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    Report The Trolls In This Section... STICKY

    I'm getting reports about certain people coming into this section specifically to poke fun at what other people believe. If you come across this please do everyone a favor and ... [read more]

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    Back up Your PC in the Cloud $4.95/mth

    purenz in Personal Development

    Hey guys, I've found this PC "cloud' backup service (free trial option). from as little as $4.95/month... a cup of coffee.. Imagine losing ALL your data and photos check it ... [read more]

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    How To Achieve Anything You Want

    Few hours ago, I was browing through my facebook page and I saw a post by a fellow warrior member Lee McIntyre that I think we should all remind ourselves ... [read more]

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    Ask Anything About Art or Outsourcing!

    What Would You Ask? - YouTube Ask anything about art or outsourcing! It's always good to learn something new. Reply below!!!

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    Conscious business

    dotdash in Personal Development

    Is anyone here familiar with the conscious business movement and how IM fits in to it? Some principles from the Wikipedia page(won't post a link but if you search on ... [read more]

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    Reminder: FOCUS. (and why Multitasking is Impossible)

    Psychologist Clifford Nass says multitasking may be killing our concentration and our creativity.

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    One Last Thing, . . . The Trick I Use To Leverage My Productivity

    There is a trick I have been using for quite a long time now. I like to call it "one last thing". This is how I work it. On certain ... [read more]

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    Benjamin Franklin

    Has anyone read his autobiography? Is it any good? I just downloaded a PDF online after being recommended it by a friend. Apparently that dude was quite smart. Thoughts?

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    Improve your confidence with my 7-Day Self-Improvement Program

    MM80 in Personal Development

    Your everyday life is not always filled with pleasing events and most of the time, obstacles will find you no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Sometimes, these ... [read more]

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    The #1 Reason People Fail In Online Business

    dsuitor in Personal Development

    I had a person today buy a product off one of my blogs and they emailed my support address a day later saying it had bad reviews. And takes too ... [read more]

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    E Book Marketing

    I've written a ebook and am looking for a way to market it from A-Z. Does anyone have any good books or programs they would recommend?

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    The Truth About Money - Must See Inspirational

    "Cody Krecicki in a rare moment tells a truth that eludes many newbies and professional internet marketers a like. He explains it is all about you and how you should ... [read more]

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    Single One Best Piece of Advice...

    Kenster in Personal Development

    Since I was young, I've sort of been obsessed with talking to highly successful people (in all disciplines and walks of life). When highly successful people give advice, it almost ... [read more]

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    "Make Your Move Before You're Ready"

    The reason the line attributed to Les Brown, "Make your move before you're ready" is so powerful is because it presupposes action. Inherent in the statement is a very powerful ... [read more]

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    I had a great weekend.. oh it's Thursday?

    I was talking with Joe Crosbie earlier and told him that I had a great weekend. A few seconds went by and I realized that it was Thursday. The one ... [read more]

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    Has anyone had an actual life changing moment?

    Hello everyone. I'm always curious to hear if other people have had life changing moments and what they were? I never really believed in such a thing as I'm not ... [read more]

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    Amazing Lessons from Albert Einstein

    IM Inc in Personal Development

    Found this and thought I should share this with fellow warriors. Enjoy... 10 Amazing Lessons from Albert Einstein: 1 - Follow Your Curiosity “I have no special talent. I am ... [read more]

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    Think and Grow Rich - Desire Video Really Cool

    Think and Grow Rich in 35 Minutes WhiteBoard Videos The classic has sold over 15 million copies, is known as the “Granddaddy of all Motivational Literature” and has influenced nearly ... [read more]

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    Fear of Success vs Fear of Failure - are they the same thing.

    I was wondering, is fear of success and fear of failure really the same thing, we are used to the concept of fear of failure but for some people the ... [read more]

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    I feel motivated.. PUMPED!

    I just started reading "Think and Grow Rich" for the 2nd time and I am super motivated! We are online marketers warriors. Whether you are new or experience. I think ... [read more]

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    When to quit a job to become self-employed?

    I have reached a point where it is clear to me that I need to jump on another horse. I'd like more time to get a career going as an ... [read more]

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    Hard Fought Story Of Success, . . . Childhood Goals Realized

    It's almost like the hugely successful entrepreneur in this video was predestined to become a multimillionaire. Nonetheless, the video reveals an intense level of determination, that seems to be a ... [read more]

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    How much time do you dedicate to learning a day?

    Hey Warriors! I'm a big fan of constantly learning, whether it be through reading, talking to people, watching videos or listening to podcasts. I think it's mega important and I ... [read more]

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    Puncture Your Dreaming And Squeeze The Action Gland

    There is an acid test for productivity. It is the dreaded "Journal". You see if honestly approached the journal as a self-correcting internal tool will reveal the workings of your ... [read more]

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    You Are Worth $__________________. Enter What You Want!

    Mine is $1,000,000. That would be enough for me. What about you? What's the amount of cash you want to own one day?

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    How do you use NLP to build a new habit?

    Is there a specific NLP technique used to build a habit? I would love to wake up in the morning and work out. Thanks, Darin

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    How to start your own SEO business

    Sunlust in Personal Development

    Hey guys, I've done this collaborative blog post and I believe that for many it can be an inspiration, it definitely was for me. I think there are some great ... [read more]

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    You should never think of passion as being enough to succeed

    I'm sure you have heard people say before something along the lines of "Once you find your passion, you will become successful" That's probably one of the worst bits of ... [read more]

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    Inspirational Life Lessons. . .

