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    Report The Trolls In This Section... STICKY

    I'm getting reports about certain people coming into this section specifically to poke fun at what other people believe. If you come across this please do everyone a favor and ... [read more]

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    time period to learn PHP language?

    what is the time required to learn PHP language? i have an on site job, i want know alongside of my job should i go for Php language ?

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    What Would You Do if You Ruled the World

    accendo in Personal Development

    Abraham Lincoln puts it this way, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." One Minute Inspiration - If I ... [read more]

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    Top Self-Help Experts

    I'm trying to do some research for an unrelated to IM project, and I wanted to quickly poll the forum for who the top "self-help" gurus/experts of the last 20 ... [read more]

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    Jung personality assessment, what type are you?

    Jung sketched 16 personality types, each one with strengths and weaknesses. Oftentimes I see people who do great online and oftentimes people who do not do so good. To be ... [read more]

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    Do you believe you have a Life Purpose?

    Do you believe you have a Life Purpose? I confess that I have not always believed it myself, but somewhere along the road, I changed my mind; and I do ... [read more]

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    Anyone come from the Country that not use the English as official language?

    Friends, I am from Thailand - my country use Thai language. We will use English only during in school or if we need to work with foreigner. So, we quite ... [read more]

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    A Couple Of Inspirational Quotes

    guruDan in Personal Development

    Here are a couple of my favorite inspirational quotes: "When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breath, then you'll be successful." "Don't let anybody ever tell ... [read more]

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    What destructive affirmations are you (subconsciously) using?

    Interesting question, isn't it? It's commonly said that to make affirmations work, you must state them with emotion and I do agree it's more effective that way (though I find ... [read more]

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    9 Immediate Tips To Stay Focused on Your Goals

    If you constantly get distracted in your goal pursuits, here are 9 tips I have for you to stay focused: Concentrate on 1-3 goals If you constantly have trouble keeping ... [read more]

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    The Real Secret To Success

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about success and the mind lately, and I've come to the conclusion that in my humble opinion, success is 98% mental, and 2% ... [read more]

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    Inspiring Quotations From The Movies

    “Why do we fall Master Bruce?” ... “So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” ….   Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves... [read more]

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    How you greet the day.

    The day before yesterday I woke up to the news on the radio and from then on I had a real bad day. I decided something had to change. How ... [read more]

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    Beware: What You Don't Appreciate You Depreciate

    Quick ... What are you thankful for? Being grateful attracts happiness, clarity and peace of mind more than anything else. All it requires is your attention. Think about it: Can ... [read more]

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    How I Broke The Role of PROcrastinator and Acheived Massive Success

    WOW. I can't believe I have been here in the forum for sometime and have yet to be in the Mind Warriors thread. Probably because I didn't have my own ... [read more]

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    The time is NOW!!

    Being able to take fast action is a super achievement hack. What's your goals and vision? Your why in doing this stuff? Have some SEO grit and want to help ... [read more]

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    You Can't Outlive Your “Evolution”

    This is something I learned from Eben Pagan. And it really resonates with me. Many people think they're “arrived” and there's nothing more to learn. Nothing could be further than ... [read more]

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    Love Stories

    team74 in Personal Development

    Share your first love story with me tell me how you caught in love with that person.. Thanx

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    Tsunami and Japan

    Today a Tsunami hit Japan, resulting in 32 dead and many loses. The same wave skipped clean Hawaii (apparently) and it is coming to the west shore of USA. All ... [read more]

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    Never EVER Give Up..

    GGpaul in Personal Development

    I'm sure with all the obstacles we go through we want to give up. In internet marketing; with all the animal updates (panda, penguin, etc. lol), we tend to get ... [read more]

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    You Should Quit!!

    YOU SHOULD QUIT !!!! I'm a big believer in quitting. I think it's a good thing. You should do more of it. Yes, I did say quitting and -- yes ... [read more]

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    How Do You Achieve A Balanced Life?

    Whether you're rich, poor or in between here's a fact of life. One of the hardest things to achieve is a balanced life. We focus on job or career and ... [read more]

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    High Profile Personal Development Blogs that Allow Guest Posting

    Here are 5 high profile blogs, within the Personal Development market, that allow Guest Posting: The Inspiration Blog PR5; personal development, self growth and motivation. Submit Posts Here Pick The ... [read more]

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    I'm Starting Over - Looking For Sound Advice From Seasoned Warriors

    JROC777 in Personal Development

    Hey Warriors, I'm starting over and wondering where to go from here after the dirty bird (penguin) kicked me to the curb. Quick back-story, I got started about 6 years ... [read more]

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    Success in life - 1 very important lesson from Guitar Hero

    srdjank in Personal Development

    1. To be the best, fail as fast as possible This one struck me like a bolt of lightning, in the middle of a Guitar Hero game. Let me back ... [read more]

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    A Wonderful, Touching Story

    "A Simple Gesture"Mark was walking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had tripped and dropped all of the books he was carrying, along ... [read more]

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    How to Become a great leader - Make things happen the way they’re supposed to be!!

