Cybernetic transposition

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Has anyone here applied Stuart Lichtman's Cybernetic Transposition? I've heard nothing but great reviews about this e-book program.

For anyone who went through this program, I have a few questions about setting the objective. Do you set the objective based on a past successful memory and create a new story from that? Or do you create an entirely new story based on what you would consider a "10"? Any information would be helpful.
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    Mate, It is the best system for goal achievement, very complicated though.
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    I picked it up about 7 years ago and it literally FREAKED me out how easy it was to get what I wanted. I only wanted one thing. But for some reason I had forgotten about this method and went onto something else.

    I had no idea what I stumbled onto back then and am going to pick up his Dream Achiever Program which is more step-by-step with videos. I have some HUGE goals to accomplish and his program really really works.
  • Profile picture of the author Benjamin Nehring
    I've had this ebook for years. I couldn't get into it because it seemed so complex. But I'm going to give it a try, again. I'm seeing rave reviews for the system.

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