Feeling lazy? Feeling lost?

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If you are feeling unmotivated because only 10 people visited your blog today and you haven't gotten a mailing list sign up in weeks, you need to watch this video:

NOTE: Before you 'do it', you better have a good plan

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    I also believe that a major reason for people feeling as if "they can't be bothered to work" is that they don't enjoy it in the first place.

    Think about that a little, when you enjoy something, you don't even question about doing it, you just do it.

    If you are finding yourself really frustrated at the fact there's work to be done and you just can't be bothered for it, ask yourself if it is what you actually enjoy doing?

    There are a million and one ways to earn an income online, it's very likely there will be one that you enjoy more than the others.

    Try and find your "fun" part of Internet Marketing and stick to it, you won't find yourself as lazy if you look forward to working.

    However don't make this an excuse for not working on something just because you don't enjoy it, even when you find something that you really like, there is bound to be a couple of element that need doing that you won't enjoy.

    It's all about finding the balance of enjoyment and self-discipline. If you work hard now, you can reap the rewards later!

    Great videos by the way! Good watch with my morning coffee!

    Have a wonderful day guys and I hope my input has helped you somewhat!

    Joe Crosbie,
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    Everything starts with an idea. If you believe, if you have faith and if you live by those principles it will come to you! This videos are really inspiring and I thank you for sharing these! Mental toughness, that is what will put you there at the top.
    This video "just do it" really blow my mind! Awesome!
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    One of the most important concepts you can learn is the action threshold.

    This is the psychological barrier to taking action.

    For example, let's say you are at a neutral position, zero. To take action you must be at 10. You are not 100% against it but you are not for doing it either.

    Receive a eviction notice. Your action threshold will go down to zero very fast so you can take action. Discover that the deadline has been expended, your action threshold will double.

    Everyone knows that you "should do it".

    The problem is not the fact that you should take action. Every idiot knows that. The fact is how to make yourself to take action and this is usually your ability to hit your action threshold by using the carrot and the stick.
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    There are factors that motivate me when those factors are absent, I come to this forum which I have lately been away from extensively.

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