Eat donuts and grow rich!

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Here's an awesome video I found with Napoleon Hill talking about the principles in Think and Grow Rich.

My favorite part is when he says "Failures only see the hole in the donut, where successful people see the hole and also the donut around it".(40:45)
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    Think and Grow Rich was a book that changed my life. I think I have a much better understanding of how the Universe works now and how to achieve something you want so bad that you think of it everyday. If not for him I'd have not got anywhere near what I've learned is possible.

    Hill mentions that his principles don't just apply to wealth/money, but just that's what people seem to associate with it. I achieved success in that non-wealth area. Stuff you can't put a price on.

    This guy knew what he was talking about!
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    Eat Donuts And Grow Rich. Now we are talking!

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