How to increase app download and reviews?

by Ali Hader 9 replies
Hi all,

As i am new to mobile marketing i want know that how to increase mobile application download and reviews.
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  • Hi Ali,

    App store optimization would be the a good way you can try to increase your downloads.

    For reviews, ask people for a review after they use your app for a few days.

    I hope this helped
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    Hi Ali
    There are many things you can do to boost your App downloads. If you have the budget for it, you can run a CPI campaign. You pay for the installations and you'll hit the numbers you can afford.

    Another method is to set a price for the App. After 2-3 months, drop the price to $0. Depending on your app, you should see a big jump in downloads.

    Of course, content is King. There is a LOT of app competition out there, and user engagement/retention is going to be very difficult. We've written a report on the Mobile Industry that contains information you won't find anywhere. You can find it on Amazon here:

    You'll need to employ a few strategies within the app itself. Push notifications are very good for keeping in touch with your users and re-engaging them. You can build social sharing into your app and reward users for sharing the app with their friends and social networks. This will help you gain a bit more traction.

    The report will show you which apps/games get downloads and which don't.

    ASO is quite important, and so is your choice of keywords. You can research descriptions by checking out your competitors directly on the app stores. You can keyword research using SensorTower.

    Run a few press releases. They're quite helpful in building some traction. But don't rely on them exclusively.

    You can also buy a list of App and Game reviewers on Fiverr. You can email these reviewers and ask them to feature your App.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT buy or pay for reviews. You will get caught and caught fast. Apple is incredibly effective at finding fake reviews and will penalize you with a lifetime ban from their store.

    Best of luck with it! Keep in touch.

    Founder & CEO Disrupted Logic | Developers of ctalyst The World's Most Powerful Mobile Advertising Network | |

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    Top 10 Reasons Why Your Mobile Apps Don't Get Good Number Installs Through App Stores!

    Have you developed an amazing app with a hope that you will generate a lot of income from it? Have you spent months in the app development only to ensure your app is perfect? And yet, your app does not have any downloads or installs after download.

    1. Your app isn’t exclusive: Everyone is using apps for everyday activities such as tracking food, tracking budget, to listen to music, to communicate, to buy products etc. There are numerous apps available to users for each of these activities. Unless your app is unique and offering something additional to users compared to the apps being offered by competitors, users will probably not install it.

    2. Your Marketing strategies need to be revamped: There are thousands of mobile applications offering the same functionality in the App store. One thing that really makes an app successful is marketing. Even if you have an app with the best features, there’s no way people will know about it unless you focus on marketing it. Have a marketing plan in place even before the app is developed.

    3. App Icon isn’t related: Make sure you test the app icon before you release the app. Find out about the statistics about which icon is getting the highest number of clicks.

    4. App name is not based on keywords: Users use the search option to discover new applications. Hence if the app name isn’t optimized, then your app probably won’t show up in the search engine results. Thus there will be now downloads and no installs.

    5. You have not included the meta-data keywords:
    The keyword data of applications has an impact on the search rank. Not only should the app name be keyword friendly, having words that are relevant can improve the ranking of apps in app store and help your app get more traffic.

    6. Screenshots not included :
    If your app description doesn’t have screenshot showing what your app is all about and what makes it special, it may not appeal the users to download the app. Apart from the icon of the app, screenshots are a visual representation of your application that influences users to download the app.

    7. Bugs: Check whether your app has bugs that prevent installs from getting completed. Sometimes updates in applications may cause the app to uninstall too. So test your app on number of devices and check whether there are any issues during the process of installation.

    8. Ad Integration: If your app is new, then make sure it is free from ads as people tend to avoid applications that show too many ads.

    9. Size of the App: The size of the app must be less and should still be able to provide a number of additional features that your competitors are not offering. A lot of people do not install apps in phones with limited space unless they feel your app is really worth the space in their phone.

    10. Permissions: The permissions that your app is trying to seek are essential too. Security is a concern for a lot app user and thus a lot of app users may not be willing to give you permissions for information such as device ID, call information and other personal information.
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    Lots of techniques are available for you were you can increase the app downloads. But you have to choose the best one.
    • As Content is the main part nowadays therefore add unique and good content in your app description.
    • Submit app link in review website.
    • Start promoting it on social media.
    • When you got good number of download then app store is display your app on maximum number of places.
    • If your app is new, then avoid applications that show too many ads because people don't like too many ads
    • Check if there any bugs in your app that prevent installs from getting completed..
    • Size of the app must be less
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    If you are a fresher about it like how to increase app reviews or how to increase more and more app download than I will suggest to you it is the best way for increasing your app download and just you have to pay some amount and then you will get more app download.
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    You can promote your product easily,effectively and in a more cheap way through social media.Also you can post on sites relevent to your app or field.
    you can ask the people who downloaded your app to review your app.Actually some hard work is needed to promote your app.
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    I'd say this one word " Promote" such as have a social media account for build it on platforms that will like it Instagram has so so many active followers till building there would expose it way more. Sometimes a product will do way better waif my bad a product or service will do better when it's in front of more and mor people because it's needs that exposure and that will help you out.
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    Originally Posted by Ali Hader View Post

    Hi all,

    As i am new to mobile marketing i want know that how to increase mobile application download and reviews.
    You have to improve your app quality and make your app become more popularized. Because the audiences will prefer to install an app with high quality and reputation.

    In order to improve the app's quality, app store optimization is a good choice for you, which is a process of making your app more visible in app stores so that more users would install your app.
    For reviews, there are many tips for you to get them:

    1. advertising your app in some popular social media and forums to ask relevant app developers to exchange reviews

    2. invite your friends and relatives to install your app

    3. incentivize users to leave their reviews

    4. buy app reviews from a reliable review-provide company, like Bestreviewapp, keyapp, etc.
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    Advertise on social facebook,twitter, pinterest,asoranker,etc. But always remember focusing on the quality of your app.
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