Subliminal Messages To Attract Money

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Hey Warriors,
I read more ebooks , authors Napoleon hill , t harv eker , bob proctor and more ..
I learned from these books , to make new habits must drop the old . example : Money is bad .. say every day Money is good to me

Morning I watch these videos :
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    I make my own subliminals with my own voice. I studied the works of dr Eldon Taylorr into Subliminals Technology and then I started making my own subliminals.

    dr Eldon researched subliminals messaging / programming for more than 20 years. He talks about Neuroplasty which is molding your brain to make new positive connections. He used testgroups, prisoners, psychiatric patiens, normal people and placebo groups.

    In his research he found that it takes a minimum of 21 days to change a limiting belief into a postitive beliefs. However he states that it is best practice to listen to the same subliminals between 30 - 90 days to completely install a new beliefd. When you've had a limiting belief or fear for more than 22 or 30 years, which is negative programming than 30 to 90 days of counteracting this with positive affirmations is relatively short period.

    Most people can't keep it up and this separates the succesful from the unsucces. The succesful keep visualizing their goals and after the 30 to 90 days they have created new postitive neural pathway that opens them up for possibilities they never saw before. They were blocked from seeing the possiblities. So key is to keep going an visualizing this will mold your brain in a positive way. This is now backupped by science. I have contact with a dr. at the university who is writing a thesis about this. Really cool stuff what he has gained insights too.
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    thanks @chriz now i am search book to dr Eldon
    I make visulation board posted more photo and I say every morning and night
    I am make $ 100/day using CPA
    I am selling products in one month $ 10 000
    i create new habit , I will remove bad thoughts and will replace with positive new ones
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    Bob Proctor inspired me every single second of my life when I was broke.Cannot forget days.He was so motivating at that time.Thanks for sharing the videos.
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    Subliminal messages are great.

    Just keep in mind that there is often a very tangled web of beliefs that to varying degrees affect your success. It's not enough to address your relationship with money if you don't address your self-worth... or your beliefs about what it takes to make money... or your beliefs about the world of business... etc. etc.

    The process of self-discovery is fun. That's why I'm so passionate about meditation. It's the perfect time to get down to the root of WHY you feel a certain way. Then you can go back and identify all the ways your words and actions have perpetuated that belief. Sometimes that's enough of an "aha" moment to get you to realize that a particular belief makes no sense whatsoever. Then it's easier to release it!

    I recently had one of these, and it was like a heavy weight dropped off my shoulders. "Well no wonder I did this and said that..." When I uncovered that belief I let it go quite easily, and in the process dug up a few related beliefs that I'm working on releasing now.

    Just keep at it. It's like untangling a big old ball of kite string! Eventually you'll get it straight and your kite will fly as high as it can!
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    yes a lot of people say negative thing about money, even at tv movie i often see that rich guy are bad.. i sure that is not true, many good thing produce by rich man
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    I started watching videos like these around 2-3 years ago. It was like a daily ritual for me. Nowadays I don't watch them because my beliefs in money have since changed due to the reprogramming.
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    Same here. I also use subliminal messages to attract money, and it change my old-school view on it.In my opinion, it is worth to do it.
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    When Rulon Gardner won the olympic gold medal, (beating the russian Greco Roman wrestler Alexander Karelin, who was undefeated on a 13 year winning streak), Rulon seemed like the least confident guy I ever seen interviewed. In fact, he said he didn't expect to win he just got in there and stuck to a game plan. The lesson is action trumps meditation. You get money by going after it. The stories of attracting money are few & far in between. A lady hit the lotto and she said, "I dont think anyone is deserving of winning, It is random luck". That lady understood that lots of people suffer in life and dont get what they want and other suffer less and get a reward. No use trying to control something you cant control. Just go out there and "do"...the rewards will show up(albeit not magically, but, because you did something). To win the lottery you still have to buy a ticket
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    Theory expert,

    That advice is really powerful. I have always been stressed out about failure to succeed and not being able to pay bills because of "not being good enough"

    I like what you said about taking action, because at least I will know that I took action and created a business and if it doesn't succeed at some point, it was out of my control and I just need to re-strategize
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    Great thread by the way.

    If you really want to work on your mind, how you think, and to get rid of old negative programming, then there are 2 books that I recommend you read.

    1. What to say when you talk to yourself.

    2. The Tongue. A creative force.

    Very powerful books to read.
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    I liked the Subliminal Wealth Messages a lot. The first one was particularly moving with the hip music with a beat. The images are superb and their movement timed exquisitely: Just in view long enough to register.

    Great videos.

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    Has anyone used subliminal360 by Inspire3?
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    Yes, those are good visualizations. Also, it helps to look at the world through a logical mindset. For example, it is actually irrational to view money as bad because money is just a tool used in the exchange of goods and services. Saying money is bad would be like saying nuts and bolts are bad.

    Throughout history the masses have be beaten down by leaders/tyrants who told them not to think, not to rise, and not to stick their neck out. At some point each individual has to shrug off the propaganda of tyrants and make their stake in the world.
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    If you like those videos you will love . They are very modern.
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    The hypnosubliminals of the cosmic master are pretty good though at times I feel like someone will pop out the screen and get me still I use them before catching a nap and then feel very upbeat and positive.
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    I too listen to him when I'm in a lot of stress and experience lucid dreams that show me what the future has in store for me.
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    Last time I checked the Cosmic Master has a YouTube channel @

    For a totally unconventional way of thinking I ponder no one else but him. Looking forward for new upcoming stuff, it's incredible!
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    the only subliminal messages that I've studied and worked on are the secret law of attraction and that of eric thomas no other else. I make sure I dedicate 30 minutes of my time to feed this hunger everyday
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    Hey Imafuku -- perhaps you've met the guy in a past life. Did that ever cross your mind?

    We're on this planet for a purpose... I cant watch some of his videos because I am an epileptic. So far I am hooked and feel sedated. I can't recommend his work high enough. I took a snapshot out of the awakener program and printed it as a poster because I liked the background. Same night experienced vivid dreams like someone was calling me out from the future. It was a tall, slender man with a very profound hypnotic gaze. I think it was him shapeshifting and entering my dreams welcoming me to his hypnosis. As far as I can tell this beats autoresponder messages. Do you believe in supernatural powers because I do.

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