and I did not get a regular job because I was swept into the world of internet marketing.

A friend of mine introduced me to it several years ago and he even said, "Hey Max, here you have products of $50,000 value to go through, watch everything and implement it!".

I consumed all the material I had been given for free and it really changed my way of thinking about life AND internet marketing.

It also taught me one important life-lesson that I am experiencing doing right now: "implement things and don't just 'mentally masturbate'".

Mental masturbation is btw NOT a joke, it is something many people suffers from, and when you admit it you gain more willpower over yourself and your life.

So, why in the world am I still writing this post? There is really no point of it, except the social support I might receive in terms of empathy and maybe some great tips.

Of course, "kick-ass approach to life" would say, "stfu and get a life already, dude!" and during life-crises when the inner ape is screaming in pain and short-term seeking, it is not always that easy.

The motivation is just not there in the same way as it is when you feel confident, secure about your current economy...

Ok, so enough whining from me. I will stop writing now.

I just wanted to say: I am NOT a millionaire yet, I am working on it but I do NOT want to become a millionaire by scamming people. I want to make money by helping people.

I want to not just receive money from people, I want to receive success-stories from them.

I have a vision that I will create an amazing blog site (oh, my thought-process is changing now, cool) with tons of marketing tips, tricks, how-to guides but I will NOT claim yet that I am an internet marketing expert because then I should be able to show my paychecks and NOT saying that I am in debt (LOL).

I do not really see the point of self-claiming oneself being an "expert" in marketing as the first thing when you get into the world of internet marketing?!

Why would you try to make money by telling other people how to make money? Now, THAT'S scamming in a nutshell, so just stop it!

The free material I received from my friend has taught me this amazing mindset of money: you receive money from people when you provide them with what they perceive to be of high value.

So, what kind of high value can I offer people?
- eBook Formatting
- English/Swedish Translations
- Psychology Education
- Consumer Behaviorism

Why am I still writing? My emotions are going up and down like menstruation (no offense, ladies, just a man's bad joke).

I wrote because I admitted that I am NOT a millionaire and that I am in actually in a worse situation than ever in my entire life and I just wanted to let it out publicly so other people can feel better about themselves AND I can let go of the manly pressure of needing to appear like an alpha male who never has any problems in his life whatsoever (screw that shit, people).

I am regular human being, I have needs, including needs of social support during crises and I hope I will receive that in terms of empathy etc.,

I tried to invite people to Mastermind groups but somehow people are just not committing (wtf?!).

So, let's help each other, let's be honest with each other, let's be more transparent with ourselves and others.

By making more people less scam-focused and more help-focused, the future of internet marketing will get a better reputation and people like me do not have to suffer economical damages because selling is getting harder as more scamming is occurring which makes people distrust the industry of buying online.

Ok, I need to really stop writing now, as I am hungry and I need my lunch now. So, off I go, to eat and watch some StarCraft 2 GSL (NEEEEEEEEEERD!).

Thank you very much if you have read all of this. Feel free to share your own crises you have managed through OR if you just want to comment calling me out being a weak individual (individualism vs collectivism, here we go!) ^^,

Take Care & Have An Awesome Weekend, Fellow Warrior! / Max "MaxTheMarketer" K.

P.S. Yes, I admit that I am also an attention-whore but I have managed to post very RARELY on Facebook because most of my posts are just stupid attention-whore seeking posts like "Oh, I was at the toilet, AWESOME!!" or "look at me (random picture of me having a life)".
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  • Profile picture of the author JasonBennet
    Just keep going forward and don't give up. I love your idea of being real and honest to customers so that they will be getting real value. Helping people along the way and making money is my ideal route too
  • Profile picture of the author ReveryMarketing
    Don't worry about your current situation.

    Life has its ups and down. Right now your down.

    But you can quickly get up. The keyword here is Action. Take action and pick a niche, take action and start your blog, take action and write your first post, take action and write some supporting articles, take action and start back linking.

    We all have 24 hours in a day. The difference between you and others (AKA MILLIONAIRES) Is what you do with those hours.

    In one year you can be in the same position you are now, thinking to yourself, why me? or you can be half way done with your debt.

    But what you really need to do is wake up and be 100% real with you. That the reason you are where you are is because you haven't taken enough action to see result.

