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    Report The Trolls In This Section... STICKY

    I'm getting reports about certain people coming into this section specifically to poke fun at what other people believe. If you come across this please do everyone a favor and ... [read more]

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    Check out my system for unearthing ready to exploit niches (just 2 steps)

    Here's a quick way to find niches that's simply based on asking and answering questions. Don't be fooled with it's simplicity - it works. It's a systematic way for brainstorming ... [read more]

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    I have a Hard time staying Focused. Can you Help Me?

    Hey whats up all, I have a problem with staying focus, Im at my 9-5 and write down a to do list when for when i get home and i ... [read more]

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    Do things continue to go wrong for you?

    If you sort of succeed, then things always seem to turn against you I would recommend this book: The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the ... [read more]

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    ebooks as a profitable niche

    You know I have been curious about a niche that my main websites are about (namely the snohomish ebook store), and have been wondering if a website about ebooks would ... [read more]

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    The most inspiration video you found on youtube

    aneel90 in Personal Development

    Which is the most inspirational or motivational video you found on youtube here is one of my favorites, share yours youtube.com/watch?v=q5kn4OBRxro

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    Question for Experienced Marketers

    I was wondering, what is the psychology that you use in order to speak to the people who will visit your site and read your content? What is your AIM ... [read more]

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    Home-Schooling...What are your thoughts?

    kayvee in Personal Development

    Hi there, I never had any bad experiences in school and enjoyed my time there. But something about the way our school system is setup just seems inefficient and flawed. ... [read more]

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    How can I make $100 a day?

    Jeremy and I get these questions all the time... "I only need $80...I only need $100...I only need $200...a day to quit my job." First off if that is how ... [read more]

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    Joe Vitale - What Do You Think?

    Woody C in Personal Development

    I have never really been interested in the LOA, but Joe Vitale has interested me for some reason. Last month, I joined his Nitro Gold CD interview club and the ... [read more]

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    I Need Reviews For an Awesome Manifesting Guide

    D89 in Personal Development

    I have a dear friend who has written 3 ebooks with audio. She has had several reviews but not the kind she wants to put up on her page. So ... [read more]

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    Is this the best Personal Development book ever?

    If I'd read this book a few years ago, I could have saved myself the weeks of time and thousands of dollars I spent learning NLP, hypnosis and other aspects ... [read more]

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    Contest to Win a Free E-Book

    I have been a work at home mom for going on 6 years now and love it! I have so many people ask me how I found a good job ... [read more]

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    You Can Have Anything You Want Out Of Life! - Just Do It!

    Hi Warriors, I decided to write this post as I had a mini relavation (if you can call it that) a few days ago. I was browsing this forum and ... [read more]

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    The Venus Project - What do you think?

    kayvee in Personal Development

    I am always looking for mind expanding and thought provoking material. This is one of them. Its called the Venus Project. Its about a futurist named Jacques Fresco. Here is ... [read more]

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    Big List of Best Personal Development/Self Improvement Books

    Woody C in Personal Development

    The copywriter's have their list and the CPAers have their list so I thought I'd start a list of the best personal development/self improvement books for this forum. Add your ... [read more]

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    What/Who Inspired You to Make Money Online?

    Hi Warriors, I am just curious. What or who inspired you to start making money online? As for me, it's definitely the IM lifestyle and the ability to make money ... [read more]

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    Need 5 beta testers for self improvement program

    Hi guys and gals - Next week I am launching a new habit creation program and I would like 5 people to give it the once over and their honest ... [read more]

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    Anyone else like this?

    jasdon in Personal Development

    I am a natural optimist - like most people I have moments of doubt, but I can usually turn that round to finding a solution out of most issues. The ... [read more]

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    Lost My MOJO

    Less than 15 years ago I was completely confident in my abilities and honestly felt that I could do anything I set my mind to. Since then, I have lost ... [read more]

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    jobs for people with disabilities

    You know, this might be a silly question, but in addition to web marketing, I have been working my day job at Kohl's, but since January, they have been cutting ... [read more]

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    improve your apperance now

    A perfect sunglass can make you look dazzling relatively.... it may sound very cliched but its a truth....... one thing you must make sure of is that the sunglass you ... [read more]

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    Something I wanted to share with you.

    I started in home based business on March of 2009. The biggest struggle I found was actually in selling myself. I don't claim to be an expert and in fact, ... [read more]

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    Hello warriors

    albera in Personal Development

    Hi for everyone, I'm glad to be a part of your community and I strive for being useful. All the best in the yours Internet Marketing. Cheers, Algirdas

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    Your favorite personal development blogger? Are they in this top 50 list?

    There is a huge amount of personal development blogs and bloggers out there in the blogosphere. Do share with me some of your favorite personal development bloggers. Here is the ... [read more]

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    What Stopped You Getting Started?

    It's been said, the reason most people never make any money on the internet is because they never get started. What was your reason for not getting started, and how ... [read more]

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    Information Overload? How To Cope? Pls Advise

    Dear Fellow Warriors, I wonder anyone suffered from being able to do anything and ended up doing little? I mean with so many great marketer doing such a "great" marketing ... [read more]

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    Calling Out Any Frustrated Professionals, Employees and People Who Just Cant Stand Their Jobs!

