Let's be honest, you're doing it wrong!

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Let me guess, you are feeling unmotivated, lethargic and unfocused? You can't get yourself to work? But are you actually doing what you want to do?

In order to become successful, you don't have to do affiliate marketing, you don't have to create products in the Internet Marketing industry, you don't have to follow a set business model!

Success is not the same for everyone, for you, success may be defined as have a substantial amount of finance in the bank. For me personally, success is the freedom to be able to work for myself and experience new things as I travel the world. Success is defined by our core values, things we naturally want to achieve.

And in order to get those things, we need to work hard. If your vision of success requires a financial backing and you are wanting to set up a business, you are going to need to put the effort in. But it is up to you to decide where your energy is going to be spent.

Many Internet Marketers who are in the "Make Money Online" niche seem to be pressuring new comers to follow set business models and claiming their products are guaranteed path to financial freedom. You don't have to listen to them.

The best path I can recommend to success is to look at your choices, analyse the different ways money can be made. Study carefully and even try a little of everything. Find something you are interested in!

If you can, and you will be able to, find something that gets you excited. Working the hours will become a time that you look forward to.

I used to focus my time and resources on areas of Internet Marketing that frankly didn't appeal to me, I did so because all of the advertisement and reports I had seen had created a paradigm within me that was actually holding me back!

Recently, I let go of that paradigm, I made a paradigm shift of sorts. I spent a couple of days trying out different areas and I found something that excites me. I have grown a custom to development, I had done some before, but it was when I analysed in detail that I really got interested in learning more.

Since discovering an area that interests me, my attitude towards work has dramatically changed. I now find myself spending much of my free time reading and learning new areas of web development.

I learnt that I should be listening to myself rather than so called gurus. I feel better, and I am seeing more results. Even while being very new to the coding world I have already signed up a couple of clients.

The moral of this thread is to try and explain that by focusing your time on a subject that interests you, success becomes easier to achieve.

I hope you all have a great day!

I am off back to learn some more about PHP

J Crosbie.
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    Great share Joe I can picture myself in what you wrote and I totally agree with you. Focusing on something we like and take pleasure in will highly impact our results and... motivation.
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    You're right must of us done it wrong you can see and the results will show.
    We'll anyway it was a good try I wouldn't have known it if I didn't give it a try.
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    "The moral of this thread is to try and explain that by focusing your time on a subject that interests you, success becomes easier to achieve."

    You nailed it, Joe! Do what you love, love what you do, and the rest is a bonus!
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    True Dat, Joe!

    As a "seasoned" Internet Marketer, I can honestly admit that I HAVE BEEN 'DOING IT WRONG' for virtually 8-10 Freakin' YEARS, BRO!!!!


    Lesson-Learned,.....chart re-coursed.

    Thanks for the reminder, Amigo!

    The Best Is Yet to Come,...........Just DON'T FREAKIN' QUIT!,...... Learn the RIGHT WAY,.....and Scale up like a MUTHA!

    Let's DO THIS!!

    Very Sincerely Stoked and Movin Forward,
    Kickin' It Like Bruce Lee,

    A.D. Christian
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    Great share Joe! I think what you've written can be applied to the world outside of internet marketing too. There are far too many people that perform averagely in jobs they don't enjoy just to pay the bills and these people often let other people in their lives make their career decisions for them (parents are often extremely influential in this respect). Both my housemates are TEFL teachers - they both hate teaching. It's not like they make a bucket load of money either. So why do it? I know the economy in many countries is bad and many people would say you are lucky if you have a job, but I see a lot of people using that as an excuse. In reality everyone still has a choice! It's a proven fact that if you do something you enjoy, the results are generally better and much more fulfilling.

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