Music Inspires Me

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What kinds of music do you listen to?

Being a guitar and piano player as well as a choir boy when I was young(yeah for real LOL) I was deeply immersed in music and it has been a big part of my life.

For me it is a form of expression as well as an energetic inspiration.

I listen to classical music to relax. Rock is awesome too and the good ol' smooth RnB for smooth vibe times. Nowadays, I listen to trance because I seem to indentify with it.

It reminds me of my flow state, momentum and inspired existence.

Sometimes, music is all you need and you're reminded.

It surely does wonders.
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    Old school rock does best for me. Dio, chris cornell, bon jovi, ned zepplin, steelheart, they give me the energy and desire to rock it out.
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    As a music producer, the passion and the vibe I feel from music is truly amazing. Music is my get up and go formula. Hip hop,Rock,Reggae,Pop,Jazz,R&B,Salsa,Jpop,Techno aaaaw man the list goes on! Can't get enough of the stuff!
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    I listen to music the most when I need to change my mood, either because I'm discouraged by a lack of success or because I've just had a really negative interaction with someone. Sometimes I'll listen to classical for the peaceful feeling it brings. Sometimes I'll listen to songs from the Godspell album, to help me to look outside myself for inspiration and guidance. And then, at times, when I know that all I really need to do is look inside.... then it is Mariah Carey's A Hero Lies in You!
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    Music really inspiring. It helps us to relax while we are working, any kind of music, as long as you are comfortable with it. It is a big help also.
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    I am a guitar player and I love listening to instrumental guitar. I am a big fan of solo instrumentalists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai. One of my biggest inspirations in music is David Gilmour and I absolutely love his compositions. These are true artists who have lived up to their name and continue to do so.
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    Music is actually one of the thngs that I can't live without. It helps me work faster and when I exercise its my companion. I love RNB, Rock, Reggae, and Classic
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    Music feeds you the words you can't say out loud. And motivates you to face the brighter side.
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    For my fellow guitar players, watch the whole video and you'll be amazed by Joe's skill.

    Don't overlook modern blues music folks...

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    Country girl all the way here.
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    I really enjoy the jazz music of Pete Fountain. If you have never listened to him play his instrument, you have a treat coming.

    When I am working Baroque period of classical music is what I enjoy listening to.

    So many kinds of music, . . . thank goodness for style.
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    I don't have a particular favorite but I have many favorite songs from different genres. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Muse songs.
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    I enjoy lots of variety, much of it depends on the state of mind I am in.
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    Pink Floyd, especially The Wall.
    Without a doubt.
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    I listen to classical music while i work.

    Really gets me focused.


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    Acoustics make me feel relaxed, but i listen to any type of music depending on my mood, of course i don't want to listen to heavy metal when i want to go to sleep.
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    I am a musician myself, I barely play the guitar and the harmonica, but I'm a singer.
    I am listening to music as long as I am awake, sometimes when I go to sleep too.
    I have a band, and I love it.
    It depends on the mood i am on, so music variates everyday.
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    Music has saved the day for me on many occasions. I listen to everything because there so much variety and the range os stuff makes my friend crack up a bit....

    I'll hit the gym and crank up Sevendust, have a quiet evening in with song writer stuff like David Nail, and yes, I get BIG kicks out of guitar heros. Joe Bonamossa is amazing...Andy Timmons is another and I recently discovered Pete Thorn.
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    i love suit and tie by justin timberlake and i dont care by icona pop nowadays. songs by macklemore are also good
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    I listen to trance. Helps with visualization. But the best music is the one you don't listen.

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