    Saw this inspirational video on YT and wanted to share it with the warriors. This clip is probably the best 2:22 minutes I have invested in myself for the past ... [read more]

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    Two Great Maxims For Life

    I draw these two maxims from my time as an officer in the British Army. The first comes from my platoon commander when I was an officer cadet. He used ... [read more]

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    Would you test this page for me

    carolf in Personal Development

    I added a new page to my website that offers a few ways to test life coaching. Would you take a look at it for me and give me some ... [read more]

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    Dr Phil test I am suprised he didnt get 100 !

    carolf in Personal Development

    http://www.slideshare.net/VistaComm/...l-test-1670404 I got 44. Share your results :p Im not a big fan of Dr Phil but I like his test

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    Pushing Through Resistance to Achieve Your Goals

    All, I have been working at IM for years now and I have had on and off success. My problem in the past has been that I work hard when ... [read more]

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    Why its time to uncover a few home truths about YOU

    carolf in Personal Development

    I hope you enjoy all the fabulous insights you will learn about yourself from these tests. I watched a client experience a massive breakthrough yesterday when she saw clearly for ... [read more]

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    Possible possibility

    Watch this video and share what your perspective about it. MOTIVATION - "It's Possible" Best Inspirational Video Ever - YouTube

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    The Demand For Content: The Challenge To Provide

    Another way of looking at the overall challenge of Internet Marketing is that of the never ending demand for content. With so many people on line and the whole planet ... [read more]

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    I came across this article and read it. The Choices we make in our life. I hope this message enlighten us. The Choice ========== EVERY moment in life, we are ... [read more]

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    A VERY simple book on LOA/Mindset Please..

    Hi, I've read the books, watched the videos. I believe in the Law of Attraction and I'm totally motivated but............................I have a wife who is the opposite. She wants the ... [read more]

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    Looking For Inspiration?

    Every once in a while I see an ad that makes me stand up and clap. This is just one of those ads that I came across on youtube today. ... [read more]

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    see what others do not

    Odahh in Personal Development

    hello , I know i cain be a real P.I.T.A ..but one of the thing i find off about this forum is the obsessive need to understand ..or explain why ... [read more]

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    The Most Powerful Line Which Changed My Life. An Absolute Must Read.

    ryanman in Personal Development

    "Make your move before you are ready" This is the statement I heard in one of les brown's audio tapes and has literally changed my life. I see myself now ... [read more]

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    In for a pleasant shock in the wee hours of Oct 2nd

    devonm in Personal Development

    It is a month before my birthday to this date. Went into one of my CPA accounts just thinking the traffic that I had were just robots. I took off ... [read more]

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    You have 3 brains and you need to quit the but

    carolf in Personal Development

    Doc Barhams: You have 3 brains and you need to quit the but | Carol Finlayson Oh the power of giving up BUT This video is fabulous but WARNING you ... [read more]

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    Where does your goal leads you? Inspirational Video "Forward" - YouTube

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    Very Inspiring...

    Just want to share this to you guys. Hospital Window - Inspirational Video - YouTube

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    The Truth About The Greatness Within You

    The difference between someone who's achieved success and someone who falls short every time is the awareness of knowing that they have greatness instilled upon them. We can do or ... [read more]

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    Has arguing on the Internet achieve anything for you?

    As online marketers we spend a lot of time online - mostly researching and providing value for clients/customers. Of course, some do stumble off and can disagree with others on ... [read more]

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    How Fast did your Riches Come?

    When you achieved success, how fast did the money come in? $$$$$$$$$$

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    Visualizations and AFFIRMATIONS. Your thoughts????

    I don't know how to quite say this so i'll just throw it out there. I've read about the power of visualizing what you want in life, and for the ... [read more]

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    What is the #1 thing that people who follow LOA, Think & Grow Rich, etc. are missing?

    The answer is joyfulness or high vibration! Once you figure this out (I know many people have), it will make a big difference in your life and your ability to ... [read more]

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    Is Coffee (Caffeine) good or bad? Any connection to weight gain

    Hi Folks, The story is I am a coffee addict. I need to to have it with lots of sugar. Being on the large side (110 Kg, 6 feet guy ... [read more]

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    ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!! FREE Outsourcing Templates - What do you need?

    Free Outsourcing Document Bundle! - YouTube What FREE templates do YOU need? Tell me here! V V V

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    Reading Aloud Napolean Hill's Grow Rich With Peace of Mind - Chapter 16 - Last Chapter

    Finishing up the last chapter... I am reading this book out-loud entitled "Grow Rich With Peace of Mind" by Napolean Hill. I invite you to check out and read along ... [read more]

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    The Anatomy Of A Profitable Transaction

    If you had, say, a houseboat and it was the object of my desire, how could I go about getting you to part with it? Short of stealing it, I ... [read more]

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    The Body In Action Is The "Yes" . . . .

    I know the headline above is obviously simple. But what does it mean exactly? Many many of us are forever searching for the perfect motivational tool. We seek the method ... [read more]

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    Identifying The Deeper Meaning Of What Is Being Sold

    There is a simple old marketing question that sharpens the focus of selling anything. The question is: "What are you selling?" A car dealership may be selling transportation. But when ... [read more]

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