I Need Your Opinions... Help Please.

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Hi Warriors,

What do you think is the single most important trait anyone must have before they can achieve any success in any area of his/her life?

Please comment and let me read your opinions. I'm dying to know.
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    Don't stand still. Keep testing, tweaking, refining....
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    Find someone who has already achieved what you desire and learn from them. Don't ever try to re-invest the wheel.

    Too many people want to achieve a worth while goal but put their ego in front and think that they know everything and not listen to those mentors who have already achieved their goals and are showing others how to do the same.
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    Getting out of your comfort zone and... taking action
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      Effective Goal Planning

      We all have dreams and wishes, but to make progress we must determine and set clear, well-defined goals so we have something definite and meaningful to work towards.

      Other important traits must follow from there.

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    I would have to say clear focus. Do not let anyone or anything distract you from your ultimate goal.
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    The Most Important Trait is to TAKE ACTION !
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    I think the most important trait is persistence. In order to achieve any worthwhile goal, you will have to overcome obstacles, get out of your comfort zone, grow & learn continuously and keep going.
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    I'd say two things:

    1) A deep understanding (often, this comes from experience).

    2) Persistence and willing to pay the price for success.
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    "Whether you think you can, or think you can't... either way, you are right." - Henry Ford

    "The mind is everything. What we think about, we become." - the Buddha

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