What I learned from a hot bartender

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Some of you will get a kick out of this story, I'm not encouraging anyone do this, but whether you agree with it or not you have to admit it's pretty damn genius.

Most of us at some point in our lives have met a "hot bartender" and tried to get her number. Usually we'll say something we think is clever, or leave our own number on the receipt, etc. It hardly ever works, because she's heard it all before.

A good friend of mine used to be one of these while working her way through college (towards a marketing degree no less) - this girl had no less than 6 guys asking for her number every time she went to work. On a Friday or Saturday night it would run well into the double digits. At first she would play the "always single, but never available" role which was OK for getting tips but didn't encourage any further engagement or repeat visits.

One day she came up with a strategy to monetize the attention.

She set up a Google Voice account to give herself a local phone number that couldn't be researched or tied to any location-based services. Whenever she noticed a guy checking her out, she would flirt a little for the duration of their visit, and then before they were about to leave she'd say 12 magic words that worked again and again...

"Give me your number and I'll text you next time I'm working"

She noticed immediately that her tips were higher.

But this story gets even better...

Every night she would set them up as contacts in Google voice, and every time she went to work she'd send a bulk text out to some of the numbers she had collected. Careful to never use the exact same wording twice, or to text any one number too many times in a row, but just a simple variation of "Hey, I'm heading over to [bar name], come visit me!"

And they did. They would come in, buy drinks from her, chat for a while, and leave above-average tips. At any given time there were at least 2 or 3 guys she had texted sitting at the same bar all trying to get as much of her attention as they could. This went on for a year while she finished school. At one point she even SWITCHED JOBS and started working for another bar, and promptly brought a huge chunk of her 'personal following' with her to her new place. She had collected HUNDREDS of phone numbers and was making more money than anyone else she had worked with. While the average girl was doing about $30k a year in tips, this girl was doing almost twice that. I kid you not.

And that's STILL not the best part of this story. When she graduated, she sent a mass text out to EVERYONE on her list - the only time she had ever sent it out to everyone at once - giving them the news and inviting them to come celebrate with her. The place was packed and she cleared more than $2,000 in tips that night.

But even THAT isn't the best part. Another guest at the bar that night - a woman - asked her how she became so popular. So she told her the strategy, and they both had a laugh about it. Turns out that woman was a director at a local marketing firm, said she wanted to talk to her some more. They exchanged numbers. A few days later my friend put in her resignation, and started her new marketing job less than two weeks out of college.

There are three morals to this story.

1. Google voice is awesome.
2. Personal branding MATTERS - you never know who's watching.
3. There is nothing more powerful in the universe than a hot bartender.
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    That is impressive but crazy. That's almost like all the fake profiles on dating/ porn sites actually being a real girl who is part of each dating network she just "happens" to be linked to. It doesn't happen often (if ever), but if she really knew her stuff she could easily get leads like crazy.

    Your example is more of a direct sales kind of approach which has been proven to be the MOST effective marketing there is. And for her, it was definitely lucrative and worth her time to do so.

    Though it is beside the point, a picture of this master flirt would have been nice
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    I guess I could snag a pic off Facebook but I think she might get ticked about that, lol.
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    Originally Posted by ronrule View Post

    There are three morals to this story.

    1. Google voice is awesome.
    2. Personal branding MATTERS - you never know who's watching.
    3. There is nothing more powerful in the universe than a hot bartender.
    You forgot the part about how having no class allows you to use people and laugh at them behind their backs.
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    I don't know, to me it's basic marketing, man... sell the lifestyle. This girl used her ability to connect with people to generate an income. I see it as no more misleading than when a soft drink ad shows people doing extreme sports, or a "business opportunity" shows pictures of exotic cars. She gave them something they wanted: attention.
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    OK Ron. We could probably debate this all night, but you seem like a nice guy so I'll just withdraw and suggest we agree to disagree on this one.

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    Fess up,Ron.
    You were one of the victims weren't you?

    She was lucky she didn't bait a psycho.

    In my younger days, I worked in many clubs, and had to help a few hotties fend off the freaks.

    Good for her, though. Good marketing.
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    Haha nah, old friend of mine, her little sister used to babysit my kids. But if I was about 10 years younger and unmarried I would probably fall for something like that.
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    Pretty clever! I don't see what she was doing as malicious in any way... as Ron said guys like receiving attention from attractive women and vice versa. She never promised the men anything more than a heads-up when she was at work, not a date/night out/something more. The guys obviously enjoyed being around her or they wouldn't have kept coming back.

    Goes to show that not refusing to engage with people can create big results.
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    Wow! That's an amazing story and very smart from that girl! She's definitely headed to make some big money if she keeps it up.

    I'd love to find out where she is a year or 5 years from now and see how strategies like this helped her in hew job.
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    Simple strategy works great
  • Profile picture of the author Heart Cardio
    That is an awesome story. Good for that bartender to make the best of a situation that she was in day in and day out. She made a very successful move setting up the google account and it was great that that lady was there to see it and help her land that job.
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    I love this kind of stories. Now I have to think how to use that in my business!
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    Now that sounds like some damn good marketing.
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    but the fact remains workers are required to prostitute themselves to get a living wage

    pay them a living wage and get rid of this scourge - tipping, completely
  • Profile picture of the author Will Edwards
    I don't think she was doing anything wrong either. But, more importantly, great story.

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    She could probably just ask guys for money and they would be happy to give it to her...because she's hot.
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    Brilliant! Her manipulation techniques sound like they are top tier, combine that with great physical god given assets and she can swindle / mislead anyone she wants for personal gain!

    I read a study the other day that said the most successful people in life are usually psychopaths because they are willing to do or say anything to get ahead with complete and utter disregard for others. Use them until they are of no use to you anymore then kick them to the curb! Right on!
  • Profile picture of the author dagnyjbarber
    hahaha..loved your story.

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