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Now this thread might not be to everyones taste and that's okay! I am writing this because it appeals to people like myself! People who seek success in more areas of their life than just their career.

For me, success can be defined along the lines of "To have a healthy body, mind and a good lifestyle" or "To have a loving family and the money to live well" or even "To have financial freedom and to feel awesome on a daily basis".

Of course, how success is defined will be different for most people. There will obviously be the common values such as financial freedom and a good lifestyle but in general terms, it will be different.

As I said above, for me success is a range of things in different areas of my life. I want to have a good body, I want to be in good health, I want to have a clear mind and I wouldn't say no to some extra money in the savings. I will be truthful with you, at this present moment in time I am not achieving the level of success I would like in any of those areas of my life.

However, I am working on them! I have been getting my "butt" out of bed at early hours of the morning to go for a run and to practise some meditation. I have been putting in the extra hours to get some tasks checked off the list.

I am spending time throughout the day the way I would in my dream lifestyle. Sadly, for many that is not the case, I hear on a daily basis people tell me things like "Once I am successful I will start running" or "Once I am successful I will eat healthier".

That's some crazy talk there, I often reply with "Oh so once you are successful you will have more time for these things". Usually, they will say "Exactly!". Surely their version of success consists of lots of fun time and not that much work.

That's not correct, they are just making excuses! True success is not easy, it takes a lot of work and a lot of determination. Stop with the excuses!

"Stop delaying things till tomorrow and start living your dream lifestyle today! Because tomorrow never comes" by Unknown.

That quote hits the nail with the hammer! It's exactly right! If anything, when you are at your ideal level of success, you will have less time and more possible excuses!
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    "As I said above, for me success is a range of things in different areas of my life. I want to have a good body, I want to be in good health, I want to have a clear mind and I wouldn't say no to some extra money in the savings. I will be truthful with you, at this present moment in time I am not achieving the level of success I would like in any of those areas of my life."

    if you are alive all these things are good enough .. what you mhould express is that you want better ..

    i am comming from a few years ago being depressed suicidal..and destroyed on many if not all sectors of life.. depleted spiritually emotionally..beaten down mentally .. physicaly in pain .. spiritually.. etc ..

    the only thing you can do is accept where you are but work to get a little better day by day .. or even if you slide you accept that it is always in your power to improve somehow ..

    i am still working on it financially thing are bad but i need only a small amount of money a few thousand dollars to prime the pump ..

    but i have had to work on many issues of self worth ..unrelated to money .. i am eating better ..because i have worked on becomming a really good cook getting better day by day meal by meal..trying new things..and by eating better .. even without cutting food intake i am getting in better shape losing weight ..slowly.. and i can get in blissfull states without meditation..

    its hard and takes effort.. but it is so much harder not doing it
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    Damn right, my friend! You sir, are on your way to doing great things!

    This is exactly how I live my Life. I give my all in everything I do, constantly improving myself in every aspect. Reach your limits, then push beyond them!

    This is exactly why I say success and failure are both habits. If you allow yourself to fail all the time, it becomes a habit and you become content with giving less than what you know you are capable of. You constantly procrastinate which leaves you idling through life without any goals, purpose or direction.

    If you make success your habit, then everything you do in your Life is done to your fullest potential. Everything.

    "Greatness is something you do, not something you are."

    I live by this every single day.

    Thanks for the great post, my friend. I have one very similar on my blog. My link is in my sig. Check it out
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    If you haven't read the book "Think and Grow Rich" you should. It's a classic that everyone should read. All successful people have something in common: desire that drives them to success. If you visualize what you want, your desire will make you succeed.
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    I believe success is to be chased.

    Sure, every once in a while we catch it, and for a brief moment, we need to take the time to appreciate it and enjoy it, but then it's time to raise the bar.

    It's important to recognize it IMHO because by realizing this fact we realize that we have already achieved a level of success.

    We will always want more, it's what makes us human. If we are strong, we will want to be stronger. We can always be smarter, happier, healthier, this gives us something to chase.

    I'm learning this as I have achieved a ton in my life. Everything I have set my mind to I have made happen. Some were easier than others but they have all happened. Yes there were bumps along the way.

    Right now, I have huge goals in front me. Right now, I feel like they will never happen. This is why it's important to recognize that I've been here before but I made it happen. As impossible as the goals I have in front of me seem, I have confidence that they can come to fruition.
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    oh there was a lot os substance to the 12/21/12 ..thing.. but it wasn't about one single day ..the allignment started about 18 years ago ..just about when the internet was releaed to public use ..

    the old world and the energy that fueled it was based on seperation and isolation ..on every level ancient times it was the heavens seperated into many gods.. then funneled down to man .. now we treat functions of our bodies like separate entities ....

    no the energy we are getting .. is more about seeing thing connected ..and pringing things together .. in the last few months ..i personally have had this non duality consiousness setting in.. seeing things not as good or bad.. but seeing how they fit into the long term progression of my life and it's growth .. it is odd ..
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    I can totally agree with what your saying Pal...
    Procrastination can be a real pain in the ass long term
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    Fits to my taste, lol. Really it does, you nailed it down straight to my head. Success isn't an easy thing to do or have. It is on your personal defination of what success really is, people may have look at you as a successful person but inside of you and you yourself can see that you haven't become what you wanted to be yet.
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    I love your post. I can totally relate to what you shared. Only if I get this/that, then I'll be successful. Until I took up a life coaching program 2 years ago which shifted what I thought success is.

    Every little things that we do daily is already success. I went to the gym today, I'm successful regardless I pump up some rippling muscles. I turned my focus to the effort rather than the outcome. This shifted my whole being.
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    I totally understand this. I am an industrial hygienist by trade but I am consistently working from home to ad additional revenue to my lifestyle. Way to tell it.

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