Do you Stress about Time and How Fast it Slips By?

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After some self realization and being able to stop and think I realized that I have always been preoccupied with time. My mind is constantly staring at clocks, and wondering how much time do I have?, When do I have to do this?, How long until the weekend?, etc.

I have always been stressed about time even when I was little, but the older I am getting the worse it is becoming. I am 23 years old and can't believe Highschool was already 5 years ago, College flew by, and this past year literally felt like 4 months time. I mean it is already almost March 2013 and I still write 2012 on proposals and documents.

I have been searching for answers online or books on how to manage time and not worry or be stressed out by it. The best thing that I found is to stop and focus. Paying attention to where I am and what I am doing is the only thing I can control at that moment in time. "The past is an imperfect recording of our memories and the future can have infinite possibilites but to fully live in the present is what can enrich ones life."

This quote has helped me a bit but I would like to hear others thoughts and suggestions on how to get over "how much time is going by or have left" am I the only person that worries about this? Even the almighty Google was bringing up time management articles & websites when I was searching for "How to not Stress/worry about time"
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    Get rid of your watches and clocks :-)

    I haven't worn a watch in over 10 years! Working from home, I eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired and since I love what I do, time does not exist while I work!

    If you love what you do, you'll never worry about time. If you don't, then find something you do love. In loving what you do, there is only now.
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    You bring up an interesting yet challenging topic which is taking away all the clocks/watches in the house. For me, everything is based on a schedule such as what time to wake up and start working, what time people want to meet for conferences/sales meetings, what time I go to lunch every day and after work - What time my favorite tv shows are on, how much time I have until I am tired etc.

    I think I could do that on the weekends but weekdays would have some obstacles.

    Also, I do love what I do. Web Design & Internet marketing is fun for me and especially when I see that large pay check come in from my clients. So it isn't necessarily my career that makes me stress over time. My worry over time has snowballed from worrying about getting things done, to how much time I have left on the weekends, to how old I am, to how quickly weeks and months go by.

    I feel like I will be 60 soon!
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    "Anything you do with patience, you are not wasting that time. Anything you do impatiently, with a restless mind, know for sure you are wasting time."

    ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    These are wise words, my friend.
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    That is a good quote dreamerspot, from what I get when reading it is, to be patient and pay attention to everything that I am doing in the moment because if my thoughts are elsewell than what I am presently doing is useless.

    That makes sense, and correlates with what I originally found about focusing and being present in the moment. However, how does someone simply stop worrying about time and how fast time goes by?
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    Wow that was a great explanation.

    Dreamerspot, I think you are on to something. I tend to try and do so many different things that all need a lot of attention which can be, dozens of clients asking for things, girlfriend, family, friends, personal things that I want to get done such as running a successful business, exercise (I gained 25 pounds over the past year), and have time to enjoy hobbies.

    But what I get from reading your post is, don't become overwhelmed because that will lead to stress and procrastination. Also, the "taking little steps" towards goals means that as long as I am progressing towards something it is worthwhile

    This is all great info, I hope others reading can feel enlightened as well!
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    Glad I could help, my friend
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    I have an alarm that automatically goes off every 20 minutes.

    It is my heartbeat; I live by it.

    Even when I'm doing the nasty I pay attention to it. It lets me know when to change positions.

    Time isn't something to fear. It's your own actions and willpower that determine your life. Time is only a reminder to you as to what you should be doing at the moment.
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    Hi Love your question and your honesty - you caused some great advice to materialise.

    We're all feeling this 'time' thing now - it used to be only older folk who found that time was flying by.
    I've heard it said that we are living in 'compressed time' and I think we compress time when we try to keep ahead of technology and also trying to multitask - as I'm typing I beginning to think it is the most common problem we ar e creating for ourselves. I'm a chronic multitasker- there you go - you've helped me admit that.
    Remedy - make time for walks fresh air meditate go to bed early. And I like what you do - stop and pay attention to what you are doing - mindfulness.

    So sending you my new clock be good to you
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    sleep it away, works wonder, but to gain full benefit you do need a clear conscience
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    Originally Posted by techbul View Post

    I get worried as I cant help it.
    But you can.

    Learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Right now, your thoughts and emotions control you.

    In other words, your life is controlling you, you're not controlling your life. Make the change.
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    lol...yeah i kind of wonder where time went somedays... thats just life. enjoy the ride.
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    Sometimes I do stress about time and how fast it goes but then other times it drags on. I think that for me at least it is about how much I have to do. And how involved I am in it. If I have a lot to do and am very involved then time goes by much faster.
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    Striving to live in the present moment, the "Now" like Eckhart Tolle advises (check the book: The Power of Now) is all we can do because the past is gone and the future depends on what we do in the present.
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    I am not sure watches do exist anymore.
    I only see the with celebrities who ware them for luxury.

    I don't even have a second for myself, talk-less of looking at a watch.
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    I don't get worried about it. I feel guilty if I waste time surfing the internet instead of working on my business. I'm also a deeply religious person and have strong faith. From my perspective, I'm on God's time and he'll decide how long I have anyway. Why worry?

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