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    Report The Trolls In This Section... STICKY

    I'm getting reports about certain people coming into this section specifically to poke fun at what other people believe. If you come across this please do everyone a favor and ... [read more]

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    Take action now

    Do you often spend more time learning about making money instead of actually taking action now to generate your desired income? This was a major challenge for me. It was ... [read more]

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    How Rich People Think...

    dave147 in Personal Development


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    What Makes YOU A Warrior?

    So then, lets hear it Please share your response! Ill will be adding a video response below! R.S

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    Who Would You Rate As The Number One Internet Marketer?

    Would anyone like to take a stab at this? I think many of us would learn a lot from the list of very successful Internet Marketers who have already made ... [read more]

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    Looking for recommended books

    Donowhy in Personal Development

    Hello everyone.. I am looking for some good books that you recommend for the topic of motivation and general self improvement. I loved Tim Ferris' books, Tony Robbins is a ... [read more]

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    Lonliness, Depression and Suicide! Ever Felt it!? (It's A LIE!!!)

    "I feel so alone". David Foster Wallace: “ The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself doesn’t do so out of quote ‘hopelessness’ or any abstract conviction that ... [read more]

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    Lost and Confused?

    emelef in Personal Development

    Sometimes We Need To Remember To Keep Going Because This IM World Can Be Tough. But You Will Be Rewarded Because Nothing That's Worth Having Comes Easy... Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/embed/KO7FQpMHRv4 (Sorry ... [read more]

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    Strategies for Success - Zig Ziglar

    Hi guys, just want to share to you this video clip by Zig Ziglar. Although he had passed away his words are full of wisdom and practicality. Goals Program - ... [read more]

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    Motivation from Winston Churchill

    Am a great admirer of Winston Churchill, here are some of his famous inspirations; 'Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts' ... [read more]

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    Proactive – Reactive is our choice to be the victim or the creator of our destiny

    Different forms of expression, which are the result of the role we decide to assume in the different circumstances we experience. Proactive is the choice to express our energy to ... [read more]

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    Knowledge without action will not bring transformation

    We all want to change some aspect of our lives. We go through difficult circumstances and experiences that we want to overcome as soon as possible, since none of us ... [read more]

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    You gotta see this

    Very inspiring article and youtube video. Please check it out How The Top 1% Actually Makes Progress (aka the Seinfeld Solution) : Under30CEO Dance in a Year watch the video. ... [read more]

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    When Feeling Stressed...

    I found this while browsing around the internet and it also happens to be one of the things I do to de-stress myself (not too much of course) I ... [read more]

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    Here Is Why You Lack Motivation And Focus

    Did you know that most people have no awareness of how they start of their day? The only way you can compete in business is when you are in the ... [read more]

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    Why Happiness is the New Productivity (must watch!)

    I came across this quite some time ago but I was surprised it wasn't posted here. I HIGHLY recommend all of you watch this! Why Happiness is the New Productivity ... [read more]

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    What is the most pressing problem you are currently dealing with

    carolf in Personal Development

    I have just been invited to join wizpert. You can contact me to get a problem solving session and its free during a trail period.. go here http://www.carolfinlayson.com/ type you ... [read more]

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    Know when to quit

    I've seen a lot of people talking about pushing through hard times at all costs in an attempt to finally be a success. That's great, but there is a dark ... [read more]

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    Fear can be defeated because fear is a learned reaction. My coach once told me that we are only born with two fears: the fear of falling and the fear ... [read more]

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    If you're having trouble getting motivated.... this may help! :-)

    Let's face it.... internet marketing isn't that hard....it's just that sometimes, finding determination and motivation can sometimes be difficult on some days. Procrastination (my arch nemesis!), is the other difficulty. ... [read more]

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    What are the words that inspires you?

    Evocess in Personal Development

    Just want to share to you fellow warriors the words that inspires me. Here it is. BE STRONG- when you are weak BE BRAVE- when you are scared BE HUMBLE- ... [read more]

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    Are you ready to become successful?

    Are you ready to become successful? I think there are at least 5 things you cannot do if you want to succeed online. There are for sure more reasons, but ... [read more]

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    Why People Believe in You

    dvduval in Personal Development

    My wise grandfather told me that honesty over the years will be more valuable that any short term gain. But as people come to believe in you from your dealings ... [read more]

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    One small positive thought

    A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful result. Cheer up!!

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    What Is Your Preferred Way Of Learning?

    Do you find you are okay with book after book when researching a project? Or, are you a deep surfer and know how to ferret out the information you need ... [read more]

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    Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

    No one can control your life better than you. You have the power to shift your life in any direction. You are the captain of your own ship. And as ... [read more]

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    Dual power of Affirmations and Wealth Mantras

    We all hear and read about The Secret-Laws of Attraction. One of the tangible proofs of Law of Attraction is when we start attracting money through affirmations. Parallel to the ... [read more]

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    Human Existence...

    This time, I haven’t been here long. A fifth of a century, 20 odd years in the billions that have transpired. I have been here long enough to recognize the ... [read more]

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    The Best Edge, . . . When Going To Market

    There are special marketing ploys or tactics that speak dramatically to the person hearing of this sales concept for the very first time. I remember how the reality of the ... [read more]

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    Inside The "Success" Matrix - Get Up And Hustle!