    When you are at work, do you get frustrated because things don't seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to be? You see people milling around but nothing gets ... [read more]

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    What Was Your First Experience Of Making Money Online

    guruDan in Personal Development

    What was everyone's first experience of making money online? I first made money online when i was 12 years old and repeatedly sold football cards on eBay for $10 that ... [read more]

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    When you're hopeless

    When u are hopeless- see it. - YouTube

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    A pretty obvious way to get rid of lethargy

    dalc in Personal Development

    Here's a pretty obvious way to get rid of a lethargic state. During school, when I am working on my paper, I tend to get distracted and start becoming more ... [read more]

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    Are YOU Reading Self Help Books?

    If anyone out there hasn't got into personal development books yet, then you must. Just pick one that is recommended to you or one you like the look of and ... [read more]

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    Speaking of Gratitude...What's Up With the Thanks Button?

    eguinan in Personal Development

    What's the deal with the "Thanks" button? Sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't. Do you have just a few to give out daily?

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    What do you do when you get really excited?

    Olemil in Personal Development

    First of all i want to give a high five to this forum. You know when you get that feeling that gets you really excited over an idea. I gotta ... [read more]

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    How Do You Handle the Negative People?

    eguinan in Personal Development

    We all have at least one person in our life that likes to tell us the reasons something cannot work. Internet Marketers tend to be creative thinkers and see the ... [read more]

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    So What's Your Excuse?

    Excuses BE GONE! as Wayne Dyer would say!

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    Stop Depending On a Partner

    I just realized something that has been holding me back. Most of my ventures have been with partners. While I have made a decent amount of money, I can't seem ... [read more]

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    Stop trying to get money and contribute instead

    How often do you worry about how much money you can make from a particular money making method? Perhaps it's just me but a lot of WSOs are designed to ... [read more]

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    Stop and smell the roses!

    Hey all, I just wanted to share this pic I took today with you because the minute I saw it it reminded me of the warrior forum and success. Everyday ... [read more]

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    3 Minutes & 3 Steps to Change Your Life

    Power Pause - YouTube http://thepowerpause.com/formula There are few people who can claim to have spent almost 30 years in studying the laws of the Universe and many ancient philosophies. ... [read more]

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    What book??

    danye in Personal Development

    Going on holiday very very soon.Looking to get a book or two and too also update my libary of books. Recommend me something! I was thinking of Jack Canfields "Power ... [read more]

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    enlightenment technique

    Try to find a small amount of success (not necessarily monetary), no matter how small, to use as a springboard for greater success. What I do is I try to ... [read more]

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    Stop shoulding yourself

    Hi guys, How often do you say, "I should do this" but you don't do it? What if procrastination on a certain task could be an indication to not do ... [read more]

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    What has brought you the most success in life?

    For me it has been Aikido, patience, perseverance, exercise, rest, healthy food, relationships, and formal education. What has brought you the most success in life?

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    What is google Bomb?

    hi.. Can anybody specify what is Google Bomb? Please write down example if Any... ____________________ www/facebook/com/pages/Picks4win/203455109674831

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    Can hypnosis really fix the broken bits?

    I am putting an hypnosis project together at the mo.. And.. looking for some reviews good and bad about Warriors experiences with it. Could really do with some feedback from ... [read more]

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    The POWER of Words

    This video shows the True Power of words! Amazing: YouTube - The Power of Words See how you can do here: http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...wer-words.html

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    Positive Psychology

    I'm a super skeptic when it comes to things like positive reinforcement and being "rah-rah" just for the sake of it, but I came across this Ted Talk and found ... [read more]

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    Bad day or Lucky day??

    Hi all! Have you ever been in situation when you faced bad things happened in a day, and you straight away claimed that that day was your bad day? I ... [read more]

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    What will you do

    what will you do when you are disappointed by something?

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    Secret of making money online

    jmbare in Personal Development

    Hey guys, I'm not an affiliate of Chris Guntherie nor even one of his friends. I do follow him on twitter and notice one tweet with his video. He give ... [read more]

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    It's Not What You Do, But HOW You Do It!

    These days everybody and their brother are trying to make a living online. And statistically, most people fail to even achieve the low end of their financial goals. Here's the ... [read more]

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    "I don't want to go to work today"

    The title of this thread hasn't come into my mind in the past 2 and a half years. (Before then it was a nearly daily complaint.) That's the time I've ... [read more]

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    My Favorite Site...

    mhines in Personal Development

    I wanted to share a website with you guys... mycomeup.com It has a lot of motivational and informative videos on successful businessman. Check it out !

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    How Do You View Pain?

    Josh880 in Personal Development

    Hey Warriors, Keeping up with one of my New Years resolutions, I've just recently started one of the most intense workout regimens in my entire life. I can't lie the ... [read more]

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    Great IPhone app for saving articles

    Leizman in Personal Development

    I have been using an IPhone app for a few days that I love! It's called Pocket. It is an easy way to save articles that you find while searching ... [read more]

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    How to Develop Positive Attitude for Success

    *ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING* Your attitude determines who you are—your personality. Actions, they say, speaks more than everything else. Believe is a thought; actions expose our faith. Attitude is life… Our ... [read more]

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    Inaction is a CHOICE!!

    retsced in Personal Development

    Freedom lies in understanding that you choose everything! Even in "inaction" there is a choice. In reality there is no true inaction or stagnation. You can justify your situation by ... [read more]