How can I get more installs to my two Android Games?

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Hello Warriors,

Since a month ago, I launched two games on the Play Store, but they didn't get as much install as I expected. I want to know how to promote them well and how to get more installs and engagements?

Also, if there's any follow-up to Ketchapp group which had lots of games and all of them are +1million downloads.. please provide me with this.

Thank you for helping!
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    ASO, keyword research, keyword optimized description, minimum 5 screen shots, video, cool icon....
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    Hello Dear
    i read your article and i saw the desire to succeed
    if you want more and more installed Android games
    you must be follow this tips :

    - Generate media buzz about your app. Create a website for it and indulge in a lot of social networking to promote it.

    - Be ready with your marketing strategy, such as reading press releases, pictures and video clippings of your app and all other relevant information.

    - If you have existing apps, present the new one to your existing customers, who will be open to receiving more info from you.

    - Tie up with other companies for mutual benefit.

    - Be active on forums and interact with all around. You never know who might turn out to be your next potential customer.

    The last one if you really want Benefits and earn Money faster and great Installed
    you should INVEST some of your money ... for example in FaceBook you pay some $$ Dollars and your Link & Ad of your game shared & appears in every place you want from the world and the choice is for you maybe for 1 day or 2 or ...
    Finally I wish the best for you
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    Pay per install is best option to increase download. Find those platforms, who are providing this services.
    Other option is to invest in marketing. Offer user benefits in your app. Prepare strong marketing plan or hire a good app marketing company.
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