"I Need Change to Happen RIGHT NOW!"

by Mark Pescetti 11 replies
A common theme with almost all of my clients is:

"I need change to happen RIGHT NOW."

Have you ever felt that way?

Do you feel that way at this very second?

Let me demystify change:

There's no such thing as non-change.

In other words...

Change is always happening.

It's the only constant, right?

The problem is...

You don't live in acknowledgement of that awareness.

How do I know?


Results don't lie.

If you feel like your results aren't happening fast enough, it has nothing to do with time or change NOT happening.

Change and time are BOTH completely subjective to every single person on the planet.

In every way, shape or form.

Simply stated:

The speed of change happens as fast as you allow it.

Read that again.

That means...

Your thoughts and feeling are either resisting change... or surfing it.


Result don't lie.

Take a look at your bank and/or PayPal account.

Have your dollar amount dramatically gone up?


Are you constantly trying to make ends meet?

What about the quality of your relationships...

Are they getting deeper and more intimate with every passing day?


Are they feeling stagnate and toxic?

How about your health?

Do you feel more vital, creative and clear than at any other time in your life?


Are you struggling with generating consistent energy and having a challenging time feeling any sense of genuine wellbeing?

Here's the deal:

When you resist change (by thinking and feeling in opposition to it,) your results suck.


Your beliefs, stories and judgments often won't support the change you've declared and want to manifest.

In fact...

It's your limiting thoughts and feelings that makes change seem like it never comes.

You're too damn seduced by your present circumstances.

You give your reality all of your power (instead of acknowledging you created your reality.)


How can you believe in changing your circumstances - when you aren't taking full, unconditional responsibility for what you've already created?

I'll give you a hint:

You won't.

Your attention is too fixated on your present results;

Guaranteeing your thoughts and feelings are in constant reaction to what you don't want (and resisting what you do want.)


Your circumstances keeping changing into the same... circumstances.

All the while...

You're convincing yourself change is hard.


The beauty about change is...

When you align your thoughts and feelings towards what you want...

...change appears to magically accelerate.

The question is:

Do you believe you can create what you want?


Do you?

Click the second link in my sig. to learn more.

You won't regret it.

Mark Pescetti
#mind warriors
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    mark the problem for most people .. is they believe they need the money to change almost everything.. but the problem is that is backward .. measure what can be changed now .. without any money ..

    in the last year and a half i have learned to cook.. by ignoring 95 percent of the way my mother cooked .. i love my mom .. and some of her food tasted good.. but i spent a lot of money on junkk food or eating out over the years ..

    now i can cook better for myself than i can get in most resteraunt we can afford to eat at .. and in the last several months i have been learning how to make stuff good for me taste good . i have also learned how to use herbs and spices to flavor food .. and make my own salad dressing and other things ..

    many people deny their own abilities .. or don't develope them .. and try to learn how to make enouf money to buy stuff other people create ..

    if i had to i could probably feed myself well on 40$ a week and eat tasty food ..when i get somewhere i can set up a garden .. i could probably feed myself and maybe even have stuff to sell for a little extra here and there ..

    wealthy people are usually healthy people .. takeing care of what goes into your body and feeding your mind properly .. as well as getting many of the toxins out of your body .. and the toxic thoughts out of your mind.. are easier than you would think ..
  • Profile picture of the author Heart Cardio
    I have felt before that money would change things. But it really will not. You will still have issues that you have to deal with, and money will not change how you act. If you do not act right sometimes that messes things up no matter how much money you have.
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    Change is not possible now unless you really want it to change. A person must be motivated to change. Maybe if they face a life-threatening situation or hit rock bottom, they might change.

    Unless it is a subtle change, change is difficult for most people. This is what I see that holds most people back.
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      Originally Posted by PinkVelvet View Post

      Change is not possible now unless you really want it to change. A person must be motivated to change. Maybe if they face a life-threatening situation or hit rock bottom, they might change.

      Unless it is a subtle change, change is difficult for most people. This is what I see that holds most people back.

      Change isn't difficult.

      Change is the most natural part of life.

      It's the resistance to change that's painful, challenging, daunting and problem-creating.

      Your thoughts and feelings are either in alignment with the natural change that is always happening...

      Or it's in opposition.

      And again results don't lie.

      People don't hit rock bottom because change is difficult;

      They hit rock bottom because don't acknowledge that aligning their thoughts and feelings with change is all they need to do.

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    Yes, Mark, it IS empowering, isn't it? It's a hard lesson for many of us, but once you 'get it' there's no going back to being a victim of circumstance. :-)

    Jarmila -- Self-development Coach at the Brainwave Research Institute
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    Change is the only thing that is permanent is this world. It happens not according to plan mostly, sometimes it just happen.
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