Here's The Biggest Success Secret of All Time....

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The biggest success secret is that there are no secrets. Yep, I said it.

Deep down inside, everyone knows how to succeed but few are willing to make the effort because it requires work...hard work, at that. Personally, when I used to search for "the secret to success" by buying lots of self-help books, I was getting nowhere. I actually believed that the more self-help books that I bought and read, the greater my chances were for success but I was sadly mistaken.

From my experience, and the experience of others that I've saw, it wasn't until one quits searching for the secret but set a definite purpose, truly desire it's attainment and roll up their sleeves and get busy that they succeed. You already know what you're supposed to be doing to get ahead. The search for the secret is nothing more than a method of procrastinating and lacking faith/belief in one's self. Due to that lack of belief, the person believes that there has to be a shortcut that others utilize to succeed, but that's fiction.

Therefore, stop searching for secrets because there aren't any. The stuff you read in the self-help books are things that you already know (although it doesn't hurt to be reminded of these things). Just think back to any goal that you've achieved in your life before ever reading a self-help book. I can guarantee you that you unconsciously put to use the principles described in those books...thereby proving that you already know what to do in order to succeed -- it's just a matter of DOING IT.
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    The biggest success secret is hard work, dedication and luck.
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    the secret ..

    you are in full control of what you define as success

    and there is a thing called realative success can make a million dollars a year and feel like a failure if you compare yourself to someone making much more ..and try and live where millionairs live .

    you can make 2 thousand a month and live a much better lifestyle than that millionaire if you live where you want and somtimes you can live right on the beach .
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    I see people didn't even read the text and just replied to the title. But, oh well
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    Don't quite agree.

    If everyone already knows the "secret to success". Why are the majority of people not successful? (even though they wish to be)


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    Probably, Your mind already have answers for the decisions it make. Sometimes they are wrong and sometimes right. For Perceptive people it may be up to 7/10 times right which are successful while for Negetive people it may be as less as 1/10 times.
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    True. We are the ones who are in control of our lives. In order to succeed, we should go out and do what it takes to succeed. Those books won't make you be successful if you just read it and do nothing afterwards.
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    can you blame the vast majority of people for being "unsuccessful" when success is used to define the minority of people who are doing better than the majority .

    when in our culture and in todays society ..even a poor person has access to better lifestyle than many kings before 100 years ago ..a much richer diet better medical care, transportation. travel , communication access to information , entertainments,

    if somone in the Us ..looks poor but has a better life style than 6 billion other people on this unsuccessful are they really .
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    I agree with you that ultimately there are no secrets we have everything we need within us. We just need to remember this but I do disagree with you on the point that we have to use hard work to get what we want. My experience has been that if we focus on what we want in a positive way then the universe will inspire us to positive action. When we go out to throw hard work at something we want to achieve it might work and then again it might not. It seems to me that when we focus our mind and thoughts on what we want and then only act when the action feels good or is inspired then we get the greatest results.
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    Well said bro, keep it up
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    Here is my stand on you post. Yes, one of the secrets is hard work, and many people already knows that it pays when you work hard. However, have you met people who works hard but cant even enjoy, buy the things that he wants and eat delicious foods? While there are some, who works smart, thinking positively, working with the principles of life that was learned from the stories or rich people who are now living a happy, wealthy and healthy life. Honestly there are things that you wouldn't know, that until you havent read or hear, you will know. Most of the time you learn from your mistakes, learn from other mistakes and learn from other peoples success. Believe me, there are miracles in reading books.
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    I don't buy into hard work as the secret. Lots of people work hard and fail. I do think people get in their own way and that many often sabotage their own success because they're more afraid to succeed than to fail. Failing is so much easier for them and they can blend in with everyone else, not stand out. To be successful, you'll be exposed to the world and that scares the bejeezus out of people.

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