    You've just been dickin around mentally masturbating and not taking action.

    if you keep doing what your doing (Watching StarCraft). Your going to keep getting what your getting. That is not my opinion or anyone elses. ITS A FACT!

    It all comes down to action. Don't be scared that you might waste time on something that might not work. Success Favors the Brave and you my friend need to be brave right now and take action!


    Although this video has someone doing physical training. The same effort this man is putting in to get in shape is the same effort we have to put in mentally to be successful! Listen to these words and get motivated!

  • Profile picture of the author PerformanceMan
    You'll recover from debt. Sh*t happens as the old saying goes. There's no need to feel like a phony because of it, either. Napoleon Hill preached success for decades without experiencing much of it himself. But he never gave up. Neither should you.

    Lots of people around the world are in the same boat as you. Overvalued home loans, ridiculous student loans, etc. Face it: trillions of dollars of this debt will NEVER be paid back.
  • Profile picture of the author fixie
    For now, try not to crash and burn, save what can be saved and take it slowly up from there.
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  • Profile picture of the author Subseven
    I can't reply to everything you mentioned, but I just want to say that I fully support you doing something you love and step into IM trying to provide value to people instead of trying to make big money. This is in my opinion the right mindset and will help you in the long run. Good luck with everything.
  • Profile picture of the author TheSalesBooster
    Max, I just wanted to tell you that you've got a great writing style. Put that kind of passion into your marketing and you will go far.

    Good luck buddy.
  • Profile picture of the author Jgmurray
    If you continue to put as much effort into your IM'ing as you did this post, then you will do just fine. Look, the key to success is to pick a starting point. Something, anything, but what I suggest is a simple squeeze page, an aweber account and three simple emails in your auto-responder pitching a product you believe in. Start to get a few subscribers to that squeeze page anyway you can.

    Build up your confidence. You obviously can write, it's a huge benefit in this business.

    Good Luck!
  • Profile picture of the author alvinchua91
    hey good luck with all your endeavors. But i like the part where you mentioned that you don't like making money by telling people how to make money.

    I think a more 'ethical' way of making money is to offer a product or service which fulfills an emotional or physical need in other markets/industries
  • Profile picture of the author clintmyers
    yeah I never go to other people for support or ask directions. Glad they invented GPS so I don't have to ask for directions.
  • Profile picture of the author sunray
    I don't think there ever has been any "alpha males who never have any problems". But there have been, and still are people who solve their problems. The greater problem solver, the greater alpha the person is.

    As for a SEO and IM blog, there are probably about ten million too many of those already. Why be one of the crowd? Write your own experience! Write what you are going through, write about the governemnt, the taxes etc. Try finding solutions - and write about these too. I bet there are so many who are in similar situations, having similiar problems, they could be your audience. Just getting enough visitors would mean automatic income.

    Of course, there is one problem you should think about right away. It's how you get your paychecks. The government is going to arrest your bank accounts, and on the Internet cash is not possible. Maybe you should open a bank account in Switzerland? It does not cost that much, I've heard. And you should also take out all the cash you have on your bank account now.
  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    when I studied on the university 5 years ago and I did not get a regular job because I was swept into the world of internet marketing.
    So, what have you done in that five years? By now you should have a bunch of websites, whether profitable or not and have launched a bunch of different campaigns, trying it all out?

    After spending all that time in university, some real world business experience would have done you a lot of good.

    If you have nothing to show for the last five years of your life, you may need a big wake up call.
  • Profile picture of the author Jason Perez O'Connor
    Don't watch too much GSL, it'll take away time from which you could be building a business Plus, there is only 2 foreigners this time round and Huk is already out of the tournament (got a bad group ). I expect stephano to make it out of the group but not win, it'd be amazing if he did.

    If you're a gamer, or even a professional pc gamer like I was a few years ago, it'll go a long way to helping you in Internet Marketing if you put what you learned as a player to use.
  • Profile picture of the author betterwtveter
    It is hard at first to get things running, but you will get there. It took me 3-1/2 years to figure out how to finally provide for my family online. I never gave up, and i never regret what I have been taught from my trials and errors.
  • Profile picture of the author RedShifted
    Max my family use to do the same thing. But there came a day where they realized that they were wrong, and I can't really tell you which day that was lol.

    I was a different person when I was employeed. My spirit had become broken, I felt underchallenged, many of my hopes and dreams in life were shattered. I felt imprisoned by society, by doing exactly what society expected me to do.

