What does niche mean?

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Ok, What is a niche?

I hear alot about them but don't 100% understand, I'm new to the IM business too and maybe I should know already?

Thanks in advance

I have looked it up on google but still slightly confused
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    A niche is a certain segment of the population where you intend to concentrate your efforts. For example. You have decided, for whatever reason, that you want to sell health related products. You've done your research and have discovered that a good number of the people in this world are sick in some way. So selling health related products would be a general niche.

    - Ken Mathie
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      Just think of a niche as a market. Why? Because niche's are essentially different types of markets of interest. Here are a few examples of niches (aka niche markets):

      Weight loss
      Dietary supplements
      Personal development
      Dog training

      Do you see what I mean now when I say that niches are markets? All you need to do is think of a market and there is bound to be a niche for it (that might have sounded confusing as I just told you that these two words are the same thing but hopefully you see what I mean).
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    Thanks guys, pretty sure I've got it now
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    A niche is a specific part of a category. Example Car is a category but Mercedes Cars can be a niche.
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      Niche is a smaller group of people who all have the same specific need/desire.

      It's actually better to go after a group of people who have a desire or want rather than a need. People tend to be more prepared to get something that they want rather than what they need.

      You need to make the group as specialized as possible, but with enough people to make money from.

      For example, stay at home mums who want to make a little money by selling home made scented candles rather than people who want to make money,
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    It's simple known as "Topic" of anything. The niche you are covering is the topic you are actually covering and niche is more likely taken as something you are most interested and can work about in details and descriptively.
    You already got the meaning of "niche" but i was just trying to explain it to you as a normal person's point of view (who is really a noob is Internet World)
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      A niche is a focused target market..or you could say a slice of a whole pie

      I look at it as a group or a community of people that have one common interest.

      dating ---(to find a date etc)
      warcraft ---(to play game, exchange tips etc)
      golf --(exchange tips, learn basic golf etc)
      poker---(exhange tips, how to win etc)
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    For an easy understanding, Niche is just a Wider Topic.
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    I think Muhammed nailed it best "Niche is a smaller group of people who all have the same specific need/desire".

    It's just a jargon term for know your target market. Niches can be broad (Health and Fitness) or narrow (post menopausal weightloss). By and large there are more potential visitors to your website in broader niches, BUT more likely CUSTOMERS in narrower niches.

    Hope this helps.
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      A niche is something like, programming (in the niche market of computers), or miniature golf (in the niche market of recreation).

      When looking for a niche, make sure you target a certain group of people with a certain problem, that are looking for a solution. You'll more easily get their attention, making it much easier to promote your product.

      the google directory is a great place to find niches. it's where I always start.
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    Niche is basically what it is that you are dealing in. For instance you can deal in gardening or something smaller such as symantec pumps
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    Originally Posted by JoelMatthews View Post

    Ok, What is a niche?

    I have looked it up on google but still slightly confused
    Niche market - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I'm sure that this is covered by now, but thought I would add my two pennarth;

    a. A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature: found her niche in life.

    b. A special area of demand for a product or service: "One niche that is approaching mass-market proportions is held by regional magazines"

    So, people also come into the consideration big time, as well as a product burrowed down into the overall market. For example;

    A diver (and his/her colleagues) may only consider a particular type of face mask, they and all other divers are in the diving equipment market. The niche within that market is the particular face mask that they must have.


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    The Internet Marketing Dictionary|Definition Niche Marketing

    When I think of a niche I think of Markets and Micro Markets or Sub Markets. So for example, you can take Golf and within that choose Golf Lessons. Within golf lessons there are many directions you can go from there such as how to choose golf clubs, how to find golf lessons, best golf courses to play on so on and so forth. Obviously this is nothing new but hopefully it helps in some way.
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    A niche market can make you rich!

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