    Introduction Do you wake up knowing that there is more to life then what you are currently experiencing? Its lie everyday you know that you can do more and be ... [read more]

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    Why Some People Almost Always Make Money In Internet Marketing

    Matt011 in Personal Development

    (The first person to post the original headline that I adapted for the thread title and its author gets bonus points!) First things first: People who are successful at Internet ... [read more]

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    How much trust do you have on yourself?

    It is very important to have trust on yourself; unless you trust yourself, no one else will do. Trusting yourself is the most important and empowering decision that you need ... [read more]

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    the movie that made me look at things differently

    mfuji55 in Personal Development

    was the Matrix. holy crap, after watching that i was like . I started looking at the world in a different light, it's so philosophical that's why the movie kicks ... [read more]

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    What Was Your First Sale?

    Somewhere along the line you became very interested in selling stuff. More than likely you had some kind of interesting experience that showed you the power of selling for profit. ... [read more]

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    Idea - Project - Plan - Budget - Steps - Accomplishment

    chewee in Personal Development

    Hello WarrioRz, I am curious how everyone of you are doing their projects? What steps do you follow to achieve your goals? Do you write down every step that should ... [read more]

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    Goals are important to success, but they are not the most important element.

    Goals are important to success, but they are not the most important element. There is a level above goals called Vision. Goals are the checkpoints where as your Vision is ... [read more]

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    I gave up...

    Wow, what a hell of a last 4 weeks it's been for me. Last year I moved into a big house, with a pool/hot tub and all that stuff, super ... [read more]

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    How I love to make Mistakes....

    Well I released a product that took me four months to make.. I wanted to put out something that would help everyone... LOL didn't quite work out the way I ... [read more]

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    a technique to eliminate stress in 10 minutes

    Hey guys, I made this video for any of you going through stress. Be sure to apply the techniques as I guide you through it: Eliminate stress in 10 minutes ... [read more]

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    The way successful people see PROBLEMS

    The way you see difficulties or problems reflected on your destiny SO STAY STRONG WHENEVER YOU ARE FACING PROBLEMS

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    The Secret, The Power, The Magic, The...

    Hi Guys, Have you all read The Secret series? I think the concept is almost the same, basically talk about law of attractive, positive mindset, feeling great, appreciate, love, visualize.. ... [read more]

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    9 Facts That Make EMAIL More Important Than Facebook & Twitter

    I came across this list of Nine facts about the nature of selling to e-mail account holders at “nichevertising” blog site. I was pretty amazed at the range, scope and ... [read more]

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    Do the Best You Can

    L.James in Personal Development

    Jim Rohn - Do the Best You Can - YouTube

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    Listening And Learning

    Hi People, Over the past couple of weeks I've realized something: In order to progress in life (and keep evolving) you have to “empty your cup” (as they say in ... [read more]

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    What are two things that make you happy?

    From time to time, we all get those down days where an unhappy environment makes it hard for us to be in a positive state, but I'm feeling good today! ... [read more]

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    I have identified my biggest obstacle which blocks my way to success

    Roan in Personal Development

    My biggest obstacle and roadblock is the fear of investing sufficient amount of money into a project or business online. I have never really been in debt neither do I ... [read more]

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    Should I be happy ?

    xBartu in Personal Development

    Hi Warriors, College acceptance is only exam. My exam score is low.I won the best college but my collage of campus is diffirent country. Should I be happy ? I'm ... [read more]

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    Remember, There's No Limit To What You Can Achieve

    PROOF! ... That It Doesn't Matter What People Say, Because Where There's A Will, There's A Way1. Novelist Stephen King almost made a multimillion-dollar mistake when he threw his Carrie ... [read more]

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    1000 usd investment want to make good monthly income with that!!!

    Hello have an investment of 1000 usd really want to make some good monthly profits out of it so any senior members can hire me and please guide me to ... [read more]

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    12 Motivational Quotes from Jim Rohn that Changed My Life

    Just sharing to you guys my favorite inspirational quotes from Jim Rohn. His words are very influential to me especially on mindset, decision making, the power of ambition and goal-setting. ... [read more]

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    Writing an ebook

    I am in the planning stage of writing an ebook on self-development. This is my first and i am, well, not really scared, but apprehensive whether it is going taken ... [read more]

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    The Who, What, Why, How, Where, When Advertising Formula

    Who, What, Why, How, Where, When. Who are you advertising to? What does your product do for them? Why is it superior to alternative products? How can you prove your ... [read more]

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    3 Minute Daily Success Hotline!

    Jennn in Personal Development

    If you haven't heard about Dr Rob Gilbert's success hotline I recommend taking three minutes of your day to call (973)743-4690 Dr Gilbert is a professor of sports psychology at ... [read more]

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    The new economy is here, get with it!

    mfuji55 in Personal Development

    So everyone here knows that we are in the midst of a revolution, an internet revolution, its possible for anyone to have an internet company nowadays, but still too many ... [read more]

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    Winners: . . . Apply Here!

    Actually, I’m doing a headline pull split test with the thread subject line. Anyway that’s what got you in here and because of that I want to share one of ... [read more]

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    Take some time off

    Life is crazy. I think we all know that. Things get on top off us, we start living on autopilot and we forget how to enjoy life. My tip, take ... [read more]