How can i increase my app downloads.

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Hello Friends

My Mobile App is safetipin is a complete safety app for men and women i want to increase my app downloads..
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    Originally Posted by deepakphalswal View Post

    Hello Friends

    My Mobile App is safetipin is a complete safety app for men and women i want to increase my app downloads..
    The quickest and easiest way is to buy traffic on CPI basis i.e. you pay per every install of your app.
    In this pricing model, you have the ability to set how much you want to per app install.

    Otherwise, you can advertise your app using ad networks like inmobi, go2mobi, admob, etc
    here you will paying CPC ie per each click.
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    I already seen some mobile developer post their mobile application to high-traffic facebook groups and reach a big goal very easy. That's something we can do if your mobile application is a social helper!
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    The trick to possibly increase your app's download is social media. Share it on facebook, twitter or any social media you can think of. And you should let your friends and acquaintances know about your app or what you have shared so that they could share it as well.

    You should try doing this for now.
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    I would like to suggest some social media tips for increasing your mobile downloads:
    1. Incentive based marketing: Don't loose your already using customers keep them hooked by provide some incentives and special trails. When ING vysa bank launched its app then it has started a selfie contest.
    2. Let the conversation continue: Always post updates keep your conversation going on. Share to users that you are updating the app and ask them if they want any advancements.
    3. Use any special occasions: They are many holidays, anniversaries, festivals which can be related to your app. Use them as an advantage to offer some discounts and increase your app downloads.
    4. Optimize your social media profiles for search engine also.
    5. Use pinterest- It is the best image sharing site, share some great images and enhance your authority in the pinterest.
    6. Twitter: Twitter is the amazing site if used properly. Increase your followers by tweeting regularly and helps in improving visibility also.
    7.Social cause: Include some social cause for increasing your downloads. It helps to increase the good will of your app and mouth talk also will increase. People will download your app if they feel like you money is being used for some social cause.
    Try to inculcate these social media strategy to increase you app downloads.
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    Hey brother use social media like( facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google plus). I hope you will get good feedback.
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      Hi Deepakphalswal,
      I am agree with asa007. For organic promotion with $0 you need to social media marketing . It is best and great tips. You can see in many Facebook page there user also promote there app by exchange review, download, Google+ and so on. Like Facebook you also can promote in twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+.

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    i think you can buildup your brand in social media and also send msg to your friends and colleagues. Also go through Mobile ads network platform, this platform to quickly increase your ratings, reviews and downloads, this most popular trends for promoting your apps… Also doing ASO but this can doing side activity..

    Let's announce that our app is a mobile marketing app for affiliate and advertiser. We connect affiliate and advertiser to get more mobile app traffic and give more business .

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    There are many ways to get your app noticed through various forms of marketing -- some paid and some that don’t cost money.
    If you already have an app or are in the process of developing one, here’s how to maximise downloads worldwide.
    1. Choose the Right App Stores:If your niche has become too competitive, it may be best to try alternative app stores, particularly on Android-based devices, such as Samsung Apps, LG Smart World, and Amazon Apps.
    2,Translate your App
    3.Optimise your App Store Page :App stores are THE entry point for installing apps and, once live, it’s a battle with other publishers for your app to be discovered. Keyword search drives the bulk of app discovery, so it’s crucial to ensure your app is visible for as many relevant search queries as possible in a process known as App Store Optimisation
    4 :Maximise the Visual Impact of your App Store Page :You app icon is one of the first thing users will see, so you need to make the right impression and build trust, INSTANTLY. You should choose an icon that grabs attention and clearly conveys what your app is about.
    Skype: Deepika.adattract
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    try mobile ad networks, They can give you PPI module.
    Signature - the network you want
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    Try CPI, it is fast and easy way to increase downloads. Other than that you can do promotion your app by doing pay per click advertisements, social media paid/free promotions, add your app to the app listing websites that are available free and paid to review your app.
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    you can do some kind of promotion to your campaign, can be PPC, PPI, or just traffic visit.
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    App store optimization is one important way by which an application developer can improve discovery of their app. Enhancing the major product page elements to increase chances of standing out in a list view, improve search discovery and better the scalability of the page for the purpose of converting to purchase or download. ASO covers all elements of your app's product page such as icon, product description, screenshots, category, name and keywords you use to portray and sell your app.
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