    Hi Group, I am probably right in thinking many people using this forum are like me and are still working in full or part time jobs and would much rather ... [read more]

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    Man in the Arena

    There is a very inspirational quote that I use to live my life and I want to share it with WF. "It is not the critic who counts; not the ... [read more]

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    Sales Page Panning

    Is it possible to share here link to own sales page to hear recommendations from experts what is good and what is bad with it? I guess it will be ... [read more]

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    The Simple Secret to Creating a Fortune

    mikeyg in Personal Development

    I notice a lot of people on this site a trying to find a way to make money online. Money, in and of itself, is just a by-product of a ... [read more]

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    10 merits of a successful businessman

    wkal91 in Personal Development

    Below me, I have amassed 10 of my favorite sayings which, over the years, have helped me not only in business, but in life as well. Hopefully, you will find ... [read more]

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    is any1 a polyphasic sleeper?

    tssen in Personal Development

    Hi was just wondering if anyone is a polyphasic sleeper here? meaning you sleep roughly 2 hrs a day by 20-30 min naps 4-6 times a day. I was thinking ... [read more]

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    Tried of the H1N1 epidemic? Read this article that shows you how good a sneeze can be

    studygm in Personal Development

    The sneeze that changed the world: Alexander Fleming- How a sneeze started it all | Study Grandmaster - The Blog

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    Marketing Plans - What's considered standard?

    Hey everyone! I'm a copywriter by trade and recently have assumed a new role as a marketing coordinator. I'm still writing lots of copy, but I have a host of ... [read more]

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    2009 Goals?

    I saw this on another website and thought it sparked some cool conversations. I have a meeting with my success coach today and we spent some time setting goals. Last ... [read more]

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    What are you doing to become that which you desire to "Be?"

    Just an update on my personal blog, Internetwork Marketing with Craig Mattice - A Day in the Life about what's going on in my life right now that may, or ... [read more]

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    Law of Success and Merit/Karma

    One thing that you don't usually hear about in Law of Attraction and Manifestation discussions is the part that karma and merit play in whether you can manifest something. The ... [read more]

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    Self talk

    Hi, If somone tell to your child or someone that you love that she or he stupid, not intelligent, etc. You will become angry and you even become physically violent. ... [read more]

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    Anecdotes, fables and parables

    chinois in Personal Development

    I like anecdotes, fables and parables. The stories are short but effective. Here's one of my favourite: "One day, a student of Socrates asked his venerable teacher how to become ... [read more]

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    Streamlining Blended Learning for Leadership Training

    Rully in Personal Development

    I got this great source and totally free subscription Short Description: Managing blended learning activities and ensuring that Training Professionals have the proper skills require significant time and effort. Long ... [read more]

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    Am I suffering from information overload?

    In this month alone, I bought over 5 WSOs, and I have not even implemented some WSOs bought last month. Am I suffering from information overload? What can I do ... [read more]

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    All You can Do ..

    YouTube - Art Williams - All You Can Do - part 1...

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    Is The 4-Hour Work Week Possible?

    Hey guys, I am reading the 4 hour work week and I was just wondering if anyone thinks that this is possible? I think it is definately possible to work ... [read more]

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    Recomend a motivation cd mp3 for for a boast

    talon in Personal Development

    I did a google search but there are a just too many I wondering if a member could recommend one they find to be effective I looking for a quick ... [read more]

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    Uber Article Writing Tips - How To Write A Kick Ass Article In 20 Minutes! (Part 1)

    14 Year Old Part-Time Internet Marketer Reveals His Uber Article Writing Tips - Discover How To Write Kick Ass 500 Word Articles In 20 Minutes FLAT! - PART 1 by ... [read more]

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    21 Ideas To Get More Website Traffic

    Free Targeted Traffic allows you to make money. Basically, all you need to do is spend time generating traffic, and, when you make a sale or several sales, it is ... [read more]

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    What do you think about these 4 Laws?

    I have been contemplating these for laws to govern IM actions and would like some Warrior feedback LAW #1: My Methods are not illegal. Meaning that by following these methods ... [read more]

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    Worry is a friend designed to inspire you to action

    Kezz in Personal Development

    I know that there is a lot of worry going around at the moment. It seems everyone is getting swept up in panic over this or that, and that the ... [read more]

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    Recession tactics (video) - are you wimping out?

    Here's a video where I blather about how you can lay the right kind of foundation so your business goes into over-drive as the economy improves YouTube - Recession positioning ... [read more]

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    How Mistakes Contribute To Our Success

    Mistakes Human make mistakes and it is guaranteed that everyone will make mistakes whether it is big or small. Making mistakes are just part of our life and the important ... [read more]

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    "The Pattern" for Marketing Success

    Success leaves clues. And the most gifted spiritual teacher ever to walk the Earth certainly left them, too. Two thousand years ago, humanity was in desperate need of a spiritual ... [read more]

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    New Star Trek Movie - Did You Spot Randy Pausch?

    May 2009 sees the new Star Trek movie getting rave reviews - I happen to think the most notable performance is a little cameo by Randy Pausch, read on to ... [read more]

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    How To Improve Your Business? Peer Reviews & Analysis

    ATTENTION ALL WARRIORS What is the current state of your business? What could you be doing? Are your peers doing the same as you? LET'S FIND OUT! http://www.survs.com/survey?id=EGRXGXZ1&channel=2QKK3NV0SP Ever since ... [read more]

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    How You Guy Work?

    Hi Everyone, All the time, I only make money from my blog. But lately I would like to give a try on article marketing->affiliate product and promote CPA offers. So ... [read more]

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    Another casualty of the human condition...

    I've realized the two sad facts that plague the majority of humanity. People in general are stupid, I doubt many of you will argue with me there. It's that very ... [read more]

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    If it was physically possible...

    If it was physically possible to survive on less sleep, and I mean SIGNIFICANTLY less sleep (no more than 2 hours a day), and wake up *fully* energized, would you ... [read more]