    When I got into selling services offline/online (as well as products), I started off with a strong lack of focus & confidence. But it was my passion for psychology, people and money, that plowed through every obstacle you could imagine.

    I went through what I would call a 3 week long mid life crisis, when I first decided I want to make money independently, 100% on my own. Part of me felt like I was dreaming, another part of me felt like I'd rather dream than be blinded by the negative, conformist beliefs of all my friends & family.

    And till this day, I am extremely happy that I made that decision. I possessed a very dangerous and irrational form of confidence, that I viewed as a weakness at the time. But I refused to let in any bs. I refused to let other people ruin my focus. And the more they tried, the more focused I became. Pretty soon that blind confidence turned into a dangerous form of commitment. Dangerous in the way that I would not stop, untill I had accomplished exactly what I wanted to.

    You need to become focused like a laser. And you need to block out anyone who wants to take you off track. View everyone else like incandescent bulbs. They are ineffecient, and their attention span shoots rays out in every direction. When those rays reflect, they wind up in a million different directions. But when a laser reflects on itself, it is still highly focused. You almost have to live in a different world. A word where everything is clear and simple, and where you can accomplish anything you want. There are billions of dollars being exchanged everyday from one persons hand to another, there is money literally everywhere you go, so it would be inevitable, with the right mindset, to get your hands on a small piece of that pie. Just imagine how much easier you can cut that pie, when you're focus is sharp like a laser.

    Failure should no longer be percieved as failure, but an experiment that did not yield the results you expected. A hypothesis that was proven wrong. In my world, thats not "failure", but one step closer to success.

    You should go an "action mission". Tell yourself, "for 4 weeks I'm going to do nothing but apply everything I possibly can, to get me 1 step closer to money". Before you do anything, ask yourself, "is this actively getting me 1 step closer to money?" If its not, don't do it. Figure out ways to "productize" your life. Skills you have, figure out ways to sell them. Solutions you can provide people, figure out how to automate them on a website.

    Take out time everyday to learn new skills. Because the more skills a person learns, the more valuable they become to the market place. This is why some people work at McDonalds and others are the CEO of Apple. Its all about developing your skills and persistently applying them.

    If you are a true science based thinker, you will start collecting data immediately. Find people who are doing things you want to do, analyze the hell out of them. Figure out exactly what they're doing, when they do it, how they do it... then do what they do better, for the same price. Exploit ripe markets and learn how to understand specific trends.

    Here is what I consider a specific trend.

    Every so often, very popular, in demand weighlifting supplements are banned (I can write a long list of compounds that have been banned of the last 5 years). But what many people don't realize is its the manufacturing of these supplements that are banned, not the sale (most of the time that is).

    So something I always do, is check out upcoming legislation on certain supplements. Or I familiarize myself with the chemistry of new supplements, and search for "outliars" in the data. If most people gain 3lbs in 1 month on a "testosterone enhancer" and I see 1 compound where people are gaining 10-15lbs a month, I know there is a good chance that supplement is going to be researched and potentially banned.

    If I see 1 word about the government wanting to prohibit the manufacture, I will invest a few grand and buy up as much as I can. I know prices will skyrocket soon for those supplements. Paranoia creates hysteria, and thats when true "fast money" is made.

    However, this is not something I'd even call an "asset". An asset is something that can grow for a long time to come. So I always invest more money in safe assets, and a smaller amount in more risky ventures like the one I mentioned above.

    That is just 1 potential market to exploit. There are many.
    There are almost too many ways to make money, whether its a service or product, the money is out there, trust me. You just need to strategize, get focused, and get to work like a scientist does.

    Forget about mental masturbation. Just the act of talking about it is a form of mental masturbation. You need to become focused on solutions and results. Thats it. Become a data analyzing, results producing machine. Become a perfectly balanced opportunist. Forget what everyone wants you to do. Focus on what they're doing, and how you can make money off of it. =]

  • Profile picture of the author eternalsongbird
    Don't be disheartened dude. Just focus on yourself and don't loose confidence on yourself.
  • Profile picture of the author dad2four
    Bob Parsons, the guy that runs GoDaddy.com has 16 rules he follows. One of my favorites is "They can't eat you".

    You can check out the whole list here. It's good stuff and there are worse people to take business advice from. ;-)

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